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SaaS lessons learned
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SaaS lessons learned


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My experience running Teambox and some lessons for SaaS startups looking at growing in users and sales.

My experience running Teambox and some lessons for SaaS startups looking at growing in users and sales.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. SaaSlessons learned
  • 2. i am an entrepreneur and live in Barcelona / San Francisco
  • 3. i started teambox a couple years ago
  • 4. now it kinda works on its own +40k more
  • 5. and this is how it looks like
  • 6. but i’m here to share some stories
  • 7. “build it, they will come”
  • 8. 1. find a real problem“We help [people in your market] do [something] better”
  • 9. 2. solve that problem (with your product)
  • 10. 3. measure your progress (with metrics)
  • 11. time to define your product
  • 12. chosing a business model Freemium + virality Try-and-buy + sales cycleShareware / lite + adoption Pay-per-use + upselling
  • 13. how much are you worth? quantify the ROI for the buyerare we saving them money and pains (aspirin) or just making their lives better (vitamin)? “Users with Teambox increased by 30% their billable hours”
  • 14. choose a pricing model per user per usage per company
  • 15. choose a nice name for your baby Our first name was Saiku, at We spent $1000 to acquire much more memorable
  • 16. go single currency if you can
  • 17. recurring billing is painful
  • 18. cash is also an i18n issue
  • 19. a bad gateway will cost you money your customerspaypal
  • 20. legal costs are friction
  • 21. iterate quicklyfrom “Minimum Viable Product”to “Maximum Buyable Product”...and start sales as soon as you can
  • 22. selling is simple
  • 23. sales is like sex
  • 24. let them find you acquisition
  • 25. a first good impression, get their number activation
  • 26. the next dates... retention
  • 27. time to cash in for your effort revenue
  • 28. let friends talk about you referrals
  • 29. because that’s the easiest way to your next phone number.. activation
  • 30. AARRR!
  • 31. Acquisition AARRR!Activation From Dave McClure’s “Startup Metrics for Pirates”RetentionRevenueReferral
  • 32. AcquisitionActivationRetentionRevenueReferral
  • 33. the whole funnel!stolen from Dave McClure’s “Startup Metrics for Pirates”
  • 34. metrics you should watch CAC Customer Acquisition Cost LTV LifeTime Value of a client ARPU Average Revenue Per User Churn % of Clients you lose a month Cohort Evolution of users who signed upVirality rate Users invited per user
  • 35. and now for a chart
  • 36. cohort and churnwatch your users grow and go away
  • 37. if you get this, you win LTV > CACyou spend $25 to get a customer, she pays you $50
  • 38. things to watch to make that happen LTV CACScalable pricing Virality More features Freemium High churn High touch sales processLow satisfaction Outbound marketing
  • 39. virality is, like, free users If each user invites at least one more user, you winInvitations sent * % accepted > 1
  • 40. build your dashboards early onkeep track of your key performance indicators: signups, clients, % of conversion, etc
  • 41. don’t underestimate support costs
  • 42. once you’ve found your model, build processes for it time to optimize and scale
  • 43. public service announcement Teambox is looking for people in Barcelona and San Francisco ruby || js serious javascript as in node.js or backbonedevelopers
  • 44. you should probably follow me on twitter @michoyou should totally check out my product Teambox