Building Your Personal Brand - Zenith Social Con 2014


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Growing Your Networks To Build Personal Brand & Advance Your Career
Michelle Stinson-Ross, Community Manager,
Rob Karwath, President & CEO, North Coast Communications

From Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, Pinterest and forums, there’s no disputing that social networking can completely MAKE a personal and professional brand.

There is a tried and true formula for expressing your authentic self in social networks, which nearly always work to establish and scale personal brands.

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Building Your Personal Brand - Zenith Social Con 2014

  1. 1. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Growing Your Networks to Build Personal Brand & Advance Your Career
  2. 2. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR2 About Rob President & CEO •Strategic communications consultancy focused on public relations, media relations, advertising, marketing and content creation •Based in Duluth with regional and national clients •Rob started North Coast in 2011 after 25 years as a reporter editor and business executive at media companies including the Chicago Tribune, WGN-TV and other outlets of Tribune Co. and Knight Ridder Inc.
  3. 3. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR3 About Michelle Social Marketing Mgr •Community Manager •Social Marketing Strategist •Blogger •Industry Writer – Search Engine Watch & Search Engine Journal •Conference Speaker •Ballroom Dancer •Novelist
  4. 4. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR4 The Best Stores & Brands More than 6,000 stores and brands in 300 categories: •Product deals added daily from stores like Nordstrom, Amazon, & Target •Coupons on pizza, fast food, entertainment •Hand-picked and verified offers save an average of $34 per transaction Your Savings Partner Features and tools to help you save more: •Seasonal holiday offers for Black Friday, Mother's Day and more •Savings Tips articles and resources for advice on the best ways to save •Filter results by offer type or price Join & Connect Set up a free profile to join our community: •Tools to favorite, comment on and submit your own offers •Follow fellow savers who share your shopping interests •Free email alerts featuring offers from your favorite stores We Are Hiring •Located in beautiful Austin, TX •Excellent Benefits Package •Hiring interns & full-time
  5. 5. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR It’s easier now than ever before to create or recreate yourself and your personal brand through online communication, primarily social media.
  6. 6. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR How does a completely unknown stay-at-home mom become an industry thought leader? Personal Branding
  7. 7. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR “You should get a MySpace page”, my sister-in-law told me. I put myself online and never looked back.
  8. 8. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR This was when MySpace still had blogging capabilities and Facebook was just for college kids.
  9. 9. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR9 MYSPACE
  10. 10. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR So, I made friends, shared photos, and told stories.
  11. 11. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Then Facebook opened up to the public and MySpace was abandoned.
  12. 12. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR FACEBOOK
  13. 13. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR So, I made friends, shared photos, and told stories.
  14. 14. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR The more I stories I shared, the more encouragement I received from friends. But that part of the story comes later…... Storytelling Changed My Life
  15. 15. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR First, we must take a trip to Key West...
  16. 16. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR From Day Trip to Career •Day Trip Tweet •Research Trip •Twitter Concierge •Social Marketing All because I was there
  17. 17. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR TWITTER
  18. 18. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR TWITTER Be authentically you and be self-aware
  19. 19. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR
  20. 20. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR
  21. 21. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR PetCare of Duluth: From leafleting trailer parks to the hottest vet in the region
  22. 22. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR First Witness: Branding and product development for a national audience
  23. 23. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Personal branding is a long-term project. Over time specific goals will change and grow as you change and grow.
  24. 24. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR
  25. 25. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Though creating a brand is easier now, it’s not easy. You must: • Clearly define your goal, as well as content and channels that achieve your goal • Commit to consistent content creation • Keep going, even when it seems it isn’t immediately affecting your business • Keep going, even when—and perhaps especially when— your industry and peers aren’t doing anything similar
  26. 26. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Life is Content. Share What You Create
  27. 27. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Make friends with like-minded people
  28. 28. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Every channel has value if you understand what segment of your audience lives on that channel.
  29. 29. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR
  30. 30. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR
  31. 31. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Harness the branding “super powers” of third-party validation •Content sharing through social media •Testimonials through social media •Traditional media coverage shared through social media •News releases through social media
  32. 32. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Share the Good That Others Create
  33. 33. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Your personal brand often is your business brand— or at least has a strong influence on your business brand.
  34. 34. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Personal Authority Leads to Professional Authority
  35. 35. @RobKarwath @SocialMichelleR Thank You