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1 tg4 - holidays

  1. 1. HOLIDAYS (trip/journey) MEANS OF TRANSPORTYou go there You can take by car a plane by train a train by plane the metro, subway by bike by bus by motorbike on foot
  2. 2. HOLIDAYS (trip/journey) Types of holidays Christmas holiday Summer holiday Spring break bank holiday Easter / Holy Week
  3. 3. HOLIDAYS (trip/journey) Things you might need Credit Card guidebook Passport, ID Card brochureWinter / summer clothes souvenir money comfortable shoes cellphone dictionary camera …
  4. 4. HOLIDAYS (trip/journey) Where to sleep / stay hotel hostel campsite flat / apartment caravan tent guesthouse bed & breakfast
  5. 5. HOLIDAYS (trip/journey)In the CITY you can see/visit a / an … castle cathedral monuments fountain port theatre ballet opera house concert hall square art gallery
  6. 6. HOLIDAYS (trip/journey) In the COUNTRY animals fire log tent sleeping bag compass
  7. 7. HOLIDAYS (trip/journey) On the beach, by the sea sunscreen Parasol/umbrella sand shell towel Summer clothes swimsuit Floaties lifeguard
  8. 8. HOLIDAYS (trip/journey) At the airportjetlag Flight attendantpilot Luggage / suitcasesdeparture, arrival tickets
  9. 9. HOLIDAYS (trip/journey) verbsTo travelTo go awayTo boardTo check in/outTo sunbatheTo climbTo go trekkingTo take offTo landTo go abroadTo get sunburned
  10. 10. What type of holiday do you usually take? I usually go to the beach or I go to my grandparents´ town. I spend (two days, a month) there I stay there for (a week, two weeks).
  11. 11. Where did you go last year/summer on holiday?Last….I went to……… the beach, in the south of Spain.
  12. 12. Why did you go to that place? Because my grandparents have a house there.Because my parents decided to go there.
  13. 13. How did you get there? We travelled by……(plane/car/bus)We got there by…(rocket, helicopter…)
  14. 14. How much luggage did you take?We took a lot and the trunk of my dad´s car was completely full.
  15. 15. What did you do there? Tell me about it. I went to the beach and I also visitedmy cousins and I had an ice cream almost every afternoon.
  16. 16. What was the weather like?The weather was very hot and sunny.
  17. 17. What did you see?I saw different places such as… somenice streets, a museum, a cathedral, a very old castle…
  18. 18. Who did you go with?I went with my mother and my father,but we met my cousins and some other family members there.
  19. 19. Where did you stay?I stayed in a hotel close to the beach.We stayed in my grandparent´s house.(,,, campsite, we rented a flat for two weeks…)
  20. 20. Tell me about the most interestingthing you did during your holiday.The most interesting thing I did was visiting a museum, a castle, a cave… with lots of nice things. We had a great time!
  21. 21. Tell me about the difference between your home town (Alcorcon) and the place you went on holiday?Alcorcon is much bigger than…there are morecars, people and tall buildings here and thereis no beach…so I prefer … because it´s nicer.
  22. 22. Tell me about what you liked and disliked about the place where you stayed? I really liked the nice meals we had in therestaurants by the sea and what I dislikedthe most was that some days the beach was too crowded.
  23. 23. How often do you go on holidays?I usually go on holidays (once a year, twice a year). At Christmas I go to… Also, in the summer I go to …
  24. 24. Tell me about what you like and dislike about… staying in Alcorcon during your holidays?I really (like/enjoy) going to the swimming pooland playing with my cousins and friends, but it´s too hot here in the Summer and sometimes I get bored because I have to stay at home.
  25. 25. Did you buy any souvenirs?Yes, I bought some postcards for my grandma and some magnets for my collection.
  26. 26. Where are you going to go next year?I am not sure. But We might go to Valencia again because we really love it.
  27. 27. When was the last time that you went to the beach? It was… last summer… in July. … last year, last month. … a month ago
  28. 28. Tell me about your next tripWe will (probably) go on a long-weekend trip to visit…
  29. 29. What was the best moment of your last holiday?When my parents told me that we were going to Euro Disney
  30. 30. Tell me about what you do on a normal day when you are on holidays…I get up at… then, I have breakfast…, later on, I watch TV…I read a book…I go for a swim… and finally I go to bed at…
  31. 31. Tell me about the best and the worst things that happened to you on your vacation? The best thing was … and the worst thing was…
  32. 32. What was the best food you ate during your vacation?The best food was …the paella my dad cooked by the sea.… some ice-cream and special desserts that my parents allowed me to have.
  33. 33. Do you usually go back to the same place every year for your holiday? Why/not? Yes, I always go to…Not really. We actually try to go to a new place every year.
  34. 34. What are the differences between your holidays and your time at school? During my holidays I have time to… Whereas at school I have to study a lot,there are lots of exams…and I don´t have as much time as on my holidays.
  35. 35. Do you prefer going abroad for your holidays or staying in your own country? Why? I prefer going abroad because I have theoportunity to meet new people and learn about their culture.I prefer spending my holidays here in Spain because I can understand everybody.
  36. 36. For more:http://iteslj.org/questions/vacation.html