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Ride apart investment presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. RideApart Investment Deck Submitted by Jon Alain Guzik RideApart Founder and CEO October 31, 2013 323-839-1968 jaguzik@rideapart.com 1"
  • 2. RideApart Mission RideApart’s technology bridges the gap between content and commerce, providing true 21st century engagement for consumers and guiding their powersports purchases.
 RideApart facilitates the conversation between buyers and sellers, boosting and quantifying ROI for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), dealers and retailers. 2"
  • 3. RideApart Benefits New content to an engaged audience: Traditional motorcycle publications are 5-10 years behind the users. RideApart engages readers with new media types, relevant content, and practical guides that make RideApart a true ‘commerce through content’ play. RideApart Directs Shopping Behavior: RideApart captures in-market shoppers, generating leads to OEMs and affiliate partners. 
 Best In Class In-Market Motorcycle Buyers Guide: Featuring every motorcycle from 2009 to present and the ability to serve leads to all bikes, parts and accessories as well as finance and insurance products. Younger Riders = Younger Audience: RideApart appeals to18-35 year olds, decades younger than industry average. Next Generation Tech: Mobile-optimized product, future tech includes user-personalized lead generation and affiliate shopping functions. 3"
  • 4. Traction Sustainable and Growing User Base: -530k+ uniques -810k+ monthly visits -1.65mm+ page views -Over 70% of traffic is organic and direct, with social traffic making up the rest
 Deeply Engaged Users: -Monthly affiliate sales growth from $35,000 in May to over $70,000 in August -Recent 30 Day OEM campaign garnered 1,246,000 impressions, 1,600+ click-throughs, 1100+ Dealer Lookups, 1100+ Total Conversions with an industry high .20% CTR 4"
  • 5. Growing Buzz Named “Top Pre-Series A Company to Watch in L.A.” by Mattermark* Among “The 10 hottest U.S. startups on AngelList” listed by Upstart Business Journal** Featured in Skift.com’s list of “The First 50 Travel Startups Publically Raising Money on AngelList”*** *h)p://ma)ermark.com/rideapart8pre8series8a8los8angeles8watch/" **h)p://upstart.bizjournals.com/money/loot/2013/09/26/these8108companies8are8the8ho)est8on.html" ***"h)p://skiF.com/2013/09/24/the8first8508travel8startups8publicly8raising8money8on8angellist/?app=noRedirect" 5"
  • 6. Consumer Problem There is No (True) Powersports Portal in the Current Marketplace: No Other Online Portal engages powersports shoppers with compelling content, comprehensive data and tools to guide their purchases, even though they are very active online. No Clear Value Proposition. Existing online channels fail to connect powersports OEMs and retailers with consumers. 6"
  • 7. Powersports Consumers Much More Active Online Automotive! Powersports! 105.2 Million Monthly Searches! 11x Online Car Buyers! 25.6 Million Monthly Searches! 34x Online Powersports Buyers! Motor Trend! 204 million! Car and Driver! 45 million! 25x Online Car Buyers! Motorcycle USA! Motorcycle.com! 81 million! 20 million! 133x Online Powersports Buyers! Ford! Chevy! Harley Davidson! BMW Motorrad! 2.6 million! 1.9 million! 1.9 million! 4.8 million! Harley Davidson and BMW Motorrad have more Facebook Likes than Ford 7" and Chevy
  • 8. Introducing -Giving riders the content, data and tools they demand by connecting them with manufacturers, dealers and retailers for the first time. Fresh Content/Robust Product! Dealer and Affiliate Lead Generation! Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide and Comparison Shopping Tools! Highly Engaged Audience! 8"
  • 9. Revenue Plan Connecting sellers of bikes, products and services with the engaged RideApart community Sell Ads and Partner Content with Bike OEMs! Sell Listings/Leads to Dealers and OEMs! 14K+ Dealers in U.S.! Affiliate Marketing! Sell Insurance Leads! Sell Loan Leads! Sell Ads to Auto OEMs! 9"
  • 10. Market Potential and Future Vertical Growth 1" Almost 1 million powersports vehicles were sold in 2013. Yet, this high spending enthusiast group is poorly engaged by existing content portals. The largest traditional digital motorcycle magazine, CycleWorld, only 2" averages 420k unique visitors per month, less than half of yearly powersports buyers (let alone total enthusiasts). With no marketing spend and a bootstrapped budget, RideApart has recently surpassed 500k unique visitors per month. RideApart wants to leverage its success to engage high-spending enthusiasts across dozens of wide open verticals, providing quality content, shopping tools and affiliate leads. Current Vertical:! Powersports! Next:! Mountain Biking! Rock Climbing! Source:(((1)(2011(MIC(Sta3s3c(Annual(((((2)(CycleWorld(2013(Media(Guide! Future:! Fishing! Road Biking! Skiing/Snowboarding! Hiking! Mountaineering! Sky Diving! Hunting! Skateboarding! Cave Exploration! Surfing! Scuba Diving! Crossfit! 10"
  • 11. Growth and Investment Plan: Focus on Three Areas Distribution! 1.  Hire additional engineer within 30 days to build out distribution channel! 2.  Add features to improve usability of buyers guide! 3.  Invest in aggressive user acquisition strategy (SEO/ SEM, content partnerships)! 4.  Redesign site to incorporate deeper lead generation to buyers guide, add accounts and personalization functions, improve content discovery and create SEOdriven content! Product! 1.  Continue onboarding Chief Content Officer to lead content/product vision ! 2.  Develop AFP-video content (including RideApart TV with over 6mm views)! 3.  Expand coverage verticals to UTV/ATV, RVs, personal watercraft, automotive, lifestyle and enthusiasts sports! 4.  Develop deeper mobile and web applications to connect users with relevant affiliate vendors! Monetization! 1.  Monetize traffic via advertising deals and OEM partnerships! 2.  Launch lead generation tools for distributors! 3.  Invest in affiliate marketing program! 4.  Execute deeper auto deals with DriveApart and RVApart products! 11"
  • 12. Team RideApart Team! Consultants(and(Advisors" Product & Strategy - Jon Alain Guzik (CEO)! RideApart’s Founder/CEO with deep auto and tech industry experience as executive at DriverSide and Yahoo! Autos.! Michael Starkenburg: An executive advisor and RideApart board member, Michael has advised more than 30 venture investors and over 350 technology companies since 2003.! Content - Jen Degtjarewsky! Former Hearst Corp Editorial Director and Digital Brand Director for Road & Track and Cycle World. Over 16 years of branded digital media experience.! Technology - Zach Risher! Former technology consultant and custom developer. Worked with Lookout Mobile Security, Goodreads, and ZocDoc. ! Operations - Nolan Zandi! Former VC analyst/technology consultant with extensive experience scaling complex team operations. Worked with Lookout Mobile, Goodreads, Udemy, and SignNow! Paul LaBella: Former VP, Brand Publisher at Cycle World with 30 years of powersports and automotive marketing experience.! Rob Auten: Founder/CEO, DarkNet Inc., Cowriter of Gears of War: Judgment, Supervised game production for Fox.! Mel Harris: Former VP of Motorcycles at Suzuki with 28 years experience in powersports space.! 12"
  • 13. Highlights and accomplishments to date: -Launched RideApart.com on May 1, 2013. Revenue positive within six weeks. Traffic is at 500k+ unique visitors, 740K+ visits, and 1.5mm+ page views with 20% MoM growth. - Activated lead gen and marketing deals with Honda Motorcycles, BMW, Piaggio Group Americas’ Moto Guzzi and Aprilia brands and aftermarket company Dainese.
 - Activated advertising and affiliate marketing deals with leading aftermarket company. In the three months since the affiliate launch, RideApart has provided more than $250,000 worth of parts/accessories sales to the online shopping site (growing monthly sales from $35,000 in May to over $70,000 in August) 
 - Launched a technology deal with FindTheBest.com to power RideApart’s 1900+ page Buyer’s Guide and Make/Model section. Find The Best provides white label shopping and lead gen tools for Golf Digest and TechCrunch.
 - Signed Progressive Insurance as an affiliate lead partner to power all of RideApart’s Buyer’s Guide and Make/Model section insurance needs. 
  • 14. Status and Milestones ( ( Business( Objec3ves( ( ( May(2013( Team"Finalized" RideApart"launched" Product( Milestones( Term"Sheets"Signed" First"Ad"Campaign" Rollout" ( ( ((Today ( Oct(2013( Reach"500k"uniques" Build"content"plaUorm" Raise"growth"capital" Catalogue"5K+"ArXcles/ Produce"15"ArXcles/Wk" Signed"Strategic"Deal"For" Dealer/Parts/Accessories" Leads" First"Site"Redesign" Capital( Requirements( F&F(Round( OperaXons"Self8 Funded"to"Date" (Months ( (Months( (((((0A6 ((((((((((((((((((((6A12" NovAApril(2014( Launch"OEM"&"Lead" Programs" Reach"800k"Users" AprilAOct(2014( Sell"to"200" Dealers/5"OEMs" Top"1MM"Users" Add""ATV/UTV"SecXons" Launch"Mountain"Biking" and"Rock"Climbing" verXcals" Launch"Deeper"Lead" GeneraXon"and"Affiliate"" Launch"Integrated" Products" Affiliate"Leads"Into"" RideApart"YouTube" Second"Fully"Redesigned" Site" Ini3al(Seed(Round( $500,000" Series(A( $1.5"Million" 14"
  • 15. Projected to Near $20MM in EBIT by Year 4 ((((((((((((Categories( Web(Metrics((YE)( Uniques/Month" Registered"Users" Revenue((in($MM)( Ads" Lead"GeneraXon"" Affiliate"MarkeXng" Other" Year(1( Year(2( Year(3( Year(4( 1.2MM" 59K" 2.0MM" 122K" 3.2MM" 227K" 4.6MM" 370K" $0.2" $0.1" $0.2" $0.5" $0.6" $1.2" $1.8" $1.4" $1.2" $4.3" $5.5" $2.6" $1.4" $10.0" $11.5" $4.6" Total(Revenues( Expenses((in($MM)( $1.1( $5.1( $13.6( $27.5( Total(Expenses( $0.1" $0.1" $0.7" $0.1" $0.1" $1.1( $0.2" $0.8" $1.5" $0.5" $0.5" $3.5( $0.3" $1.7" $2.6" $0.5" $0.6" $5.7( $0.3" $3.2" $4.7" $0.5" $0.6" $6.3( $0( $1.6( $7.9( $18.2( IT" MarkeXng"&"Branding" Personnel" Professional"Services" G&A" EBIT( 15"
  • 16. Appendix www.RideApart.com" 16"
  • 17. The Powersports Market is Clearly Underserved - Numerous “portal” businesses have saturated the automotive market with lead generation and content. -  Leading powersports portals are content and advertising-based businesses only. -  The powersports industries are typically more than 5 years behind the automotive industry and the audience is out there ready to be engaged Automotive Portals! Powersports Portals! Lead Generation, Content, and Ads! Content and Ads Only! 17"
  • 18. The Lead and Affiliate Generation Marketplace is Wide Open -  There is no successful powersports site that provides compelling lead generation products for OEMs, dealers and retailers. Lead Generation Portals! %(of(Buyers(Reached(Online( 90%" 80%" 70%" 60%" 50%" 40%" 30%" 20%" 10%" 0%" Powersports ! 0 Successful Lead Generation Portals! 0" 1" 2" Cars ! 8 Successful Lead Generation Portals! 3" 4" 5" 6" 7" 8" 9" Lead(Mone3zers( 18"
  • 19. User Acquisition Strategy - Growing an existing user base to 1 million+ uniques/month in our first year, RideApart, six months is, is halfway to the goal What! Why! Content Syndication! To generate click-through rate and boost page rank! Social Media Channels! 8-10K additional page views per story! Strategic SEO/SEM Buys! Motorcycle keywords are inexpensive to own! Video (YouTube)! AFP/Marketing tie-ins! Promotions! User referrals! Example(s)! <$100/Day( “Register 10 friends for 10% off your next purchase from Bike Bandit”" 19"
  • 20. Creating the Conversation: Riders love their bikes just as much as the four wheel vehicles they own. Yet there’s no space that facilitates the conversation between the two even though there is massive crossover between the markets. DriveApart presents powersports owners with compelling automotive content to fit their needs by covering cars, trucks and SUVs from a powersports perspective and create an online home for the conversation. DriveApart facilitates deeper relationships with automotive OEMs, marketing, and PR departments by helping powersports owners tailor their automotive purchases to their needs. RideApart will launch a separate RV section, RVApart in 2013. 20"
  • 21. Will Compare Favorably By End of Year 1 (EsXmated"AFer" First"Year)" Monthly Traffic" 1.2MM( 5008800K" 700K" Buyers Guide" X( Classifieds" 500K" 420K" X( X" X" Dealer Leads" X( X" X" X" X" Parts/ Accessories" X( X" X" X" Content" X( X" X" X" 21"
  • 22. 22"