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This is an introduction to Happiness Foundation's purpose, values, and methods.

This is an introduction to Happiness Foundation's purpose, values, and methods.



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Happiness Happiness Presentation Transcript

  • An alternative to traditional philanthropy!Presented by:!Mickey Beyer-Clausen
!E-mail: mickey@happinessfoundation.org!!!!!August 2008!
  • Agenda!•  Introduction to Happiness Foundation!•  Case examples!•  Foundation activities!•  Contributing to Happiness!
  • Introduction to Happiness Foundation!
  • Happiness unites us!•  Happiness is a fundamental value found in all cultures!•  Happiness is a common interest!•  Happiness gives inspiration and enhances quality of life!Yet, happiness is as elusive for!the wealthy as it is for the poor!
  • Wealth does not equal happiness!Source:!David G. Myers!(davidmyers.org)!Personal income(in 2000 $)Very happy (%)
  • Happiness can be described in many ways!•  There is no right or wrong definition!•  The important thing is that people become more consciousof what makes them happy!•  Many cannot define what brings them true happiness !•  Most people believe that happiness is felt most whenshared with others!At Happiness Foundation, we believe that!happiness is felt by making other people happy!
  • Our purpose!To inspire and enable people to make other people happy !- improving the quality of life for everyone involved.!Our values!Speed: Thinking, but moving quickly !Impact: Working in scalable ways!Visibility: Making a visible contribution!
  • Our purpose and values guide our approach!To inspire and enable people to make other people happy!- improving the quality of life for everyone involved.!Our work sets anexample andinterests peoplein helping others.!Our work makesit easy andrewarding to getinvolved.!Our work makes ameasurable differencein the quality of life ofthe people we reach.!
  • Our mission!To unlock the hidden potential inside all of us to use ourknowledge and skills to accelerate the impact of Nonprofits.!
  • Our method!Happiness Foundation is an alternative to traditionalphilanthropy, providing pro bono consulting services ratherthan money to Nonprofits. Through the Foundation, businessleaders and experts donate their time, knowledge, andcontacts to help Nonprofits increase their impact. Acting as amatchmaker and project coordinator, Happiness Foundationmakes this new form of giving possible.!
  • An alternative to traditional philanthropy!Volunteer
Consultants!Foundation activities!•  Matchmaking!•  Engagement scope!•  Role definition!•  Project coordination!•  Collaboration tools!•  The Forum!•  The Handbook!•  The PowerPoint!Nonprofits!Capacity building through donations of time and!knowledge instead of money!
  • Engagements focus our efforts!The Nonprofits supported by !Happiness Foundation require !strategic input that directly !Addresses Nonprofits’ most !pressing needs, including:!!•  Financial management!•  Technology!•  Organizational development!•  Communications and marketing!•  Human resource management!•  Fundraising assistance!We identify Nonprofits that !require strategic guidance to !grow. We focus on Nonprofits !within the following categories:!!•  Poverty alleviation!•  Education!•  Human rights!•  Health!We do not support Nonprofits !which are religious or political.!Engagements are prioritized !based on our values: Speed, !impact, and visibility.!
  • Consultants are specifically recruited!We evaluate skills and match !Volunteer Consultants to !Nonprofits that fit their !interests. Our Volunteer !Consultants are:!!•  Top-performers in theirprofessional lives!•  Business leaders and expertswith relevant knowledge/skills!•  Passionate and dedicated!!We provide a simple mechanism !to easily transfer the knowledge !and skills that make them !successful in their professional !lives.!
  • The Forum guides the Foundation!Happiness Forum is the !Foundation’s annual event:!!•  Achievements are presented!•  New Nonprofits are explained!•  Commitments are secured!!Attendees are invited by !Volunteer Consultants, !representatives of Nonprofits, !and Alumni of past engagements !of the Foundation.!
  • What our Corporate Sponsors are saying!“The concept of focusing on humanresources rather than money is different,inspiring and motivating.”!- Deloitte!!“We found that Happiness Foundation wasthe greatest idea in charity we had come aacross in a long time.”!- Saatchi & Saatchi!!“Happiness is one of the strongest brandsfor mankind if nurtured and managed wellthroughout a life span.”!- Venture Republic!"It is not often that you come across a newconcept that you believe will have a positiveimpact on society.”!- MatchWord World Wide!!”We have chosen to sponsor the HappinessFoundation, which tries to help people inneed in an intelligent and innovative way. Atthe same time we rediscover our own set ofvalues? Revolt, Knowledge, Faith, Drive ?in the way the Happiness Foundation acts.”!- Reputation!
  • Why our Volunteer Consultants choose HF!“The brilliance of the Happiness model isthat it will build that crucial link betweenneed and resources, giving people theopportunity to help in a genuinelymeaningful, practical way by making use ofthe unique abilities of each individual.”!- Shonna Keogan!!“Happiness Foundation makes it possiblefor me to make a meaningful and targetedcontribution in a manner that is whollygratifying. It has redefined what happinessmeans to me.”!- Peter Bakel!“Happiness Foundation is the right place forme as the projects and the people involvedare genuine and express the same joy ofgiving as I feel.”!- Jan Balling Frederiksen!!“The whole spirit that characterizes theFoundation rubs off on me, motivates me -and makes me happy. So it is not difficult tofind the time in a busy schedule since I getso much more in return than I give.”!- Marie Ørsted!!“I have chosen to support and helpHappiness Foundation because I feel theirideas and visions are truly different andgroundbreaking and because I know theywill create results through their commitmentand enthusiasm.!- Tony Lorentzen!
  • Case examples!
  • Project profile:
Re-positioning UNHCR in Northern Europe!Leader: !Michael Sherain and Mark Ronan (Quadric)!Purpose: !Increasing relevance in Nordic and Baltic countries!Role: !Internal workshops and external interviews!Result: !Revised communication platform and approach to corporate fundraising!
  • Partnering with UNHCR!“These types of non-traditional partnerships with NGOs, with companies, withfoundations and with academic institutions will help UNHCR move to the nextlevel of making a difference: from saving lives to giving refugee youth a reason tolive.” !!Mr. Yacoub El Hillo
UN Senior Partnerships Officer and Former Chief of Staff
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
World Refugee Day, Chicago - June 20, 2003 !
  • Project profile:
Volunteer portal for Denmark!Leader: !Mickey Beyer-Clausen!Purpose: !FrivilligJob.dk is a portal for all Danish volunteer positions!Role: !Provide pro bono consulting services and secure sponsorships!Result: !Secured necessary sponsorships and launched frivilligjob.dk!
  • Partnering with FriSe !“In June 2004 FriSe, the Danish umbrella organisation for Volunteer Centres,entered a partnership with Happiness Foundation. Happiness Foundation agreedto help finding strategic partners and sponsors in order to establish a website forvolunteering, an online job portal that could promote and develop socialvolunteering especially amongst the younger audience.!!The partnership was a great success and thanks to Happiness Foundation’scontribution FrivilligJob.dk was launched in March 2005. FrivilligJob.dk is stillgoing strong and provides today an excellent platform for anyone wanting tovolunteer. The ability to give people details of specific and current opportunitiesin a fun, easy and engaging way has helped to bring volunteering into the 21stcentury.”!!Sussi Maack!Managing Director!FriSe!
  • Project profile:
Afghan Women Leaders Connect!Leader: !Purva Patel and Gertrude Bakel!Purpose: !AWLC helps women and children recover from years of civil war and !! !political oppression by building the capacity of local non-profits!Role: !Provide pro bono consulting services in needed areas!Result: !Secured pro bono office space and administrative support for Refugee!! !Women in Development; created a "tool book" for RefWID to distribute !! !to Nonprofits run by women in Afghanistan!High school studentsattend the SomaiaSchool.!Children learn theirlessons in the JalozaiAfghan Refugee Camp!Girls attend classes inPeshawar at GawharShad School!
  • Project profile:
Happiness Tents!Leader: !Nona Lim and Gabrielle Greeves!Purpose: !To establish a happy and safe playground for children in refugee !!camps all over the world in collaboration with UNHCR!Role: !Concept development!Result: !Laid foundation and queued concept up for implementation (seeking !!appropriate agency)!Somali House,Kebribeyah camp!Children at Bongarefugee camp!Boys playing dominos atBonga camp!
  • Foundation activities!
  • !!!!!!!Structured for efficiency and transparency!Board of DirectorsVolunteer!Consultants!Nonprofits!Board of Advisors!Happiness!Forum!•  Open access to all documentation!•  Minimal administration!Executive Director!Alumni!Engagement!Director!Recruitment!Director!Prize!Receivers!
  • The website enables people to applyfor positions, nominate Nonprofits,and read about currentengagements. !Videos, images, and detaileddescriptions bring the Nonprofitsto life.!The Foundation’s portal!
  • Our extranet!Our extranet enables VolunteerConsultants and Nonprofits to
work efficiently!
  • The Handbook - our primary tool!The methodologies employed by Happiness Foundation will be documented in a!user-friendly handbook that will be shared with all Volunteer Consultants and !Nonprofits. The Handbook will also be made available to individuals and !organizations that are not affiliated with Happiness Foundation but are interested in !learning more about volunteerism and effective ways of contributing. !The Handbook will include:!•  Advice for Volunteer Consultants!•  Best practices for Nonprofits!•  Case studies that demonstrate real results!•  Project management tools (e.g. checklists and templates)!•  Process descriptions (e.g. recruitment, matchmaking)!
  • Momentum is building!2002!Incorporated in Denmark!First Nonprofit selected!happiness.org launched!Endorsed by Ernst & Young!Partnership with AWLC!30+ Corporate Sponsors involved!!2003!Partnership with UNHCR!TV appearance on Denmark’s TV2!Happiness Tents event with UNHCR!Article in Euroman!Article in Berlingske Nyhedsmagasin!Article in INSEAD’s Indevor!2004!Grant from Ministry of Social Affairs!Launch of frivilligjob.dk!!2005 / 2006!Dormant due to Founder’s move to New York!!2007!Incorporated the Foundation with base in US!!Expectations for 2008/09!Launch The Handbook version 1.0!Engage in 7 Nonprofits!Involve 30+ Volunteer Consultants!
  • Volunteer Consultant Alumni!Peter Bakel, Jan Balling Frederiksen, Arul Ramiah,Maria Ørsted, Shonna Keogan, Tim Vang, AnneHartmann, Tony Lorentzen, Lye Chan Loy,Christian Ørsted, Jette Beyer-Clausen, Vibe Hyltoft,Benjamin Gundgaard, Nona Lim, Claude Challe,Johan Frøshaug, Barbara Scheel, Barry Cooney,Lisa Baumgartner, Purva Patel, Malkit Singh,Michael Sherain, Gertrude Bakel, Gabrielle NoelleGreeves, Morten Just, Mads Pedersen, NimmiHolstein, Jakob Just-Bomholt, Mette TorekovWiingaard, Mina Ingerslev, Bent Rej, Sarah ZobelKølpin, Marie-Claire Holbek, Charlotte Brinkmann,Pernille P. Borup, Beth Hanlon, Arlene T. Bakel,Mia Ljungberg, Rikke Haarup, Martin Ritzenhoff,Maria Irwin, Michael Hogan, Michael Mogensen,Martin Nordestgaard Knudsen, Marina Lenzberg,Margaret Mann, Martin Ohrt, Anders Koefoed, BillieKoppel, Kathrine Færch, Thomas K. Thorstholm,Bettina Sherain, Peter Funch, Peter Bilde Fogh,Rikke Haarup, Lone Lønbo, Morten Lund, Lim SiowJoo, and Allison Beyer-Clausen.!
  • Key Corporate Sponsors!Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, Bowne Global Solutions, Saatchi & Saatchi, FranklinCovey, SonyDanmark, Canon, Speednames, Reputation/Publicis, Leo Burnett, MatchWork World Wide,Lorentzen.com, In2Media, Select Sport, Venture Republic, Dyhr.Hagen, Macvaerk DesignStudio, Quadric, CustomerSense, MadMerch.com, Schultz, WorldPay, Streamworks,Asbjerg Grafisk Tryk-Center, Skovshoved Hotel, Motion Pictures, DDB Danmark, E-Types,The Message, Holmegaard, Dansk Magazine, Style Counsel, Restaurant Konrad, GalerieAsbæk, Hummel, K.thurmann, Bryan Adams, Aschehoug, GroupCare, Nevado Ecuador,Kjær & Sommerfeldt, Tage Andersen, Frederiksberg Tæpper, Quickshaw, Vangsgaard,Friluftsland, The North Face, Mørkegaard, Callas, Sodemann, Bach Klaver & Flygler, BBACopenhagen, Panorama, Special Models, Avis, Bruuns Bazaar, Vesterkopi, Reproff,SuperOffice, BMG, and Fitch.!
  • Contributing to Happiness!
  • Please think openly about contributing!•  Refer people you think would be interested in our work!•  Apply for consultancy roles to support Nonprofits!•  Become a Corporate Sponsor providing in-kind donations!•  Apply to become a Guardian of the Foundation!Choose your focus and level of impact!
  • Apply to become a Guardian!Guardianship provides the financialbackbone of Happiness Foundation and weare looking for a few individualsor companies who feel as excited about thisapproach as we do and want to becomeGuardians.!!Our intention is to create a smallheadquarters with an Executive Director, aEngagement Director, and a RecruitmentDirector who will draw on our VolunteerConsultants and Corporate Sponsors forsupport.!Benefits !•  Recognition in all relevant HF materials !•  Use of HF Guardian logo !•  Participation in the HF Advisory Board !•  Invitations to special events !•  A HF presentation to employees/friends !Donation!Single or multi-year commitments are !welcome. Donations will be used to cover !employee salaries and operational costs.!
  • Thank you for your time and interest!Happiness Foundation Inc.50 Hill Street, #333Southampton, NY 11968United Stateswww.happinessfoundation.orgHappiness Foundation is a private foundation tax-exemptunder section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code