Print portfolio slide show 16 cases


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Examples of 16 different print and out-of-home campaigns with case studies.

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Print portfolio slide show 16 cases

  1. 1. Mickey Lonchar Creative Director/Copywriter 16 Case Studies
  2. 2. Freixenet Cordon Negro Brut This Mobius Award winning print campaign helped elevate Cordon Negro Brut beyond the “two-times-a-year” usage pattern of most sparkling wines. “Pick An Occasion. Any Occasion” helped Cordon Negro become the fastest-growing sparkling wine brand in America six straight years.
  3. 3. Litehouse Dressings (consumer magazine) Litehouse Dressings are so fresh they can only be found in grocers’ refrigerated produce sections, not on shelves next to shelf-stable dressings that are packed with preservatives. This magazine campaign (along with the television and FSIs) contributed to sales growth of 40% in targeted markets. If it’s in your dressing, it’s in your salad. If you serve a dressing that’s loaded with artificial flavors and chemical preservatives, guess what ends up on your salad? Litehouse refrigerated dressings and vinaigrettes offer a more natural choice. No MSG. No Trans Fat. No Heat Processing. And nothing artificial. In fact, Litehouse Dressings are too fresh to even hang out with the other dressings. [ Look for them in your grocer’s refrigerated produce section. Did your dressing come from nature? Or some guy in a lab coat? With all their preservatives and artificial flavors, most dressings often resemble a science project more than an opportunity for healthy eating. Litehouse refrigerated dressings, on the other hand, offer a more natural choice. No MSG. No Trans Fat. No Heat Processing. And nothing artificial. In fact, Litehouse Dressings are so fresh, you’ll find them right there in the refrigerated produce section with the FRESH veggies. ...or, try Litehouse Dressings. What exactly is your dressing made of? If it’s like most shelf dressings, more than likely it is chuck full of artificial flavors and chemical preservatives. Litehouse refrigerated dressings and vinaigrettes, on the other hand, offer a more natural choice. No MSG. No Trans Fat. No Heat Processing. And nothing artificial. In fact, Litehouse Dressings are so fresh, they like to keep their distance from other dressings. Look for them in your grocer’s refrigerated produce section.
  4. 4. Circling Raven Golf Resort Named a Top Ten course by virtually every national golf magazine, Circling Raven turned to us for a campaign that would draw golf travelers from across the country. In 2010, as many as 30% of its rounds were from out-of-area golfers.
  5. 5. Coeur d’Alene Casino This regional print,TV and online campaign succeeded in reminding NW casino patrons that the Coeur d’Alene Casino/Resort is the only area casino tied into region-wide progressive jackpots, meaning it boasted the largest potential payouts in the area. In its first year, this tactical campaign help the CDAC see its gaming revenue jump by an impressive 8%.
  6. 6. Anheuser-Busch Corporation When a movement was afoot to impose more government regulation on alcoholic beverages, this Anheuser-Busch campaign, which portrayed beer as “Honestly American,” successfully persuaded lawmakers to exempt beer from any such regulation.
  7. 7. RiverBank RiverBank is a relatively young business bank that competes with the monolithic multi-national banks by offering service tailored to the individual. This business-to-business campaign contributed to the bank’s amazing growth of more than 300% gain in assets in just 18 months.
  8. 8. This campaign helped the San Francisco Examiner launch, the first major online news portal on the West Coast. Promoted via ROP ads and transit posters,’s theme of “It’s like the paper.Without the paper” helped attract more than 120,000 unique visitors its first month, doubling the competing SF Chronicle’s
  9. 9. The San Francisco Examiner The San Francisco Examiner rack price was 25 cents. Its competitor, The Chronicle, was 50 cents. This poster campaign helped The Examiner boost its share of the afternoon paper trade by 30%.
  10. 10. Christian Brothers Dessert Wines This campaign in The Wine Spectator, Wine & Spirits and Food & Wine helped Christian Brothers Dessert Wines become the brand’s fastest growing and most profitable division.
  11. 11. Clarke-American Financial Printers Research showed that a significant number of Clarke-American’s own bank customers couldn’t identify the company as their documents printer. This campaign (in financial trade mags) was intended to generate name awareness and educate the audience about some of C-A’s most progressive new initiatives. For six consecutive months, this campaign achieved the highest readership scores in every trade publication in which it ran.
  12. 12. E&J Brandy Developed at a time when brandy sales were flat, this campaign for E&J gave the brand its first significant sales jump in more than a decade, and introduced the brand to spirit drinkers under the age of 35.
  13. 13. Auction Pipeline As more of the wholesale auto trade moves online, fleet managers and institutional resellers need to know they will have the maximum number of buyers viewing their inventory. This campaign for Auction Pipeline not only told that story in way that grew its market share by 20%, it also provided a mnemonic the client could use elsewhere within its operation.
  14. 14. Hawaiian Hawaiian Vacations is a charter carrier who offered non-stop air service from Spokane to Honolulu from Thanksgiving through Spring Break. It was imperative that they pre-sell at least 60% of their seats for the season before the first flight took off. These outdoor boards along with newspaper ads and TV spots ran the three weeks prior to launch. They were 100% full on every flight the entire season, and actually extended their season by two weeks to accommodate the overflow.
  15. 15. Iron Horse Brewery Iron Horse is a craft brewery in Ellensburg WA. Instead of going head-to-head with the scores of more well-known craft brewers in the expensive Seattle market, we discovered the areas on the east side of the state were hungry for a microbrew to call their own.These magazine and newspaper ads and on-premise posters, table tents and coasters helped Iron Horse was fill this role.
  16. 16. Comcast Housemates (acquisition) Comcast Housemates was developed as a back-to-school acquisition campaign intended to attract younger subscribers. The newspaper ads, out-of-home, banners and serial TV campaign was so successful, the campaign was extended an unprecedented six months, during which Comcast Northwest had its best acquisition quarter in history.
  17. 17. Comcast/ESPN Comcast is required to post legal ads whenever the company adds, deletes or moves channels. When Comcast added ESPN2 to its Basic Package, we convinced them to run this small-spaced newspaper campaign in sports sections, in lieu of its easily overlooked legal bulletins. The result was an immediate 10% monthly rise in its new subscription rate.
  18. 18. ! Mickey Lonchar Creative Director/Copywriter Email: Phone: 415.484.6785 LinkedIn: YouTube: Blog: Twitter: @MickeyLonchar