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Marketing Project: Vendr
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Marketing Project: Vendr


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Agenda:•  What is Vendr?•  Target Market•  Research•  Promotional plan and strategies•  Evaluations and Questions
  • 2. What is Vendr?•  Online marketplace for university students•  Individual exclusive sites for each university•  Students buy and sell items from their peers
  • 3. Vendrs Message•  Provide college students with a simple andsecure online marketplace to exchange goodsand services.•  Interact with your peers and make what youwant out of your Vendr experience.•  The service is free and is available to anystudent with a “.edu” email address.
  • 4. Vendr in the US
  • 5. United States
  • 6. United States
  • 7. UK ExpansionKey Research Insights:•  Online Marketplace Usageon the rise•  Economic Recession hasproduced deal-seekingconsumers•  Technologically-based Society
  • 8. Target Audience•  Undergraduate university students living incampus housing or off campus housing•  5 Universities•  Cambridge•  Imperial•  Oxford•  Manchester•  Leeds•  Total number of students: 84,744
  • 9. UndergraduateStudentsCambridge 12,077OnCampusOffCampusOxford 11,723OnCampusOffCampusImperial 8,350OnCampusOffCampusLeeds 24,080OnCampusOffCampusManchester 28,514OnCampusOffCampus
  • 10. Demographic:•  18-24 year old students•  both males and femalesSegment 1: Carefree hedonists•  Parents give them money•  Enthusiastic about leisure activities•  Enjoy shoppingSegment 2: Budget-Minded Student•  Little money to spend•  Strive to find the best deal availableTarget Market Segments
  • 11. Target Market Insights:Generation Y Media HabitsInternet•  Heavy users of Online Shopping•  Social Networking Sites•  Watch Online Video Content
  • 12. Target Market Insights:Cost-conscious TrendStudents are more thrifty with their moneyDriversThe RecessionTuition Fee IncreaseThe average level of student debt is over 5,000pounds per year43% of students say that tuition fees are amajor concern(Mintel Report)
  • 13. Promotional ObjectiveTo have 15% of each universitys undergraduatepopulation to activate a Vendr account withintwelve months
  • 14. Promotional MessageVendrproviding a convenient way for students to buy and sell onlineUnderlying all communication promotions is the Vendr "V"•  unique logo is simple, yet highly recognizable
  • 15. GANTTMonths JAu Aug Jan Ja201nJulGainBrand AwarenessTeam SelectionWinter BreakMove-In MonthSpring RevampPromotional Activities/RecruitingMove-Out Month
  • 16. Team SelectionAugust•  Recruit 5 Vendr representatives at eachuniversityo  they pick their "Vendr Team"•  Importance of internal marketing•  Create brand interest and awareness•  Our most important investment
  • 17. Promote Brand AwarenessSeptember & October•  Move-In Assistants•  Print Ads•  Guerilla Advertising•  Flash Mob
  • 18. Get People RegisteredNovember & December•  Vendr Pub Nightso  The V Card Campaign§  discount drinks with proof of their Vendr account•  Direct Marketing•  Sales Promotion
  • 19. Book Sale PromotionWinter Holiday•  Holiday print ad campaign:o  sell books, make money•  Internal Marketing
  • 20. Ongoing PromotionConsistent Throughout the Year•  Facebook•  Twitter•  Ad space on student newspapers websites
  • 21. Revamp RegistrationJanuary-March•  New Year and new campaign•  Chalking and stickering•  Press release•  Feature in student newspaper•  Launch mobile app
  • 22. Final PushApril-June•  Live commercials•  Red frisbee give away•  Move out week promotion
  • 23. Campaign EvaluationJuly•  Check website traffic•  Determine success rate ateach university•  Reward Vendr Marketingteams
  • 24. Moving ForwardExpand to more universities in the UK!o  115 in UK•  Blue Ocean Possibilitieso  Club/event tickets
  • 25. Sources•  "Accommodation and Financing the Student Lifestyle". Student Lifestyle 2010. 21 June 2012.<>•  "Attitudes towards Fees and Recession". Student Lifestyle 2010. 21 June 2012.<•  Cambridge University. <>•  "Future Plans and Prospects". Student Lifestyle 2010. 21 June 2012.<•  "Good University Guide". The Times. 14 June 2012.•  Imperial College London. <>•  "Issues in the Market". Student Lifestyle 2010. 21 June 2012.<>•  Oxford University. <>•  "PCs, Laptops and Media". Student Lifestyles 2010. 21 June 2012.<>•  University of Leeds. <>•  University of Manchester. <>•  Vendr. <>•  Von Abrams, Karin. "UK Internet Users and Usage: Top 2010 Trends". eMarketer. 21 June