Local leadership, Neil Deely - Design Network Conference


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Presentation from Design Network Conference, 21st May 2014

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Local leadership, Neil Deely - Design Network Conference

  1. 1. Neil Deely Local Leadership – how can we help?
  2. 2. Each local authority could nominate a built environment professional from the private sector and an elected member to champion local design quality. “Civic Champions” actively engaging with neighbourhood forums could help shape neighbourhood plans and improve design quality. (Professionals volunteering time for public outreach and skilling up of decision makers should take advantage of formal accreditation offered by their professional institutions.) Recommendation #06
  3. 3. Civic Champion? Who should they be? • Critical Friend • Help Illuminate the issues and help prioritise • Enable sound decision making • Encourage corporate memory and consistency. Advisor to elected members to support and assist decision making through the planning dpts. Recommendation #06
  4. 4. Eg. Newham – great exemplar of Council Leader believing in the power and importance of good design. 1. Design (PLACE) advice at pre-application Members forum 2. Design advice through DRP reports 3. Attendance on the night at Dev. Control Committee – incredibly powerful Officers won’t recommend approval unless DRP have been satisfied. LTGDC & LLDC have independent architect member of dev. control committee LDA Design Advisors, MDAG etc Recommendation #06
  5. 5. All individuals involved in making decisions about the built environment should receive basic training in placemaking and design literacy and it should be given the same status as legal and financial training for elected Councillors. Local planning authorities throughout the country should formalise the role of architecture and built environment centres and PLACE Review Panels in skilling up decision makers, including planning committee members and traffic engineers. This would follow the successful model of Urban Design London in skilling up planning committee members from London Councils. Local schools of architecture could act as co- ordinating agencies, working with local authorities, and regional events supported by PLACE institutions would spread the training more widely. Recommendation #12
  6. 6. Training councilors is difficult! – choosing the right people in the first place is key. Some elected members enjoy experience of many years of involvement in planning and built environment issues. For others providing instruction in the fundamentals is the goal. I know what I like! More architects/planners as elected members? Planning officers should have advisory role in selection process of planning committees members? Dev. Corp. model of architectural advisors embedded as independent members Architecture schools and LA’s working together very much depends on the school and the LA! Eg. Recommendation #12
  7. 7. Government should review public building procurement policy to clarify the regulations of the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) as well as giving sufficient prominence to design criteria. Industry should produce best-practice guidance to reduce the reliance on frameworks and to ensure that design expertise is embedded in the process and that competitions are held for significant projects. Recommendation #31
  8. 8. NPPF promotes local planning – LA planning departments to generate local policy and have the flexibility to decide how to go about it. Use DRP/Place Review Panel members for informal advice (@ circa £250-300/day is good value!) Use Norwegian model of Parrallelloppdrag: Public sector visioning of private sector held lands – force the issue! Recommendation #31
  9. 9. Parallelloppdrag
  10. 10. Parallell draw upp
  11. 11. •Draws out local opinion •Tests the market •Tests landowner reaction •Way forward for Crossrail ? Recommendation #31
  12. 12. Oslo Opera Quarters
  13. 13. Mindemyren Bergen
  14. 14. Mindemyren Bergen
  15. 15. London’s Crossrail
  16. 16. PLACE institutions and think tanks should undertake research on the value of independent, place-based leadership, such as mayors, to the public. In the UK where we have them, and in other countries, city leaders are proven to be the most successful drivers of sustainable and strategic urban planning. Recommendation #58
  17. 17. Sweden Vs France •Understanding the need for legacy and doing the small things well. •‘Strategic' long term leadership on design and quality as opposed to merely promoting 'grande projects' Cambridge Futures Sian Reid Ldr in the 2000s gave strong political leadership on design and promoted the Quality Charter. ‘The planned growth for Cambridgeshire provides an exciting opportunity to create sustainable and vibrant new communities. It is crucial that we build high quality housing with a unique identity that will provide visually pleasing environments where people will want to Live’ Recommendation #58
  18. 18. Research Models Ports in Northern Europe Case study Drammen
  19. 19. Drammen Industrial city famed for shipbuilding, log driving, trade and paper and pulp industries
  20. 20. Mayor of Drammen
  21. 21. Current Developments within Drammen – Bragernes – Public Square renovation
  22. 22. Union Brygge New urban area with pedestrian bridge link
  23. 23. Elveparken River park
  24. 24. Øvre Sund Bru New road bridge Drammen Bus Station Award winning bus station
  25. 25. Union Brygge New urban area with pedestrian bridge link
  26. 26. Papirbredden New knowledge park – University campus
  27. 27. Flytoget
  28. 28. Drammen Havn
  29. 29. Drammen Havn
  30. 30. Estate ModelsInterpretation
  31. 31. Colour Code
  32. 32. Building on top of Silo Room For Drammen
  33. 33. Neil Deely