Ten Secrets to Boosting First Call Resolution - 2011 KC Call Center EXPO

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More often, the best kept secrets best shared! CallCopy did just that at the 2011 KC Call Center EXPO. Lending their expertise for the day to over 100 particpants, they offered the EXPO audience …

More often, the best kept secrets best shared! CallCopy did just that at the 2011 KC Call Center EXPO. Lending their expertise for the day to over 100 particpants, they offered the EXPO audience insight into how boosting first call resolution can be directly tied to a measurable increase in customer satisfaction. And, if like us, you're in the business of customer service (and really, who isn’t?), these 10 great secrets are worth repeating to your agents and your center over and over again!

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  • Another strategy– Outsourcing – but your losing control and its costlyOr… staff to the peaks – very costly
  • With our customer’s permission and with their input on the questions we would ask – we surveyed about 400 people who used Virtual Hold, from different parts of the country.Pretty powerful statistical results with regard to customer perceptions, loyalty and satisfaction!
  • How many email, text, talk, read news, get stock quotes, bill pay, play Angry Birds?
  • How many here are on facebook? How many people have kids who are on facebook? (next generation…are you prepared)


  • 1. Kansas City Call Center Expo
    Bridging the Customer Service Gap BetweenSelf-Service and Live-Service
    Presented by:
    Eric Camulli, VP of Marketing
    Virtual Hold Technology®
    In partnership with
  • 2. This is what we solved for over 50 million people last year…
  • 3.
  • 4. Hold Time is Pervasive Despite Advances in Technology
    Contact Center Virtualization
    Skills-Based Routing
    Workforce Management
    Automated Self-Service
  • 5. The problem persists because there is a gap in the business process
  • 6. Bridging the customer service gap between existing strategies
    Transfer disconnect
    Transfer to holding queue
    Repeating account information
  • 7. A Demonstration of Virtual Queuing Technology
    Presented in partnership with
  • 8. The Virtual Queuing Value Proposition
    1. Eliminating the pain associated with hold time vastly increases customer satisfaction
    – it turns complaints into compliments.
    2. Eliminating the waste associated with hold time increases workforce efficiency and many performance metrics.
  • 9. Impact on Customer Satisfaction
    Consumer Behavioral Study
    Better Company Perception75%of those who used the virtual queuing service have a more favorable opinion of the company.
    Greater Overall Satisfaction Customers who accept Virtual Hold report83% top-box satisfaction vs. 79% compared to those who waited on hold.
  • 10. Customer Satisfaction Survey Results(about 400 respondents)
    of surveyed customers considered themselves “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the Virtual Hold product.
    of respondents said they would use Virtual Hold again!
    said Virtual Hold made their experience better or a lot better!
    said they would recommend our clients products/service to others as a result of Virtual Hold!
  • 11. Elements of the Business CaseHard Savings Achieved
    Queue minutes savings
    Abandon recovery
    Service level improvement
    Average speed to answer improvement
    Trunk utilization savings
    Labor savings
    Repeat call savings
    Handle time savings
    Increased workforce efficiency
  • 12. Virtual Queuing’s Impact on Metrics
    In 1 year:
    • Saved 2.3 million minutes of hold time
    • 13. Improved service level by 53%
    In 6 months:
    • Saved 6million minutes of hold time
    • 14. Cut abandons by 60%
    In 1 year:
    • Saved 26 years of hold time
    • 15. Reduced ASA from 9.4 to 3.8 minutes during peaks
    In 6 months:
    • Increased calls handled by 14% and continued to meet service level – despite a 3% decrease in staff
  • What is your contact center’s strategy for integrating mobile, social, desktop and website apps?
    Customers prefer emerging channels of communication
  • 16. Dialing Customer Service Is So ’90s
    Connect with customers through their preferred methods
    25 million smartphone users browse the internet on their phones
    750 million people actively use Facebook®
    Easiest way to enter the queue
    Retrieve expected wait time
    Submit a callback request
  • 17. Nike’s Website App
  • 18. Nationwide’s Website App
  • 19. iiNet’s Agent Desktop App
  • 20. Sample Facebook® App
  • 21. Sample Mobile App
  • 22. Educate and Empower Your Customers
  • 23. Turn Your App into a Customer Command Center
  • 24. Q & AThank You!
    Contact Information:
    Email: ecamulli@virtualhold.com
    Twitter: @VirtualHold