Dealing with ethical dilemmas


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  • There are 7 steps in helping you deal with an ethical dilemma.
  • More simply an ethical dilemma is something that you feel is wrong and feel that some kind of action should be taken. A recent situation I faced was my Supervisor stealing fundraiser money. See the attached YouTube video for more examples of stealing.
  • . In my situation I saw my supervisor take the money. She even offered to split it with me. I knew the money was supposed to go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and that she should not be taking the money for any reason. I also knew that she planned on paying a bill that she had with the money by her stating that is what she was going to do.
  • I knew that I had a few options in my situation and any of them would work. I could do nothing about it and let it go, this action would have no consequence for me. I could report the situation and then I would know that I had done my part and if nothing happened still I would not be upset with myself or I could confront her. However, I knew that confrontation with her would be a poor choice on my part and could just cause more upset in the long run. Please see the TedTalk link above for an interesting talk on making moral decisions.
  • In making my decision I had to think about the effects of my decision. I knew what she had done was wrong and if someone else found out about the situation and the fact that I did nothing about it I could have repercussions as well. I knew that reporting the situation would not hurt the situation but only help.
  • I also knew that I would feel proud of making the decision to report the situation if others found out and other ethical people would understand and approve of my decision.
  • After making my decision to report the situation I followed through with my decision. I called and spoke with the District Manager. In addition to calling the District Manager I made a written report to an outside company called EthicsPoint. This is an outside company that employees can call and make reports about situations, even anonymously, if they are unsure what to do or who to call.
  • Dealing with ethical dilemmas

    1. 1. By: Michelle Pitz
    2. 2. 1. Recognize 2. Facts 3. Options 4. Test 5. Decide 6. Check 7. Action
    3. 3. A situation offering potential benefits and could be considered unethical. Stealing money Lying ch?v=E3su9dsCAHQ
    4. 4. Know the facts before deciding to take action. Didyou see this happen? Do you know the whole story?
    5. 5. What can I do? Nothing Report the situation Confront my supervisorWhat will work?Doing nothing has no consequence for meReporting the situation takes it out of my handsConfrontations can cause more upsetWhat do I feel is that right thing to do?How do I decide what to do?
    6. 6. Could I get in trouble?Could this hurt or help the situation?Is this the right decision for me?
    7. 7.  How will I feel if I make this decision? How would I feel if someone found out? What would others think about my decision?
    8. 8.  Make the phone call  Write the report Follow through with your decision