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  2. 2. Statement of the ProblemThe purpose of this study is to know the capability of Prezi on bringing bestpresentations for FEU-East Asia College students’ better learning. This studyaims to help educators for improving their presentation skills and increase thesatisfaction and learning of their students. The purpose of the study is to answerthe following questions: 1. Is Prezi an effective presentation software for delivering knowledge? 2. Does Prezi’s popularity count as a basis of its quality as good software for presentations? 3. What are the major advantages of Prezi on presenting ideas as compared to other software for presentations?
  3. 3. Significance of the Study FEU-East Asia College Professors. This research wouldgive information to the professors in presenting their lessons in themost ideal way. FEU-East Asia College Students. This paper will helpstudents learn better and faster. Thus, advance comprehension willtake place.
  4. 4. Scope and Delimitations • The research will only tackle topics about the correlation of presentation software to learning. • Due to time constraints, this study would not discuss other presentation software rather than Prezi and Microsoft PowerPoint • Since Prezi is new, there are only few researches and articles are available for further support to this research.
  6. 6. ParticipantsInstrumentsData Gathering ProceduresData Analysis
  7. 7. RESULTS
  8. 8. 8% Yes No 92%Figure 1. FEU-East Asia College Students Believes thatTechnology Aids Them for Better Learning
  9. 9. 100% 90%Percentage of Students 80% 70% Not Uses 60% Presentation 50% Software 40% Uses 30% Presentation Software 20% 10% 0% 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Year Level Figure 2. The Preference of FEU-East Asia College Students on Class Presentations with Respect to their Year Level
  10. 10. Table 1.The Presentation Software that FEU-East Asia College Students KnowYear Level Microsoft PowerPoint Prezi Others1st Year 100 % 0% 6%2nd Year 100 % 33 % 0%3rd Year 100 % 71 % 14 %4th Year 100 % 33 % 11 %
  11. 11. 6% Strongly Agree 31% Agree 63% DisagreeFigure 3. The Opinion of FEU-East Asia College Students about theCapability of Prezi on Holding Students’ Attention During Class
  12. 12. 6% 38% Strongly Agree Agree Disagree 56%Figure 4. The Opinion of FEU-East Asia College Students about theCapability of Prezi to Emphasize Key Points during Class Discussions
  13. 13. 6% 31% Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree 63%Figure 5. FEU-East Asia College Students are Less Motivated toAttend Classes that Uses Prezi as an Aid for Class Discussions
  14. 14. Figure 6. Unique Features of Prezi
  15. 15. DISCUSSION
  16. 16. Conclusion • Prezi is an effective presentation software for learning • Popularity does not count as a basis of a good presentation software • Prezi has overpowered PowerPoint in terms of simplicity and level of functionality while PowerPoint overpowers Prezi in terms of popularity and range of animations
  17. 17. Recommendations • Educators should learn how to make a Prezi to improve their teaching skills and for their convenience, not to mention the time that they will save when they utilize it on their class discussions. • Students should also use Prezi on their reports so they can bring change on the world of presentations. They will also improve their creativity by doing such. • Future possible researchers must be proficient of the software. • Another thing is that, the future researchers should have more respondents, and have the comparison of results from PowerPoint to Prezi.
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