Monday 5 henrik gundso cure4you


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Monday 5 henrik gundso cure4you

  1. 1. Cure4you Healthcare Patent pending
  2. 2. Patent pendingTraditional communication and data sharing is inefficientTime and resources are wasted because• Data is registered in multiple places• Tons of time is wasted on the phone trying to get a hold of the other parties• Tests are taken multiple times because the doctor didn’t know the test was already taken orbecause he can’t get hold of the results• Patients don’t follow the treatments set by the doctors, because they don’t have the tools tomonitor and understand their condition• Doctors and nurses don’t have tools to monitor the patient’s health remotelyCure4you reverses that trend.
  3. 3. Patent pendingCure4you is an online network• Communicate together• Share results and data• Monitor the patient’s health• Nobody is waiting for faxes, phone calls etc.• No unnecessary test are taken• No data is ever lost!By using Cure4youWhere patients and doctors:
  4. 4. Patent pendingCure4you CommunicationPatient and Professionals can for example:• Send and exchange messages and files• Forward or copy other stakeholders• Book appointments and refer patients• Fill out questionnaires and forms• Everything is encrypted, logged and documented
  5. 5. Patent pendingCure4you Data SharingCure4you gives all parties access to the data:• Each patient has their own personal health record• Patient can upload data monitored at home• Professionals can upload data directly on the patients record• Data can be uploaded and downloaded from/to HIS’s, EMR’s, Laboratory systems etc.• Each part can give access so that other parties can see uploaded data• The patient always owns a copy of all data and can give access to other doctors
  6. 6. Patent pendingWith Cure4you the patient is empowered to get involvedPatients wants to get involved in their treatment and with Cure4you they get the tools:• Tools that makes it easy for them to register and follow their data on graphs• Goals set by their doctor, nurse or other professional• Information about their health making it easier for them to understand• Feedback from their providers if the treatment is not helping as expected
  7. 7. Patent pendingSo how does Cure4you work?A login for ProfessionalsData is automatically synchronized with EMR and other Systems• Can look up patient data• Communicate with all their patients• Communicate with other ProfessionalsA login for Patients• Have their own individual login• Can administer all their health data• Can communicate with their doctors• Can administer family members health
  8. 8. Patent pendingPresentation Cure4you• Take a tour with the patient, Mr. Michael Lowe• Check the Dashboard as the Doctor
  9. 9. Patent pendingCure4you is Secure and Easy to useBuilt by doctors for doctors…• Setup is very easy – get started in 1 hour• All communication is date-logged, securing documentation• No hardware or software requirements – SAAS• Highest security level in the industry (256 bit encryption)• Intuitive functions make it easy to use for both staff and patients• The practice is in full control – all rules set up by practice• Easily integrated to EMR/HIS (HL7, XML, National standards)• Works on pc’s, smartphone, tablets etc.
  10. 10. Patent pendingWho is using Cure4you today?Denmark:• Our most mature market• App. 35% of family doctors• Many specialists and consultants• 8 hospitals• 1.2 million patientsUSA:• Started up in 2012• Chosen by one of the first Accountable Care Organization (ACO)• Started to implement with a group of 500 doctors• Used for healthcare services at IMG Academy – the worlds largest sports academyIndia:• Started up in 2012• System implemented at 4 hospitals• Contracts signed with several moreSouth America:• Starting up hospital chain in Chile September 2013
  11. 11. Patent pendingFor further information about C4U Tech and our products please contacts us and wewill be happy to have a talk about your organization and how Cure4you can helpyouUK, India and Middle EastAnand MishraCountry 791 926 3338EuropeHenrik GundsøCountry 20 69 76 70US, Canada and South AmericaTorsten 941 807 0947