Exemplar essay 2 technological convergence


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Exemplar essay 2 technological convergence

  1. 1. Answer the question below, making detailed reference to examplesfrom your case study material to support points made in your answer.Q. How important is technologicalconvergence for institutions andaudiences within a media areawhich you have studied?June 2009
  2. 2. Understanding the questionKey words / phrases1. ‘technologicalconvergence’2. ‘institutions’3. ‘audiences’4. ‘media area’Meaning• ‘The key agent of change’ …‘technologies comingtogether’• Film producers, distributorsand exhibitors• Viewers (home and abroad)• The film industry
  3. 3. Mark SchemeTo get a top mark (level 4 out of 50) you need to do the following:1. Explanation/analysis/argument (16-20 marks)Shows excellent understanding of the taskExcellent knowledge and understanding of institutional/audience practices – factual knowledge is relevant andaccurateA clear and developed argument, substantiated by detailed reference to case study materialClearly relevant to set question2. Use of examples (16-20 marks)Offers frequent evidence from case study material – award marks to reflect the range and appropriateness of examplesOffers a full range of examples from case study and own experienceOffers examples which are clearly relevant to the set question3. Use of terminology (8-10 marks)Use of terminology is relevant and accurate4. Expression and coherence of argumentComplex issues have been expressed clearly and fluently using a style of writing appropriate to the complex subjectmatter. Sentences and paragraphs, consistently relevant, have been well structured, using appropriate technicalterminology. There may be few, if any, errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar.This candidate got a TOP LEVEL 4 – full marks.
  4. 4. Some Key Concepts for Film Industry Questions1. Convergence - ‘The key agent of change’ … ‘technologiescoming together’2. Impact of Digital Technologies – ‘digital technology istransforming the audio-visual experience of film’3. Piracy4. Synergy – ‘media industries are diversifying so theyproduce and distribute across several media’5. Audience fragmentation – ‘convergence, user-generatedcontent and social networking have transformed theaudience’ – cinema vs DVD6. UK vs Hollywood - Case Studies – large vs small, indie vsstudio, low budget vs big budget, social realism/heritagedrama vs romcom/action-adventure
  5. 5. Basic Essay Structure1. Introduce your answer including the casestudies you intend on using…2. Compare and Contrast your Case Studies3. Conclude your essay summarising yourargument proving
  6. 6. How technological convergence has changed these things:Production: the funding and making films.The Distribution & Marketing of films - getting them intocinemas and out on DVD/TV as well as any spin offs/relatedmedia products.Exhibition: people paying at the cinema, renting or buyingDVDs and downloading and purchasing related products.Audiences: in the cinema, on TV, DVD/Blu-ray, on the Internet,NetFlix/LoveFilm.What does the question what you towrite about?
  7. 7. What are the case studies in thisessay and how are they used?Case Study1. Warner Bros ‘Rock n Rolla’2. Small independent film ‘DID’edited on AVID & Baselight3. Working Title ‘The Boat ThatRocked’4. Independent cinema - ThePhoenix, East Finchley5. Multiplex Cinema6. Online booking, BFI, Blu-rayPoint made• Production & Marketing - Filmed inHD-DV, viral marketing campaign,website tie-in with amazon.com, funwidgets• Production - Digital technology is‘smaller, lighter, quicker, easier, cheaper,more effective’• Digital marketing/synergy• Middle class audience/digitaldistribution (download) &exhibition.• Piracy – ipods, iphones, bittorrents,Spotify.• Anti-piracy measures
  8. 8. What are the case studies in thisessay and how are they used?Case Study7. Vimeo8. Qwerty Films9. Working Title ‘TheDuchess’10.Working Title &Vertical integrationPoint madeP9P9P10P10
  9. 9. Homework• Now read the other exemplar essay that usesSlumdog Millionaire and The Dark Knight as itsCase Studies.• What points does it make about how technologicalconvergence (digital technology) has changed theproduction, distribution, marketing and exhibition of films toaudiences?• Make a note of each point they make and consider how youcan use these ideas in your own answer, along with yourknowledge of Warp Films, Four Lions, This Is England, WorkingTitle, The Boat That Rocked and now Monsters.