Animal Farm chapter 6 10 questions


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Questions over chapters 6 - 10 to consider as you read.

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Animal Farm chapter 6 10 questions

  2. 2. CHAPTER 6• “All that year the animals worked like slaves.” What tone or mood is set by beginning the chapter with this simile?• Describe Boxer’s work efforts during this chapter:• What two mottos got Boxer through the day?• What did Squealer go around and tell the animals about their previous ideas of trade and money?• The pigs moved into the farm house, just like Stalin moved into the Kremlin in Russia. Both buildings were supposed to be closed as symbols of everything the respective revolutions fought against. – When it was found that the pigs were sleeping in the bed, what happened to the commandment on the shed wall concerning the beds?• What happened to the windmill?• What did Napoleon say happened to the windmill?• Why do you think he did this?
  3. 3. CHAPTER 7• Why did the humans say the windmill fell and how did the animals fix this?• What two animals kept working without complaint through the hunger and the cold?• As starvation loomed, how did Napoleon fool Whymper into thinking the farm had plenty of food?• Why did Squealer say the hens needed to surrender their eggs?• How did the hens react? Due to the order not to feed the hens, what happened to 9 of them?• Napoleon blamed EVERYTHING that went wrong on the farm on ONE person, well…PIG, who? How did this benefit Napoleon? Why did the other animals start to go along with this?• What did Napoleon say about Snowballs actions in the Battle of Cowshed? How did Napoleon present his own actions at the battle?• Why did all the animals “come forward and confess” to all the Snowball inspired actions and how were they dealt with after these “confessions”?• Why did Squealer outlaw the singing of “Beasts of England” on the farm?
  4. 4. CHAPTER 8• What happened to the commandment, “No animal shall kill any other animal” ?• List a few examples that indicate the animals had been “brainwashed” through hunger and propaganda:• The character of Fredrick is actually Nazi Germany or specifically Hitler.• After the attack of Fredrick and the destruction of the windmill, why were the animals (at first) not as excited as the pigs about ultimately winning the battle?• After finding the whiskey—what was wrong with the pigs that next morning?• What happened to the commandment about drinking alcohol?
  5. 5. CHAPTER 9• What was supposed to happen to Boxer at age 12?• Why did the pigs call a decrease in rations “readjustments” instead of “reductions”?• What did Squealer tell the animals about their food, living conditions, hours, and life span? Why did they believe these lies?• Why did Napoleon make sure that “celebrations” of him occurred each week?• Knowing what you know about Stalin using religion against the people--Why did Moses suddenly reappear on the farm and what did he have to say to the animals?• Describe Sugar Candy Mountain:• What happened to Boxer? Who was he sold to? What did the pigs say about this? What did the pigs do with the “Boxer money”?
  6. 6. CHAPTER 10• Who were the only animals to remember the “old days”?• What was the windmill used for?• List three ways the pigs are now more human like—or – what new things did the pigs learn to do?• What do the sheep say now?• What is left of the seven commandments?• Show how “Animal Farm” has now come full circle.