Food Healing-Super Foods


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Food Healing-Super Foods

  1. 1. WHY EAT RAW? If you want a fresh alive body eat fresh alive food.
  2. 2. WHY RAW? Food oozing with “bio-electricity” or “life-force”!
  3. 3. LIVING WATER The body is up to 70% water and the blood 95% water.
  4. 4. LIVING WATER Would you like to have this water crystal in your body?
  5. 5. LIVING WATER Or would you like to have this water crystal in your body?
  6. 6. ENZYMES! Once enzymes are exposed to heat, they are no longer able to provide the function for which they were designed. Cooked foods contribute to chronic illness, because their enzyme content is damaged and thus requires us to make our own enzymes to process the food. The digestion of cooked food uses valuable metabolic enzymes in order to help digest your food. Digestion of cooked food demands much more energy than the digestion of raw food. In general, raw food is so much more easily digested that it passes through the digestive tract in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time it takes for cooked food.
  7. 7. GREENS! An excellent source of alkaline minerals High in “bio-electricity” or life-force Full of “vita” – “mins” A beauty secret
  8. 8. GREENS! Wild greens Garden greens Organic greens Conventional greens
  9. 9. Spinach Great for the eyes Good strength builder Full of lutein High in oxalates which can contribute to kidney stones – so don’t eat too much!
  10. 10. Kale Full of minerals High in antioxidants (ORAC) Vitamin K High in lutein – good for the eyes Better than even broccoli!
  11. 11. Bok Choi and Choy Sum Vitamin C Vitamin A Calcium Glucosinolates for cancer prevention
  12. 12. Rocket Plenty of Iron Vitamin C Helps the body to detoxify pollutants.
  13. 13. Nasturtium Vitamin C Iron Minerals Antibiotic Antimicrobial Antioxidant
  14. 14. Chrysanthemum A good source of Protein, Niacin, Zinc, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Copper and Manganese. This food is very high in Sodium, so don’t eat too much.
  15. 15. Beet top and Carrot top Builds and cleans the blood Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, organic sodium, iron, chlorine, folic acid, iodine, manganese, sodium, potassium and fiber.
  16. 16. Lettuce The darker green the better Vitamin C Vitamins Minerals Mix up the species of lettuce.
  17. 17. Celery Good for high blood pressure Good for building digestive fire Good source of natural salts Relaxing and Yin
  18. 18. Papaya leaves A powerful antioxidant A powerful anti-cancer source Anti-viral A good source of MSM A little spicy but nice mixed in a salad or smoothy.
  19. 19. Basil A powerful antioxidant Loaded with phytochemicals Excellent for stomach problems A lovely taste and great added to dips and salads.
  20. 20. Dill and Fennel top Good for digestion Aids with menstruation Clears the breath
  21. 21. Cilantro or Coriander A powerful way to detoxify heavy metals Chelates lead, mercury and aluminum from the body Good for helping people with Alzheimer’s and Autism.
  22. 22. Parsley Vitamins C & A A powerful antioxidant A powerful anti-cancer source Anti-viral Minerals beta-carotene, and folic acid Clears the breath Reduce your intake if pregnant.
  23. 23. Mint Packed with phytochemicals Good for breathing and asthma Good for digestion Good combination with red beets in a smoothie, since mint softens the strong taste of red beet.
  24. 24. Rosemary A beauty herb rich in phytochemicals Good for breathing and asthma Good for blood flow and Qi Good for anxiety and depression Relaxing Excellent to counteract wireless device radiation.
  25. 25. Oregano Easy to grow! Powerful healing oils Wonderful taste Anti-Viral Anti-Bacterial Anti-Fungal Anti-Parasitic Excellent to combat Candida Good for respiratory and digestive systems Excellent for menstruation.
  26. 26. Broccoli flowers and leaves Packed with cancer-fighting agents The stem is the most powerful healing part of the plant Like all cruciferous vegetables – a good source of organic sulfur. You need a lot of digestive fire to digest!
  27. 27. Spring onions and Chives Rich in chromium Good for diabetes and asthma Avoid cooked onions as the cooking process creates chemicals that can be bad for the eyes.
  28. 28. Asparagus Good for the kidneys High in Vitamin K Anti-aging and promotes beauty Good detox Good for the hair and eyes Anti-fungal Anti-viral.
  29. 29. Brussel sprouts Good for the liver Good for the ovaries Like all cruciferous vegetables – an excellent source of organic sulfur A good source of anti- cancer enzymes. You need a lot of digestive fire to digest!
  30. 30. Sprouts Packed with vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and minerals A good source of Qi A good source of protein A beauty food Don’t eat too much as sprouts contain small amounts of toxins that can affect you if consumed in excess.
  31. 31. Swiss Card or Silver Beet Excellent for diabetes High in Vitamin K Very high in vitamins and minerals.
  32. 32. Bethel Leaves Good for women and menstruation Good for the blood Anti-viral Anti-microbial Aids digestion Well known in an Indonesian longevity elixir called “Sirih.”
  33. 33. Watercress Good for Yang Qi power Rich in some rare trace minerals like Rhodium and Iridium for mental function A good source of organic iodine.
  34. 34. Dandelion leaves and flowers The leaves have a massive amount of vitamins and minerals The leaves have more vitamin A than carrots Good for the liver and gall bladder The leaves are an excellent source of magnesium to promote proper bone density.
  35. 35. Grass Grass pulls all 92+ minerals All the big strong wild animals eat wild grass Wild grass juice is a super food. Sugar cane is a form of grass and when juiced fresh is a super-food. The coconut is in the grass family.
  36. 36. Juicing Wild Grass You need a powerful juicer to juice wild grass. Be careful not to burn out your juicer – wild grass is tough stuff! Wheat grass is domestically grown grass. Wheat grass juice is easy to make or buy.
  37. 37. JUICING! Green vegetable juice fits for every metabolism and fits in for every healing method. You get all the goodness without the need to digest the fiber. Good for building digestive fire. Use in moderation!
  38. 38. BLENDING! You get the whole food including the fiber already broken down to the micron level so its more absorbable. A wide array of nutrients. A 2 to 3 hp blender is best. Use in moderation.
  39. 39. USE A COFFEE GRINDER Good for grinding up seeds like hemp, flax, pumpkin and black sesame seeds. The ground up seeds can be put in a smoothie, dip or on a salad.
  40. 40. VEGETABLES!
  41. 41. Garlic - Yin Anti-viral Anti-fungal Anti-microbial A good source of Vitamin C Boosts the immune system Lowers blood pressure Take a break from it and use in moderation.
  42. 42. Ginger - Yang Anti-inflammatory Good for arthritis Boosts the immune system Ginger stimulates blood circulation.
  43. 43. Red Beet Root A POWERFUL healing food Anti-cancer Cleans the blood Mix with mint in a smoothie Juice with other vegetables. Like all bright pigment foods, full of anti-oxidants.
  44. 44. Turmeric A POWERFUL healing food Anti-inflammatory Good for arthritis Boosts the immune system Anti-cancer Well known in an Indonesian longevity elixir called “Sirih.”
  45. 45. Tamarind Anti-parasitic Anti-bacterial Anti-fungal Cleans the blood Full of minerals, fatty acids and amino acids Well known in an Indonesian longevity elixir called “Sirih.”
  46. 46. Radish Vitamin C Protein Organic sulfur Vitamins, minerals and amino acids A warming food Good for the thyroid.
  47. 47. Corn Good for the eyes High in lecithin Your brain is 30% lecithin Eat raw off the cob or cut off into the blender or salad.
  48. 48. Carrot Good for all parts of the body but especially the eyes and lungs Vitamin A Best to eat whole or in a smoothie Don’t drink too much carrot juice as the juice can contain large amounts of sugar. Moderation!
  49. 49. Squash Good for digestion Improves blood circulation Warming food Assists the prostate.
  50. 50. Cabbage Anti-cancer Great for the stomach Full of Phytochemicals People with an under-active thyroid should eat cruciferous vegetables infrequently, except for fermented cabbage found in food like Kim Chi.
  51. 51. Sweet Potato Full of minerals Good for digestion High in quality protein similar to what is in eggs The purple sweet potato is a “high-vibration” food.
  52. 52. Sea vegetables – wakame, nori, kombu, dulse etc. 80+ minerals! Good for bone density Iodine Folic acid Anti-cancer
  53. 53. NUTS!
  54. 54. Brazil Nuts Highest food in selenium Still grown wild Anti-viral Anti-cancer Eat 3 per day and no more than 5 per day.
  55. 55. Baby Coconut (water & spoon meat) A super-food Full of minerals A beauty food Good for replenishing male fluids.
  56. 56. Dried Mature Coconut Meat Anti-parasitic Anti-cancer Good for all body systems Builds the blood In the grass family – full of minerals.
  57. 57. Almonds Good for the lungs Beautifies the skin High in vitamin E Eat in moderation Great in a smoothie.
  58. 58. Walnuts & Pecans Good for the brain Omega 3 fatty acids Anti-cancer Good for the heart Amino acids Antioxidants Buy them fresh
  59. 59. Apricot Kernel Anti-cancer Chinese Almond A good source of organic cyanide The extract is called “Laetrile”
  60. 60. Ginkgo Nuts Improves blood circulation Enhances “Brain Power” Crack them open with a hammer and use in a smoothie!
  61. 61. Hazelnuts Good for the heart Vitamins and minerals Antioxidants Phytonutrients High in folate Anti-cancer
  62. 62. SEEDS!
  63. 63. Hemp Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids in the PERFECT ratio! Awesome protein Good for the heart Anti-cancer Boosts the immune system A super-food Chinese Medicine: “Foe-Ma-Yeung”
  64. 64. Flax A good source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids but NOT the perfect ratio like hemp Good for arthritis Cleans the digestive tract Anti-cancer Excellent digestive fiber.
  65. 65. Black Sesame Full of minerals especially copper Good for the hair Good for arthritis Cleans the digestive tract A good kidney tonic Helps with asthma.
  66. 66. USE A COFFEE GRINDER Good for grinding up seeds like hemp, flax and black sesame seeds. The ground up seeds can be put in a smoothie or on a salad.
  67. 67. Pumpkin Full of minerals, especially zinc Good for the prostate Anti-parasitic Good for arthritis An excellent source of protein.
  68. 68. Sunflower Over 3 times the iron of beef Full of vitamins and minerals A perfect food except for vitamin D 22% protein A beauty food.
  69. 69. BERRIES! A natural vaccination.
  70. 70. Goji or Wolfberry A super-food 18 amino acids 21 minerals Good for the eyes 10 times the ORAC value of blueberries Good for longevity, fertility and sexual vitality.
  71. 71. Blueberries A super-food Good for the eyes Packed with anti-oxidants Anti-cancer Anti-aging A beauty food.
  72. 72. Blackberries Full of anti-oxidants Vitamins Minerals Use in a smoothie that is made with a commercial blender so all the seeds are bio-available A beauty food.
  73. 73. Raspberries The highest source of Ellagic Acid which is anti-cancer. The Ellagic Acid is found in the seeds so make a smoothie using a commercial blender. Raspberry seed powder is sold as an anti-cancer remedy.
  74. 74. Loganberry High in Dietary Fiber Vitamin C Manganese Vitamin K Folate Copper Good for weight loss.
  75. 75. Strawberries Anti-cancer Anti-inflammatory Good for arthritis Good for the heart Blend the white and green top Important to be organic since they are porous and absorb chemicals easily.
  76. 76. Schizandra An adaptogenic super-food Gives you energy yet helps you relax “ Five-flavored seed" because it tastes sour, bitter, sweet, acrid and salty Good in salads. Good in teas Can have a strong taste.
  77. 77. OILS!
  78. 78. Coconut Oil A super-food The most stable of all oils 92% saturated fats Anti-viral Anti-parasitic Anti-fungal Good to detox other bad oils Full of lauric acid to beautify the body. If you do cook with oil, coconut oil is the best.
  79. 79. Olive Oil A super-food Rich in monounsaturated fat, Vitamin E, antioxidants, chlorophyll and carotenoids Anti-colon cancer A beauty food Always choose EXTRA VIRGIN from the first pressing Never cook with it.
  80. 80. Sesame Oil A super-food Anti-viral Anti-fungal Anti-cancer Known as the “Queen of Oils” Fantastic for the skin A good detox for oil soluble toxins Nourishes the colon.
  81. 81. Other Important Ingredients!
  82. 82. Coconut Milk Excellent for weight gain Contains coconut oil and other fats From mature coconuts so use in moderation. The older a coconut gets the more acidic it becomes.
  83. 83. Fresh Coconut Milk Shing Fat Coconut and Spices G/F 18 Spring Garden Lane MTR Exit A3 Wan Chai Telephone: 2572-7725
  84. 84. Apple Cider Vinegar A super-food A super-remedy The testimonials of healing for many ailments are long and old. Wonderful on salads or in dips.
  85. 85. MSM - Methyl Sulfonyl Methane Found in all green wild living things – organic sulfur Found in rain water and clouds Promotes vibrant tissue health and hair As necessary as water Good for arthritis Anti-parasitic Use in water or juice.
  86. 86. Maple Syrup Full of vitamins and minerals Part of the Master Cleanse Excellent replacement for white sugar Grade B is best as it is darker and higher in minerals, although stronger in taste.
  87. 87. Pure Sun-Dried Sea Salt Good salt is essential for life! Processed table salt is a poison – it has 2 minerals, sodium and chloride Natural Sea Salt has 84 minerals Good for the whole body – heart, skin, liver, blood muscles etc. The blood is salty.
  88. 88. Wild Rice (rinsed and soaked) 1 to 1 1/2 cups. Soaked/sprouted wild rice. Soak for 12 hrs, rinse and soak for 24 hrs longer then drain and let set for 12 hrs, rinse and let set for 12 more hours and it should be ready. If you don’t use it all it saves well in the fridge.
  89. 89. SUPER-FOODS!
  90. 90. Spirulina 65% Protein EFA’s Full of Vitamins Good source of B12 Full of Minerals Phytonutrients “ When you are green on the inside – you are clean on the inside and LEAN on the outside!”
  91. 91. Raw Wild Honey Full of Enzymes Healing Strengthening Vitamins Minerals Good for the skin Good for the hair
  92. 92. Bee Pollen Vitamins Minerals 32% Proteins Amino acids, Hormones, Enzymes Phytonutrients Fats all in perfect proportion Many Bee Keepers are known to live a long time.
  93. 93. Royal Jelly The Tale of Two Bee Larvae The first is fed only Royal Jelly for 3 days and lives 35-40 days. The second is fed Royal Jelly for it’s entire life and lives 5-6 years!
  94. 94. Chocolate High ORAC value – full of Anti-oxidants (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Plenty of Minerals Can lower blood pressure Raw Cocoa Dark Chocolate Excellent in smoothies Can be “filling . ”
  95. 95. Noni Juice Full of Vitamins Full of Minerals Phytonutrients Stunning amounts of top-quality research have been done on the healing properties of Noni Juice. Get pure Noni Juice.
  96. 96. Ginseng An adaptogen Chinese and Korean Ginseng is good for men (yang) and American Ginseng is good for women (yin). A potent energy booster. Ginseng, Green Tea and the Wolfberry/ Goji Berry are well known in TCM.
  97. 97. Cinnamon Plenty of Chromium Good for diabetes A warming food Excellent with honey Anti-viral Anti-bacterial Anti-fungal Awesome in a smoothie.
  98. 98. Aloe Vera Good for digestion Good for the skin Put the gel on cuts, burns and scrapes Well known for its anti-cancer properties.
  99. 99. Raw Sugar Cane Juice Rich in Vitamins Minerals Phytonutrients Living Enzymes In the grass family so it pulls a lot of minerals from the ground. Green in colour A super-food.
  100. 100. FRUITS!
  101. 101. Lemon High Vitamin C Internal body cleanser Part of Master Cleanse Anti-oxidants Anti-cancer Use the white pith and seeds in the blender Lemon juice acidifies water and makes it more absorbable Alkalizes the body.
  102. 102. Lime High Vitamin C Internal body cleanser Anti-oxidants Anti-cancer Use the white pith and seeds in the blender Good for the skin Boosts immune system Increases energy levels.
  103. 103. Pomelo Vitamin C Anti-oxidants Anti-cancer Use the white pith and seeds in the blender The white pith is a very powerful healer The seeds have the Qi of the whole tree!
  104. 104. Grapefruit Vitamin C Internal body cleanser Anti-oxidants Anti-cancer Lycopene - red Use the white pith and seeds in the blender Weight loss Enzymes are good for the liver and kidneys.
  105. 105. Orange Vitamin C Anti-oxidants Anti-cancer Use the white pith and seeds in the blender Don’t eat too many oranges as they can be irritating for the skin.
  106. 106. Papaya Full of enzymes to improve the absorption of proteins to build muscle Anti-cancer The seeds are excellent and anti-parasitic, but spicy/bitter and should not be eaten by pregnant women.
  107. 107. Mango Vitamin A Vitamin C Internal body cleanser Anti-oxidants Anti-cancer Other Vitamins and Minerals Good for weight loss Good for the skin.
  108. 108. Dragon Fruit Improves the eyesight Seeds are good for the blood Anti-cancer Good for the skin Good for the stomach.
  109. 109. Avocado (with seed if you have a commercial blender) Full of good fats Good for the liver Good for weight loss and weight gain (strange) Seed has soluble fiber Good for the heart Good for the skin An almost complete food.
  110. 110. Kiwi High in phytochemicalsparticularly the white centre of the fruit High in Vitamin C Great for asthma or respiratory difficulties.
  111. 111. Pear Vitamins Minerals Anti-oxidants Fiber A good introduction fruit – gentle for infants.
  112. 112. Grapes (with seeds) Grape seed extract is powerful but the best is simply to blend the whole grape with the seed in a blender. Rebuilds the arteries Potent anti-inflammatory compound.
  113. 113. Watermelon (with seeds) Lycopene – good for the prostate The seeds contain plenty of zinc Watermelon seed tea is a potent healer…so just eat the seeds!
  114. 114. Honeydew Melon High in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Folate and Potassium Good for weight loss .
  115. 115. Cantaloupe Beta-carotene, Folic acid, Potassium, Vitamin C and dietary fiber.  Vitamin B1 (thiamine), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), and B6 (pyridoxine). Anti-oxidants, anti-cancer, good for the heart.
  116. 116. Jackfruit High Vitamin C Manganese A slow digesting fruit High in other vitamins and minerals Low in sugar
  117. 117. Durian Enjoy the smell! Good for weight gain Vitamin C B Vitamins Minerals Rich in oils Low in Phytochemicals The “King of Fruit”
  118. 118. Mangosteen Good for digestive tract Boosts the immune system Neutralizes free radicals Good support for cartilage and joint function Promotes a healthy respiratory system Use the fruit and the rind The “Queen of Fruit.”
  119. 119. Rambutan and Lychee High in Vitamins and Minerals “ Healing, sweetness of life, beauty, uniqueness, enchanting, high attractiveness, youth, regeneration, attractive powers against opposite sex, charm, luck, energy and inner wisdom and inner protection, wards off negative energies.”
  120. 120. Pineapple (with the stem) Full of sulfur containing enzymes called Bromelain. The majority of the enzymes are in the STEM! Anti-cancer Anti-inflammatory Good for sore throat Put the stem in the blender with a smoothie.
  121. 121. Pomegranate Full of antioxidants Great for the heart and circulatory system Lowers blood pressure Good for the blood Good for the ovaries Like Mangosteen take some of the pulp and place it in the blender for an antioxidant blast.
  122. 122. Plum The phyto-chemicals in the skin help the body absorb minerals especially iron. Very high in silica for boosting bone density Good for osteoporosis The kernel is similar to the apricot kernel, just crack it open.
  123. 123. Apricot Known as the Chinese Almond The most disease fighting natural cyanide of any seed Anti-cancer Take 1-3 kernels per day “ Laetrile” is an extract of Apricot Kernel used to fight cancer.
  124. 124. Guava Rich in fiber Vitamin C Tannin The leaves are a particularly potent healer Boosts the immune system A beauty food.
  125. 125. Chinese Dates – Red, Black and Blue - Jujube A strong longevity food Full of vitamins Full of minerals A super-food Detoxifies the body Builds the blood Boosts Libido
  126. 126. Tomato Great for the prostate – full of Lycopene Anti-cancer Good for the heart Buy organic since they get sprayed substantially Call pull up to 56 minerals from the soil.
  127. 127. Bell Pepper Full of phyto-nutrients with their different colours Plenty of Vitamin C Plenty of other Vitamins and Minerals Anti-Bacterial Anti-Fungal Anti-Cancer A Beauty Food The Green is simply an unripe Red.
  128. 128. Cucumber Good to balance the blood sugar Great for diabetics Very high in Silica, so good for Osteoporosis Good for the joints A beauty food Buy organic since much of the goodness is in the skin.
  129. 129. Okra Rich in fiber Good for the heart and arteries Lowers cholesterol Can reverse heart disease A beauty food Soothing for the digestive tract.
  130. 130. Cayenne Pepper Boosts the Immune System Cleans the Digestive Tract Part of the Master Cleanse Plenty of Vitamins and Minerals Take a break from it every once in a while.
  131. 131. Bitter Melon Very good for Diabetics Full of “insulin-like” Phyto-Chemicals Anti-Cancer Boosts the Immune System Plenty of Vitamins and Minerals. Good to juice Consume infrequently if you have severe hypoglycemia.
  132. 132. ENZYME RICH FOOD! Kim Chi and Sauerkraut Full of Enzymes to Boost Digestion Good for any Digestive Problems Usually made with No Preservatives Creates Hydrogen Peroxide that Oxygenates the Blood.
  133. 133. HEALING with all types of TEA Can be good to Cleanse and Detoxify Some Tea can can have Plenty of Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-Oxidants Can make some nutrients more Bio-Available.
  134. 134. A Good Tea Licorice root Astragalus root Ginger Goji berries Lemon Raw wild honey
  135. 135. Reishi Mushroom Extract Boosts the Immune System Anti-cancer Enhances Longevity Boosts oxygenation Best to use in teas or extract Cleans the circulatory system.
  137. 137. RAW ANIMAL PRODUCTS Eggs Salmon Fish Sashimi Grass feed free-range beef Insects Chicken
  138. 138. WHAT TO AVOID
  139. 139. Cooked Food Scientific Fact: Your immune system treats cooked food like a poison. Have at least 50% raw with each meal. Cooked food is dead. Give me a list of wild animals that cook their food.
  140. 140. Bread, Pasta, Noodles Contributes to fungus, yeast and mold in the body. Bread rhymes with dead.
  141. 141. White Rice Has most, if not all of the nutrition removed An alternative is brown rice or wild rice. Why is brown rice more expensive than white rice when brown rice requires less processing?
  142. 142. Processed Sugar Contributes to fungus, yeast and mold in the body. Extremely acidic! PULLS minerals from the body!
  143. 143. Bananas Different than wild bananas, most commercially grown bananas are hybridized and abnormally sweet with a low mineral content.
  144. 144. Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils are DEADLY Avoid canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil (and soybean products in general). Hydrogenated vegetable oils are a form of PLASTIC and clog the arteries faster than anything else. A huge contributor to cellulite.
  145. 145. Pasteurized is COOKED Raw dairy products are a totally different food than cooked dairy. During the cooking process the fats in dairy completely change their chemical structure. Raw organic goats milk is the best choice.
  146. 146. Peanuts Consume peanuts infrequently since they often contain the fungus aflatoxin.
  147. 147. Soy Drinks and Products Consume soy products infrequently as soy beans have high levels of phytic acid that block the body’s uptake of essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and especially zinc! (Men pay attention.)
  148. 148. BLENDING! You get the whole food including the fiber already broken down to the micron level so its more absorbable. A wide array of nutrients. A 2 to 3 hp blender is best.
  149. 149. JUICING! Green vegetable juice fits for every metabolism and fits in to every natural healing method known. You get all the goodness without the need to digest the fiber. Use in moderation!
  150. 150. USE A COFFEE GRINDER Good for grinding up seeds like hemp, flax, pumpkin and black sesame seeds. The ground up seeds can be put in a smoothie, dip or on a salad.
  151. 151. Enjoying it ALL! Salads Dressings Dips Gourmet Raw Food Elixirs Diversity
  152. 152. Other Healing Strategies Fasting Terminator Zapper Cleansing and Detoxifying Colonics Bentonite Clay Orgonite The Mojo Bed Energetic Practices Urine Therapy
  153. 153. Subtle Healing Strategies Positive Relationships Having Goals Fresh Air Exercise you Enjoy Orgasmic Delights Being Open and Discerning Observe Nature
  154. 154.