The New Alliance for 2010


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We maximize business value worldwide!

Here is an updated overview of the plan for expansion and growth of the Alliance in 2010 and beyond.

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  • The New Alliance for 2010

    1. 1. The Alliance: “ We Connect People, Information, and Money with the Best ways to Maximize Business Value”
    2. 2. The Alliance Growth Transfer (MidMarket Alliance) Maximum (AM&AA) Value Process (MVP) Information-Education-Valuation (MidMarket 2
    3. 3. Serving the Lower Middle Market in the Global Business Marketplace Sales (U.S. $ millions) 5 150 500 1,000 Small Lower Middle Upper Large Businesses M I d d l e M a r k e t Companies 2-3x 4-6x 7-8x 8-10x >10x ROBERTSON & FOLEY INVESTMENT BANKERS 3
    4. 4. Member Benefits “Based on 25 years of transaction experience, with thousands of client companies, unfortunately, 9 times out of 10 the “value gap” is just too big for any type of sale today!”
    5. 5. The Marketplace tells us: ‘Before Value can be sold or distributed…. Value must be Created!’
    6. 6. Changing “Owner-Manager” Risk Profile over the Business Lifecycle Entrepreneur Expansion Instability Check Out Risk CEO Shareholder 6
    7. 7. Business Changes Where is your business now ? Growth & Maturity Instability New Vision Performance Renaissance Original Demise Vision Time Span based on Market Conditions
    8. 8. What is the “Value Gap” today? Personal Needs Business Value Identify and Create Solutions to Bridge the “Value Gap” 8
    9. 9. Bridging the “Value Gap” Owner Expectations/ Requirements $__________ Business Transfer Value How? $_________ 9
    10. 10. A Fragmented Approach is Ineffective Today most financial professionals focus almost exclusively on just 1 or 2 of the pieces, valuation, legal, accounting, tax, M&A, etc. -- they fail to completely understand the owner’s fundamental personal needs and comprehensively evaluate the company’s overall business performance and potential
    11. 11. The Importance of a “BIG Picture” View • Because the needs of the private Business Owner and the Company are so inextricably interlined the best Financial Advisors focus on the whole and not just individual parts.
    12. 12. It all begins with awareness, information, and education…a whole new perspective on the BIG picture
    13. 13. Reductionism “The New Holism Parts Structured Corporate Whole Creative Rational Skillset!” Intuitive Prove it! Open mind Hierarchy Synergy Categories Left Right Individuals Seperate Connected brain brain Future/past Now Precise Chaotic Static Logical Intuitive Dynamic Sequential Imagination Male Rational Emotional Female Nosy Analytical Synthesizing Selfcorrecting Seperate notes Objective Subjective Harmony Mechanic Looks at parts Holistic Organic Paul Wilson
    14. 14. Traditional Institutional Model Superseded Old Model: Financial Institutions serving many individuals Financial Institution New Model: P2P Many: One, One: Many, Many: Many, One: One Many: Many Prediction Markets, Synthetic Economies Many: One One: Many Affinity Investing Affinity Purchasing Affinity Philanthropy Few: Few Long Tail October 31, 2006 16
    15. 15. “None of us is as smart as all of us.” Warren Bennis 17
    16. 16. 18
    17. 17. What are the Big Motives of Business Owners ? 1. Increasing profitability of business 89% 2. Increasing value of business 76% 3. Providing access to capital for the business 64% 4. Reducing debt level of business 63% 5. Expanding size of business 51% Family Business, Research Findings, Mass Mutual 20
    18. 18. We Understand the Private Capital Marketplace Growth- Transfer Capitalization Owner Motives Matter Most Valuation 12
    19. 19. 1. Assess the Current Situation 8. Implement and Monitor 2. Gather the Data 7. Define Strategy and Plans 3. Identify the Driving Forces 6. Assess the Implications 4. Generate Alternative for your Organisation Scenarios 5. Assess the Implications for your Environment
    20. 20. We Know the Maximum Value Process (MVP) Awareness & Education Personal & Estate Planning Personal Needs Analysis Project Transaction Advisory Coordination Business and Process Evaluation Management Value- Growth “Value GAP” Management Analysis Action Plan (MAP) 23
    21. 21. Who Really Manages the Team? CPA Business Growth Attorney Consultant Team Risk Estate Manager Management Planner __________ Professional Personal Money Financial Manager Advisor Private Investment Banker 25
    22. 22. The Current Environment A Fragmented Marketplace • Brokerages • CPA’s Wealth • Banks • Attorneys Wealth Accumulation • Insurance and • Insurance and Succession 401k Investment Investment Buy Sell IRA Advisors Advisors ESOP’s Life Insurance IPO’s Annuities Mergers Mutual Funds & Acquisitions • Attorneys / CPA’s • Trust / Charitable Officers • Insurance / Investment Wealth Advisors Preservation Estate Planning Wills & Trusts Charitable Planning Foundations
    23. 23. Maximum Value Player (MVP) [pley-er] noun 1. a person or thing that plays. 2. one actively involved especially in a competitive field or process. 27
    24. 24. Become the lead “MVP”: Photo by Uma B. - Flickr 28
    25. 25. “Web 2.0 generally refers to a second generation of services available on the WWW that lets people collaborate and share information online.” - Shared Pictures = Shared Videos = Shared News = Shared Bookmarks = Shared Knowledge = 29
    26. 26. What exactly are we Doing?? Subscribing Rating Organizing Creating Finding Designing Sharing Promoting Publishing  2007 Patricia Seybold Group Page 30
    27. 27. Web 2.0 Executable Web Customer-Contributed Rich Internet Apps Content Sharing Syndication Multimedia Photos, Videos, Flash, Flex , Ajax Really Simple Syndication Animation, Audio, Text (RSS) Feeds, Atom Ruby on Rails, Python Podcasts JavaScript Mash Ups Blogs, Wikis Gadgets, Widgets Tagging Linking Published APIs Meta Tags XML icalendar Social Networking Web Services Google Earth Amazon S3  2007 Patricia Seybold Group Page 31
    28. 28. eProject Roles Visualization Communication Management Executives Portfolio Management Project Managers Project Internal Management Teams Teams and Resources Dynamic Document Vendors & Applications Management Partners
    29. 29. MidMarket Alliance Solution Center Market Research Research Solution And Development Development Customers and Solution Solution Customer Marketing Sales Issues Solution Service Partners And Support Integration Partners
    30. 30. The MidMarket Alliance maximizes Value with a world-class professional community of independent experts sharing ideas, resources, and proven best practices: The MVP system 36
    31. 31.  2007 Patricia Seybold Group Page 37
    32. 32. MidMarket • Where owners and advisors of privately held businesses go for valuable free information to learn about the marketplace and to configure the ideal mix of products and professional services they need to maximize business value. The “go-to” place for middle market owners and advisors. • Where professional services providers collaborate to deliver a compelling value proposition to the middle market business owner. • A 21st Century lead generation machine
    33. 33. MidMarket Branding Elements • A Collaborative “Wiki” • A Singular Focus on the • Marketing Materials Business Owner • Advertising • Vision and Creativity • Public Relations • A Sense of Urgency • Direct Mail • Committed Professionals • Events and Seminars • Passion for Excellence • Telemarketing • Fee Sharing Agreement • One-to-One Marketing • Dispute Resolution • Conferences • One Goal: New Business!
    34. 34. What’s a Brand Community?
    35. 35. Brand Community – Also Called: - Customer Community - Brand Influencer Team - Fan Club - Crowdsourced Network - Brand Wiki Members - Ambassador Program -Stakeholder/Developer Forum - Advisory Panel - Beta Testing Group
    36. 36. What It is Not – Social Network - A Platform (typically media-driven and online) that Brings People Together i.e. YouTube, Facebook, flickr, Wikipedia Why It Doesn’t Qualify: - People-centricity without a brand orientation - A conduit, not usually the end brand game - A social and media platform, not a brand rallying point
    37. 37. Brand Communities - The End Game:  Accelerated sales  More traffic  Save costs  Drive marketing efficiencies  Entrench brand loyalty  Improve operations  Support products  Upsell services
    38. 38. Brand Communities Can Tap Four Valuable & Untapped Market Forces Peer Peer Peer Peer Engagement/ Advocacy Collaboration Content Fanship
    39. 39. Offline Outreach and Awareness • Offline – Events – Business /Trade Shows – Brand Experience – PR /Buzz – Paid media/promotion – Other Asssociations – Referrals
    40. 40. MidMarket Owners Awareness Information Education Expert Advisors Capital, Resources, and Tools Web-based Systems for Collaboration
    41. 41. The Alliance: “ We Connect People, Information, and Money with the Best ways to Maximize Business Value”