How can Franchising Expand Access to Quality Health Services in Developing Countries?


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A look at health franchises, a comparison of existing franchising approaches, and lessons learned.

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  • How we make it happen
  • How can Franchising Expand Access to Quality Health Services in Developing Countries?

    1. 1. Title Page Franchising How can Expand Access to Quality Health Services in Developing Countries? Elvira Beracochea PresidentCopyright ©2012 MIDEGO
    2. 2. Poster Objectives 1. Compare existing franchising approaches and lessons learned 2. Describe the key components of a health franchise 3. Discuss the steps to franchise health services and the MIDEGO Model www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    3. 3. What is a Health Franchise? A Contractual Relationship Between Franchiser and Franchisee to Deliver an Affordable “Menu” of Health Services with Consistent Quality Efficiently in a Clean and Pleasant EnvironmentCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    4. 4. Why Franchising? • Need for rapid scale up of proven interventions • Increase access to quality health services • Contribute to reaching the Millennium Development Goals • Develop the private sector in countries with high out of pocket health expenditures www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    5. 5. Existing Franchising Approaches 1. Gold Star Project, Egypt 2. Green Star, Pakistan 3. CFW Shops Project, Kenya 4.The MIDEGO Model www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    6. 6. Gold Star • Operated by the Government • 2,400 Clinics • Started as a USAID-Funded Project • Performance-based Incentives • Revenue is Kept at Clinic Level • Branding: Gold Star Logo • Extensive Quality Standards www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    7. 7. Green Star • Operated by For-Profit Private Sector Providers • Over 2,000 Clinics • Started as KfW-Funded Project • Monthly Competency-based Training Provided to Franchisees •Recommended pricing •Branding: Logo •Extensive Management and M&E Support to Franchisees www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    8. 8. CFW Shops •Operated by Non-profit Private Sector but Generates “Surplus” •Over 300 Outlets •Provision of Medicines and Pharmaceutical Services •Operational Standards •HQ and Regional Offices provide Drug Procurement and Logistics and Training and Support Franchisees •Community Health Workers promote services •Branding: CFW Shops www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    9. 9. MIDEGO •Streamlined Technical Assistance to deliver consistent results in global health. •MIDEGO is the only company with a money back guarantee if the desired results are not achieved. •Developed online training and coaching programs that improve the capacity of local health care providers without the cost of transportation, per diem, or workshop venue, and without having to take time off from patients. •The programs are documented and MIDEGO provides training and support to implement online training and coaching. • Reached more than 700 participants from over 50 countries www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    10. 10. Key Components 1. Prototype: a turn key operation that delivers quality services to every patient every day 2. Franchiser: the owner and fist operator of the prototype model 3. Franchisee: an entrepreneurial health care provider that is prepared to incur financial risk for economic incentives www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    11. 11. Key Components (cont.) 4. Reliable Suppliers: to Provide Medicines, Medical Supplies and all the Required Inputs 5. Market: find who needs the services and is willing to pay 6. Training: To Ensure Every Franchisees Provide the Same Quality of Services Everywhere Every Day 7. Branding and Marketing Plan www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    12. 12. Steps for Franchising 1. Demonstrate you have a Turn Key Operation that delivers Quality services Consistently and Efficiently 2. Develop an Operations Manual 3. Develop a Training Program for Franchisees 4. Develop a Business Plan for the Franchise 5. Location, Location, Location. Choose a good location to start 6. Market, Market, Market. Create a BRAND and Market you Prototype to Potential Franchisees and Market Services to Clients 7. Develop the Legal Contract between Franchiser and Franchisee www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    13. 13. MIDEGO’s Franchising 1. MIDEGO has developed a turnkey operation to provide online training and coaching for health professionals worldwide 2. MIDEGO has an Operations Manual 3. MIDEGO offers a Training Program for Franchisees 4. We assist to develop a Business Plan 5. Location, Location, Location. We help you choose a good location to start 6. Market, Market, Market. We help you promote MIDEGO’s BRAND and Market your Services to Clients 7. Ask for a copy of the Legal Contract between MIDEGO and the Franchisee www.midego.comCopyright ©2007 MIDEGO
    14. 14. Visit us at Remember to Download the “Global Health Starter Program” to start making a bigger impact right away! Thank you!Copyright ©2010 MIDEGO