What good article writing is really all about


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For great article writing tips and free video series check this

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What good article writing is really all about

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great Online Marketing Tips please check this outwww.internet-marketing-easy.com==== ====Article marketing is no doubt a powerful internet marketing strategy. Why do we need to write andto submit our writing to article directories? Why cant we write in our website or blog only? Ihighlight 3 reasons why we should write to directories to promote our network marketing internetbusiness.Articles directories have high places in search engine. Take an example of EzineArticles.com. Ithas Google Page Rank 6 and Alexa rank 98. Your articles are more visible in article directoriesthan if you write in your blog or website.Article directories will give one way backlink to your website or blog. In order to crawl the rank insearch engine, your blog or website needs authority links from other sites particularly quality sitessuch as articles directories.You show your expertise in online MLM business through articles directories and there are articlesdirectories who grant status to the authors/writers. This will add your credibility in your blog orwebsite if you can show the badge: Expert Author of EzineArticles in your blog or Platinum ExpertAuthor.Unlike writing posts in your blog, you dont have rules perhaps. You can publish just as it is. If youwrite for article directories, you must read the editorial guidelines first before you start writing.Read Do and Dont rules. Dont snatch articles from PLR or other peoples articles because thedirectories will know eventually. Your first article will make the first impression so you have to besure that the first writing is your best. Watch out forthe excessive keywords. The new writersusually make mistakes by using keywords excessively. Position your keywords well throughout thearticle.What are article marketing strategies for network marketing internet business?Dont worry if you are newbies in network marketing internet business. Everyone has ideas andopinions to write about their online MLM business. The 8 article marketing strategies that you shallapply for network marketing internet business:Share your tips "how to" generously and people will learn from you. Better still, they will join youronline MLM business because they are eager to learn from you.Write 400 to 500 words minimum. Some directories accept 250 words articles but most of themprefer an article of 500 words minimum.Use keywords that are relevant to network marketing industry. Choose more than one keywords.Hyperlink the keywords to your blog or website.Write a compelling biography about you, your journey and expertise in online MLM business.Author resources box must have your blog or website link and you shall highlight your expertiseagain and what you can offer to people.
  2. 2. Submit your articles to various directories particularly the top 20.You can use software to spin your own writing but you need to edit the spun words manually andgo through your article before they are submitted to various directories.Submit articles frequently. The more you submit them, the more exposure you have for yournetwork marketing internet business.I know that article marketing takes your efforts and time. If you dont want to be burned out for paidadvertisements to promote your Online MLM Business, you shall take the route of articlemarketing strategy. It is free cost and the exposure of your network marketing internet businesshas a big impact through articles directories.Viviana is network marketing coach moms. coaches ordinary moms to automate networkmarketing internet business. Visit her blog at Network Marketing Success with Viviana to read herjourney, inspiration and tips in MLM internet business, get free e-books and find out her offer.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Viviana_Widjaja==== ====For Great Online Marketing Tips please check this outwww.internet-marketing-easy.com==== ====