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MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009                         Letter from the                         General Ma...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009New Members of theMicroSourcing Management Teamby: Maricel SalaoMicroSourci...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009NEWS                                                                       ...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009MicroSourcing Launches New Website (August 3)                              ...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009MicroSourcing LaunchesCreative Services Group (CSG)by: Maricel Salao       ...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009                                                                           ...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009                                  Christian Malubag                        ...
MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009                        Creative                          Sh tsWilson Alcan...
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MicroSourcing - September 2009


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MicroSourcing is an offshore outsourcing solutions provider based in Manila, Philippines. The company offers a wide range of delivery models: project outsourcing, offshore staff leasing, and virtual captives.

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MicroSourcing - September 2009

  1. 1. 01 ISSUE The SEPTEMBER M ICRO S OURCERER MicroSourcing Quarterly Newsletter 2009 First Company Outing at Punta de Fabian Photo by: Carole Monteloyola In this issue:The first out-of-town company outing of MicroSourcing Philippines, Inc. was held last June 20and 27 at the Punta de Fabian Resort in Baras, Rizal. Members of the management team New Members of the Management Team P3namely: Ms. Gina Lomotan (Organizational Development / Employee Relations Manager), Mr. HR Department Takes Part in Job Fairs P4Jules Burton (Human Resources Manager), Ms. Arlene Guarnes (Finance Manager), and Ms. MS Cafe Officially Opened for EmployeesMaricel Salao (Operations Manager), and about 150 employees from different projects graced MaxLifestyle.net Celebrates 5th Anniversarythe said event. MicroSourcing Launches New Website P5The members of the technical services project and their visiting client, Will Heironymous, OD/ER Department Kicks Off Secondenjoyed the activities on the first part of the outing last June 20, while Yell Adworks Print and English Training ProgramDirectory Review Services and the Creative Services Group (CSG) participated in the second MicroSourcing to Focus on Outsourcingpart which was held last June 27. Solutions for SMBsHighlights of the two-part company outing were the different fun games and activities including a MicroSourcing Launches Creative Services Group P6videoke singing contest. The employees who sang their hearts out and won the contest were Jacob Folkman Now Based in EV PH OperationsMarie Gold Vasquez, Victor Salguet, Ed Villafuerte (Yell Print), and Zyrene Reyes (Yell Print). Vicente “Ian” Jimenez in Focus P7Punta de Fabians facilities are conducive for team-building activities and company events. The Kudos to Cuyos!resort has two swimming pools, a basketball court, a billiards table, a ping pong table, and view Creative Shots P8-9decks where you can see the magnificent Laguna de Bay. With this company outing, employees Be Proactive to Meet Shared Goals P10were able to have fun, relax, and meet colleagues from other projects. Current Openings Upcoming Events
  2. 2. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009 Letter from the General Manager Welcome to the first MicroSourcing newsletter! As you know, we are constantly trying to further develop our young company and grow into the right direction. One of the important parts in that plan is to improve the relationship our employees have with each other and the company as a whole. We really want you all to know more about MicroSourcing, understand what is happening in the company, and encourage you to take an active part in shaping the company’s future. This newsletter should be a nice step in the right direction. Ms. Gina, our OD/ER Manager, is working on a lot of initiatives that further improve the quality of life at MicroSourcing. In the end, our goal is to support you all in your careers and make sure we provide you with the training and opportunities that will help you grow as professionals. The English refresher courses and leadership training programs that have already been started are a first step but eventually we hope to be able to offer a wide range of training programs from techni- cal skills to personal development. We also want to work towards a healthier workforce and we are already working on setting up sports and activity groups.We encourage you One of the major events was the fifth anniversary of MaxLifestyle.net in the Philippines last August. This milestone is very special to me as it also marked my fifth year in the Philippines. Into take an active part the last five years, the little three-person start-up I started grew into the mid-sized outsourcingin shaping the company that MicroSourcing is today. I am very proud of the fact that the original three members of our company are still working with me and have been able to witness the incredible journey socompany’s future. far. It will be fascinating to see what the next five years will bring! Enjoy this newsletter and you will surely be hearing more about the many initiatives we are under- taking in the weeks to come. With kind regards, Philip Kooijman General Manager 2
  3. 3. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009New Members of theMicroSourcing Management Teamby: Maricel SalaoMicroSourcing Philippines, Inc. has grown in the past two years from 30employees in 2007 to 500 in 2009. With the rapid expansion of the company’soperations, the board of directors have felt the need to hire more experiencedand seasoned managers to help manage the growing needs of the companyand meet the increasing demands of the clients. Last March, Mr. Rommelito “Rommel” Natividad became the IT Manager of the company. He is responsible for the infrastructure and network setup and maintenance. His department is currently working on a more advanced network structure that will maximize bandwidth usage and minimize down time for our projects.Ms. Arlene Guarnes has about 20 years of experience in accounting and hadworked for several big companies like RFM.As the Finance Manager, Ms. Guarnes was able to establish connectionswith different financial institutions and organize and structure the FinanceDepartment of the company.She graduated Cum Laude at the University of Assumption with a Bachelor ofScience degree in Commerce Major in Accounting. The newest addition to the management team is Ms. Ma. Regina “Gina” Lomotan. She currently heads the Organizational Development and Employee Relations Department. Ms. Lomotan graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of the Philippines and took her Masters degree in Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management. Her department is currently responsible for the leadership training programs, English refresher courses, company events, and sports programs.Mr. Julius “Jules” Burton has about 20 years of HR experience in differentBPO and IT companies. He joined MicroSourcing last February and sincethen, he has been driving the MicroSourcing HR and RecruitmentDepartment towards a new level of professionalism. 3
  4. 4. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009NEWS MaxLifestyle.net Celebrates 5th Anniversary (August 1) MaxLifestyle.net marked its fifth anniversary with a lavish buffet dinner at Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Roxas Blvd., Pasay City last July 31. Attendees of the said event were: Philip Kooijman, Maricel Salao, Fe Nuñez (MaxLifestyle’s Project Manager), Elvis Garcia, Harry Ignacio, Karen Cayamanda, Carole Monteloyola, Grace Salao, Carla Silvestre, Eileen Gutierrez, Stephen Peña, and Vera Quita.HR Department Takes Part in Job Fairs (July 3)To reach more job applicants and increase brand awareness, the HRDepartment of MicroSourcing participated in a series of job fairs held atdifferent malls around Metro Manila.The HR Department first took part in the “Urban Job Fair: EmploymentOpportunities in Pasig City” at SM Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall,Mandaluyong City last April 17-18. They also participated in the “4th Trabahosa Turismo Fair 09” last May 22-23 at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia,Pasay City. This was spearheaded by the Department of Tourism in MaxLifestyle.net is a network of lifestyle-related websites providingcooperation with JobsDB.com. Lastly, they took part in the job fair held at the information about different outdoor sports and forms of recreation.Trinoma Activity Center, Quezon City last July 1 and 2. MaxLifestyle started in 2004 with just three writers who created and managedAccording to Mr. Dean Carlo Rivera, Employee Relations Officer, participating the sites’ content. Through the years, MaxLifestyle.net grew from seven sitesin job fairs is a great opportunity for the company not only to reach a larger into a comprehensive portal of 20 sites. Each site contains everything younumber of applicants but also to increase awareness about what need to know about popular sports and activities such as snowboarding,MicroSourcing is and the services it offers. hiking, rock climbing, and yoga.MS Cafe Officially Opened for Employees (July 27)The MS Cafe was officially opened last July 24 at around 6PM with a According to Mr. Kooijman, the management intends to hold a company-wideribbon-cutting ceremony which was led by Mr. Philip Kooijman, General event at the MS Cafe once a month. Members of the management team andManager. employees from different projects graced the said event.Designed to provide more room for employees to relax and enjoy their mealsduring break time, the MS Cafe is a rest and leisure area which is equippedwith a flat screen TV and other gadgets used in recreational activities.Employees can watch movies and play online games on a Friday night. 4
  5. 5. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009MicroSourcing Launches New Website (August 3) The Solutions Finder will furthermore make it easier for our prospective clients toIn an effort to better service its clients, MicroSourcing has launched a new find a service delivery model that fits their requirements.website with its beta version having gone live on July 24. The site currently I am also very proud of the fact that the site was completely designed andfeatures Live Chat, Search, and the Outsourcing Solutions Finder - developed in-house. Even the pictures were all taken inside our offices using ouroriginally coined as the "Outsourcerer". own in-house photographers. It will hopefully further establish our reputation as aThe new website is a step towards creating a more interactive environment transparent solutions provider.”where MicroSourcing and its clients are given the exact information theyneed.As outsourcing and offshore service providers have become increasinglycommon in the global business arena, the new website has evolved tobecome more straightforward and practicable for its visitors.Philip Kooijman, General Manager and pioneer of the Solutions Finder,quotes, “I think this new version of our website will help small andmedium-sized businesses understand the concepts behind offshoreoutsourcing better and it will hopefully make them understand that it iseasier and more accessible to them than they think.OD/ER Department Kicks Off Second English Training Program (August 14) This leaves a wide open marketplace for small to medium-sized solutionsThe Organizational Development / Employee Relations Department designed for small to medium-sized businesses,” says Philip Kooijman, Generalstarted the 2nd English Training Program last August 12. This aims to Manager of MicroSourcing. “SMBs are perfect clients in many ways. The dealsimprove verbal communication skills of employees and enable them to are typically smaller in size and therefore much easier and quicker to close. Thespeak English fluently. The training program will be held every Wednesday client is typically highly involved with the day to day operations which makes it aat two time slots: 5:45-6:45PM and 7-8PM. very personal engagement where the client, their offshore staff, and their contactsMs. Anna Kathrina Amul is the resource speaker and facilitator of activities at MicroSourcing work together very closely. The benefits of offshore outsourcingfor this training program. She has more than three years of experience in can furthermore have a huge impact on the success of a small business. It canconducting English training classes and developing refresher plans for give them the manpower flexibility they need in their start-up and growth phaseemployees in different call centers. and it can provide them access to highly skilled professionals whom they mightAccording to Ms. Ma. Regina Lomotan, OD/ER Manager, new topics will not be able to afford or attract in their domestic markets. The money saved bybe covered in this months training program. Participants will learn how to outsourcing part of their operations can be used to increase the clients marketingcommunicate effectively by identifying the barriers to communication, and sales efforts which are crucial as they try to grow their business.”improve grammar skills, and tips for intonation and stress. The success of penetrating this client segment relies on service delivery models specifically designed to meet the needs of SMB clients. Any service providerMicroSourcing to Focus on Outsourcing Solutions for SMBs (August 18) targeting the SMB market will need to be flexible enough to take on small projects and properly manage them. MicroSourcing aims to offer various delivery models that are easy to understand and small enough in size that small businesses can give them a try without making any large scale commitments. “For the smallest projects, we will typically use our own staff and simply charge the client per hour, per deliverable or for the project as a whole. The most powerful SMB solution we have is offshore staff leasing whereby we enable them to have one or more handpicked employees work for them exclusively. In this way, a small business can start up a small, low-costAs a response to the specific requirements and challenges of small and operation in the Philippines. Our website has a solutions finder that will aidmedium-sized businesses (SMB), MicroSourcing will concentrate on companies in finding their perfect service delivery model within a minute. Inproviding customized outsourcing services to the SMB client segment. general, our value proposition for SMBs is really great but the challenge will be to“The outsourcing industry still seems to revolve around large providers reach these companies and make them understand what outsourcing couldproviding solutions to large clients. mean for them,” Mr. Kooijman added. 5
  6. 6. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009MicroSourcing LaunchesCreative Services Group (CSG)by: Maricel Salao To assist clients in completing business processes without having to hire full-time employees for small creative and non-creative work, MicroSourcing recently launched the Creative Services Group (CSG). The CSG is composed of highly skilled employees who are responsible for small and/or short-term projects such as web design, press release/news/blog/article writing, creation of banners, logos, and other business/marketing materials, Flash animation, creation of content management systems, data processing, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.Aside from creative and non-creative work from clients, the CSG is currently working on Philippines360.com, a travel website that showcases the country as agreat travel destination. Some CSG members are also responsible for maintaining the MaxLifestyle.net websites. MaxLifestyle.net is a network oflifestyle-related websites dealing with subjects ranging from extreme sports like snowboarding and rock climbing, to personal development topics such as yogaand meditation.Jacob FolkmanNow Based in EV PH Operationsby: Christian MalubagJacob “Jake” Folkman, trainer for EV headquarters in Washington, is now working with the EVPhilippines site (in partnership with MicroSourcing) as Corporate Trainer. Jake, a teacher byprofession, began his career in EV last March 2008 as a Measuring Technician and one of EVsoriginal employees.After showing significant performance in product skills, he was promoted to QC (Quality Controller)in a few months. Armed with an extensive teaching background, he was chosen to be one of thetrainers to visit the MicroSourcing site twice in the first year of operations to train the staff on thelatest product updates and to conduct developmental skills training for newly hired employees.The combined efforts of Jake and the rest of the visiting trainers, along with the entire EV PH staffand management proved to be successful as EV PH reached its highest productivity performancethis quarter while maintaining a 99% quality level.With Jake on board, EV PH expects further improvements by acquiring higher skill levels tomaximize time, thus increasing productivity. We welcome him again, as we look forward to a moreproductive year ahead. 6
  7. 7. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009 In the SpotlightVicente “Ian” If you know a colleague who is worthy to be featured in the next issueJimenez in Focus of the company newsletter, please send his/her name to pr@microsourcing.com.by: Ella Cristina B. Gloriane In any industry, having a set of well-educated and This good performance, however, is not surprising for an experienced leaders is definitely an asset. Once individual who devoted his time in studying and practicing his attained, these individuals are the ones who will pull artistic and technical skills using a variety of computer off the performance that is expected from the software. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in company, thus, giving the clients the satisfaction and Computer Studies, Major in Instructional Systems even exceed their expectations. This is the kind of job Technology (IST) at the De La Salle University – Professional that Yell Adworks Print delivers – with intellectual and Schools, Inc. A few years later, he acquired his Masters talented people such as Vicente Jimenez on the lead. degree in Fine Arts – Digital Design and Technology at the Born in 1981 in San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines, City University of Hong Kong. Sir Ian has ample experience Sir Ian is the leader of the web team that creates print in developing diverse educational multimedia CD titles, and ads. His group called Team Positive is composed of working as organizer, trainer, graphic designer, Flash Web/Graphic Artists namely Noemi Lacay, Lara Marie animator, and web developer. Sir Ian is one of the most Ferrer, Gilbert Perez, Russel Valdez, Kasey Chiu, respected and well-loved people at Yell. His professional yetKent Riveta, and Ranel Villafuerte. This young team leader has been with the company for just gentle approach makes him an efficient leader not just for hisseven months, yet the websites that the team has produced have already amazed at least team but more importantly for the entire studio.hundreds of Yellowbook clients.Kudos to Cuyos!by: Minerva V. Miciano “Success is how you make yourself.”This is how Jeremiah Alden B. Cuyos, team leader at Yell websites, he has successfully turned his team membersAdworks, defines self-accomplishment. Born in 1985 and into exceptional web artists. “Some of them startedgraduated from the University of Sto. Tomas with a Bachelors without knowledge on web design, HTML, CSS, anddegree in Fine Arts Major in Fine Arts and Design, Jeremiah Flash. Look at them now. They have accomplished sobegan his career in MicroSourcing as a graphic artist at Yell much and I’m really glad that I was able to see thatAdworks Print Project before he was assigned to lead the new happen,” he said. As a team leader, Jeremiah considerscompany project which started last May. leading the Team Interweb as his biggest achievement.His group, Team Interweb, is composed of eight artists: Marian “As a web designer, I get to test and apply myLacanilao, Jerold Molina, Lorraine Montemayor, Ginny Tan, knowledge in design, layout, development skill,Rosmond Bandong, John Leyba, Raymond Lee, and Esnin marketing, and advertising. The plus factorDecena. They continuously receive rewarding feedback from to that is I am in a position to share thatUS clients on their professional and excellent website designs. knowledge with others.” With hisMotivated by his long-term goals, Jeremiah pays close attention knowledge and willingness to shareto the needs of his team members and makes sure that his it with his colleagues, Jeremiah is truly ateam produces results that meet and even exceed clients commendable artist and team leader.expectations. With proper training on the basics of designing Kudos to Cuyos! 7
  8. 8. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009 Christian Malubag http://malubs9.multiply.com Elvis Garciahttp://elvisgarcia.multiply.com 8
  9. 9. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009 Creative Sh tsWilson Alcantarahttp://wilsonalcantara.multiply.com 9
  10. 10. MicroSourcing Newsletter - September Issue 2009 Be Proactive to Meet Shared Goals by: Ms. Ma. Regina Lomotan I believe everyone has specific goals in joining MicroSourcing. Most of these professional and personal goals are unique to each one of us. There are shared milestones that we have been able to achieve in the last few months. Speaking from the employee relations and organizational development perspective, it has been a joyful and exciting time to be part of MicroSourcing. We have personally seen the professional growth of our people through the leadership training programs in June-July-August 2009 and the English refresher trainingcourses. A great part of this is due to the high level of involvement and enthusiasm of our personnel in employee relations and training programs.This September, we look forward to the renewed commitment of our people in the training programs on project management as well as English classes. Sportsprograms that include badminton and basketball are scheduled to be launched in October.We look forward to the active participation of employees in company programs and events as we approach the last quarter of 2009. The dynamism, drive tolearn, and the excellent work attitude of our people are key strengths of MicroSourcing that enable our business to grow and thrive this year. We encourage youto continue giving us feedback and suggestions as we gear up for the company’s shared goals in the months ahead.CURRENT OPENINGS: Upcoming Events October Basketball and Badminton Tournaments October 30 Halloween Party• Web/Graphic Designers December 18 Christmas Party• Senior/Junior Developers (C++, Asterisk, PHP, ASP/SQL, .NET, JAVA)• SEO/SEM Specialists• Pay-Per-Click Specialists Editor’s Note• Web Content Managers by: Karen Cayamanda• Network and Telco Administrator• Systems Administrator for Windows A product of hard work and cooperation across all projects and departments, the• Customer Service Representatives MicroSourcing quarterly newsletter is designed to inform everyone of what is happening• Sales Representatives in the company. It is a step to bring employees together to meet our shared goals and, in• Outbound Telesales Representative Philip Kooijmans words, “take an active part in shaping the companys future.”• Transcriptionists/Data Analysts Creating this newsletter is more than just a way to further increase brand awareness. It is• IT Manager a tangible proof that MicroSourcing considers the employees as its key resource, and initiatives are constantly being done to strengthen employer-employee relationship andSend your resume to: join@microsourcing.com. promote a fun, healthy, and dynamic work environment.(Indicate the position you’re interested in applying for as the Special thanks goes to the following for their hard work and support in thesubject of the e-mail.) conceptualization and development of this issue: Writers: Correspondents: Photographers:Office Address: Maricel Salao Dean Carlo Rivera Elvis Garcia9th Floor eCommerce Plaza Building Christian Malubag Rita Enciso Christian MalubagEastwood City Cyberpark Ella Cristina Gloriane Layout Artist: Carole MonteloyolaBagumbayan, Quezon City 1110 Minerva Miciano Stephen Paolo Peña Wilson Alcantarawebsite: www.MicroSourcing.com Carlo AbadillaTel: +63 2 3380001 May this newsletter serve as an invitation for everyone to be a great asset to theFax: +63 2 3380002 company and participate in all its endeavors. Cheers! 10