Using Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom

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  • 1. Using Technology in the Early Childhood ClassroomPresented by:Michelle michellesaville
  • 2. Technology UsesIn my kindergarten classroom, I use technology to…..• Make adaptations for my students• Make classroom instructional resources• Make activities more engaging• Build background knowledge for my students and provide meaningful learning opportunities• Gain professional knowledge/resources from teachers across the country
  • 3. Why you may need to make adaptations:You may have students who have…..• Language delays• Cognitive and/or processing delays• Fine-Motor challenges• Behavior difficulties• Trouble adjusting to the routines of a classroom• Difficulty with changes and/or transitions
  • 4. Making Adaptations Using Technology Boardmaker iPad AppsDevloped by: Mayer-Johnson
  • 5. Why use Boardmaker?Boardmaker is a collection of standardizedpicture symbols used for communicationwith students who are strong visuallearners. The primary purpose of usingthe visual tools is to enhance studentunderstanding by using the visual supportsto enhance the understanding of verbalinformation and written text.
  • 6. Boardmaker can help you to make:• Schedule cards• Vocabulary cards• Direction prompts• Behavior prompts• Storyboards• Social stories• Task directions• Individual, interactive materials• Specific learning materials
  • 7. Daily Schedule Cards
  • 8. Vocabulary Cards Direction prompts
  • 9. Behavior Prompts
  • 10. Direction Prompts
  • 11. Storyboards
  • 12. Song Boards
  • 13. Social Stories
  • 14. Individual, Interactive Materials (Learning Books)
  • 15. Learning Materials
  • 16. How to use the Boardmaker ProgramOnline resource:
  • 17. Building Background Knowledge• Safari Montage video clips• Scholastic Let’s Find Out video clips and interactive issues• Webcasts and podcasts Barnes and Noble Story Time Interactive webcasts of field trips
  • 18. Interactive Learning• Powerpoint I use the program to create interactive dictated class books based on field trips.• Starfall• ConnectED website and/or TeacherWorks CD• Scholastic Website
  • 19. Professional Resources• Pinterest Common Core Math Resources• Blogs
  • 20. Why use iPad Apps?IPad apps can increase studentengagement through interactivepractice of basic skills. This strategycan be especially useful for studentswho have limited expressive languageskills and students with delayed motorskills that inhibit the ability tocommunicate in a traditional writtenformat.
  • 21. IPad apps can help students practice:• Vocabulary skills• Letter identification skills• Sound identification skills• Comprehension skills• Increase language skills• Develop motor skills
  • 22. Kindergarten iPad Apps pocketphonics SeeTouchLearn My Name
  • 23. Contact Information My email address