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microZOTE presentation


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  • 1.  
  • 2. Zotefoams License MuCell® Process
    • Licence to apply the MuCell extrusion technology to specific products
    • Extrusion of Microcellular thin roll foam products under the brand name “microZOTE ® ”
    • Development started in 2010 with LDPE
  • 3. Product overview
    • MicroZOTE foams are inert and environmentally friendly as we use CO2 as a blowing agent which makes them ideal for food contact and medical applications . They have good mechanical properties due to the uniform microcellular cell structure and have a consistent , smooth surface finish.
  • 4. MuCell ® Extrusion Technology
    • 3 steps extrusion process :
    • 1) Injecting SCF (CO 2 ) in molten polymer
    • 2) Dissolving and mixing of SCF in polymer
    • 3) Foaming at the exit of the die
    • NO crosslinking
  • 5. MuCell ® Extrusion Line
  • 6.
    • The result of the process:
    • A superior foamed product which is characterized by supreme closed cell structure, cell uniformity, reduced cell size and aesthetically good looking sheet.
    • Advantage:
    • Improoved strength to weight ratio and other mechanical properties.
    • The major advantage :
    • Very high output rates can be achieved
  • 7.  
  • 8. Features  Benefits Suitable for a range of hygienic applications in Food contact and the medical engineering field FDA approved High performance, defined and homogeneous properties Microcellular and regular cell structure Easy to cut and clean to work with, does not crumble Convenient processing Roll foam, die cutting, water jet cutting Easy converting No absorption of liquids Closed cell Recyclable Non cross-linked Complies with 2002/72/EC and 004/01/EC ( Bann of Azodicarbonamide) AZD free Inert & environmentally friendly Polyolefin foam
  • 9.
    • Commercially available Products:
    • LDPE from 270 to 400kg/m3 (16.8 to 25pcf)
    • Range of products from 250- 400 kg/m3 density
    • 0.5 -2.5 mm thickness (0.02 to 0.1’’ or 20 to 100mil)
    • Roll dimensions
    • Width: 1250mm max (48’’)
    • Length: on demand (dependent on density/thickness)
    • Diameter: 1140mm standard (45’’)
    • Development Products:
    • PP/LDPE
    • Range of products from 55- 250 kg/m3 density
    • various thicknesses
  • 10. Advantages due to manufacturing process
    • Pure and FDA compliant medical & food contact applications
    • Uniform Cell structure & Density
    • Microcellular increased material properties over equivalent density (cell sizes smaller than critical flow size of polymer)
    • Product appearance excellent, smooth surface quality with high gloss
    • Recyclability Non cross linked
    • Cost saving
    • Easy to convert die cutting, water jet cutting
    • Inert
    • No odour and no taste
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Non toxic, hygienic and Bioinert
    • Additives possible Flame retardants; conducting agents; colours
  • 11. Potential markets & applications
    • Adhesive Tapes (medical, automotive, construction, printing & graphics, electronic)
    • Seals, Gaskets & Liners (bottle cap closure, cosmetic, food contact)
    • Construction (carpet or laminate floor underlay, housing cover & insulation)
    • Automotive (door, roof, head liners, engine shields, carpet backing)
    • Medical (disposable surgery gowns and gloves, mattress covers, baby diaper)
    • Sport/Military Equipment (clothing)
  • 12.
    • Questions?