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The right to development and the md gs  panel 2010
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The right to development and the md gs panel 2010


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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • Transcript

    • 1. 138th APHA Annual Meeting Monday, November 8, 2008 Title PageThe Right to Development and the Millennium Development Goals Elvira Beracochea, MD. MPH
    • 2. DisclosuresI am president and CEO of MIDEGO, aconsulting company dedicated to helpachieve the MDGs through personal andorganizational development programs andtools.I believe in and practice human rightsbased approaches.I believe we can achieve the MDGs. Wewill if we must! I work to make it a must!
    • 3. Objectives1. Discuss simple ways of applying rights based approaches towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals2. Discuss the main challenges to rights based approaches and ways to overcome them
    • 4. Know the Legal Frameworkand International Declarations • UDHR •The Right to Development •The Millennium Declaration* •CEDAW •ICESCR •General Comment 14 •Paris Declaration*
    • 5. Goals of the Millennium Declaration
    • 6. Know the Duty Bearers, Right Holders and Advocates • Global Health is a Human Right •Global Health is someone’s duty •WHOSE? Developed AND Developing Nations
    • 7. Global Health FormulaHow to realize it? Global Plan to Achieve the MDGs 2015 TargetsGlobal Health = public health +development assistance +accountability
    • 8. Role of Public Health ProfessionalsRespect, Protect and FulfillAdvocate and DemonstrateEffectiveness
    • 9. Values of the Millennium Declaration • Freedom • Equality • Solidarity Advocacy • Tolerance • Respect for Nature • Shared Responsibility for International Relations • Peace • Disarmament
    • 10. Paris Declaration: Principles •Ownership •Harmonization •Alignment •Results Advocacy •Accountability
    • 11. Development AssistancePROTECT: Ownership and Alignment1. GOVERNANCE: Participation and Representation2. Three ONES: One plan - One Coordination - One M&E3. Plans based on National Health Plans and annual targets4. Plans include donor budget estimates and expenditures5. Donors use and strengthen existing public health systems and institutions
    • 12. Implementing a RBARESPECT: Harmonization 1. Consensus on comparative advantage and complementarity to decide which donor will contribute to achieve goals 2. Simplification of processes 3. Clear coordination and communication procedures across civil society organizations, FBOs and NGOS
    • 13. Global Coordination•8,000,000 children die of preventableand treatable conditions– Could 100,000 CBOs prevent 80 deaths each?•500,000 women die of preventablepregnancy and delivery complications– Could 1000 NGOs prevent 500 deaths each?
    • 14. AccountabilityFULFILL: Managing for Results 1. Result-oriented development plans included in the National Health Plan 2. Interventions managed at country level 3. ONE M&E 4. Annual report and joint annual reviews
    • 15. How to Measure Progress?FULFILL: Mutual Accountability • Joint decision making and transparent aid commitment • Transparency: Response to questions within 3 months
    • 16. Role of Public Health ProfessionalsRespect, Protect and FulfillDemonstrate Effectiveness
    • 17. Q&A
    • 18. Visit us at Remember to Download the “Global Health Starter Program” to start making a bigger impact right away! Thank you!Copyright ©2012 MIDEGO