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Dieter rams

  1. 1. Dieter RamsPresented byJaikumar Ranganathan
  2. 2. Dieter Rams has establishedhimself as one of the mostinfluentialProduct designers of thepostwar era.
  3. 3. Rams approach to design follows theprinciple of functionalism- that designshould use simple, undecorated formswhich express the object’s use.Colour was not encouraged.
  4. 4. Rams represents an unbroken lineof Modernism that stretches backto the Bauhaus through to his owneducation at the Ulm school
  5. 5. Dieter Rams (born May 20, 1932 inWiesbaden)is a German industrial designerclosely associated with the consumer productscompany Braun and the Functionalistschool of industrial design.
  6. 6. Dieter Rams’ tenprinciples to “gooddesign”
  7. 7. •Good design is innovative•Good design makes a product useful•Good design is aesthetic•Good design helps us to understand a product•Good design is unobtrusive
  8. 8. •Good design is honest•Good design is durable•Good design is consequent to the last detail•Good design is concerned with the environment•Good design is as little design as possible
  9. 9. Good design is innovativeIt does not copy existingproduct forms, nor does itproduce any kind of noveltyfor the sake of it. Theessence of innovation must beclearly seen in all functionsof a product. The possibilitiesin this respect are by nomeans exhausted.Technological developmentkeeps offering new chancesfor innovative solutions.TP 1 radio/phono combination, 1959, by Dieter Rams for Braun
  10. 10. Good design must be innovative
  11. 11. Good designmakes a productusefulA product is bought inorder to be used. It mustserve a defined purpose– in both primary andadditional functions.The most important taskof design is to optimisethe utility of a product.MPZ 21 multipress citrus juicer, 1972, by Dieter Rams and Jürgen Greubel for Braun
  12. 12. Good design is aestheticThe aesthetic quality of a product –and the fascination it inspires – is anintegral part of its utility. Withoutdoubt, it is uncomfortable and tiring tohave to put up with products that areconfusing, that get on your nerves, thatyou are unable to relate to. However, ithas always been a hard task to argueabout aesthetic quality, for tworeasons.RT 20 tischsuper radio, 1961, by Dieter Rams for Braun
  13. 13. Firstly, it is difficult to talk aboutanything visual, since words have adifferent meaning for different people.Secondly, aesthetic quality deals withdetails, subtle shades, harmony and theequilibrium of a whole variety of visualelements. A good eye is required,schooled by years and years ofexperience, in order to be able to drawthe right conclusion.
  14. 14. Good design is aesthetic
  15. 15. Good design helps aproduct to beunderstoodIt clarifies the structure ofthe product. Better still, itcan make the product talk.At best, it is self-explanatoryand saves you the long,tedious perusal of theoperating manual.T 1000 world receiver, 1963, byDieter Rams for Braun
  16. 16. Good design isunobtrusiveProducts that satisfy thiscriterion are tools. They areneither decorative objects norworks of art. Their designshould therefore be bothneutral and restrained leavingroom for the user’s self-expression.Cylindric T 2 lighter, 1968,by Dieter Rams for Braun
  17. 17. Good design is honestAn honestly-designed productmust not claim features –more innovative, moreefficient, of higher value – itdoes not have. It must notinfluence or manipulatebuyers and users.Wall mounted Audio 2/3(Components: control TS45, reel-to-reel tape deckTG 60, slim speakers L450, record player PCS5), 1962/1962, by DieterRams for Braun
  18. 18. Good design is durableIt is nothing trendy that might beout-of-date tomorrow. This is oneof the major differences betweenwell-designed products and trivialobjects for a waste-producingsociety. Waste must no longer betolerated.620 Chair Programme, 1962, by Dieter Rams for Vitsœ
  19. 19. Good design is thoroughto the last detailThoroughness and accuracy ofdesign are synonymous withthe product and its functions,as seen through the eyes of theuser.World traveller ET 88calculator, 1987, by DietrichLubs for Braun
  20. 20. Good design is concerned with the environmentDesign must contribute towards a stable environment and asensible use of raw materials. This means considering notonly actual pollution, but also the visual pollution anddestruction of our environment.606 Universal Shelving System, 1960, by Dieter Rams for Vitsœ
  21. 21. Good design is aslittle design aspossibleBack to purity, backto simplicity.L 01 speaker, 1958, byDieter Rams for Braun
  22. 22. The similarities between products fromBraun and Apple
  23. 23. Braun Atelier TV and latest iMac 24
  24. 24. Braun T1000 radio and PowerMac G5/Mac Pro
  25. 25. Braun T3 pocket radio and Apple iPod
  26. 26. Braun L60 sound system and Apple iPod Hi-Fi
  27. 27. Braun LE1 speaker and Apple iMac
  28. 28. Many of his designs — coffee makers, calculators,radios, audio/visual equipment, consumer appliancesand office products — have found a permanent homeat many museums over the world, including MoMA inNew York. For nearly 30 years Dieter Rams served ashead of design for Braun A.G. until his retirement in1998. He continues to be a legend in design circlesHe continues to be a legend in design circlesand most recently designed a cover for Wallpapermagazine.Limited Edition cover for WallpaperMagazine by Dieter Rams
  29. 29. Courtesy to :Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaDesign museum – Twentieth –century Designby Catherine Mcdermott