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Emerging Technologies & Evolving Library


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Keynote speech at the Midwest MLA conference in Peoria, IL. October 6, 2013

Keynote speech at the Midwest MLA conference in Peoria, IL. October 6, 2013

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • light and fire had always been the same thing. So when the electric light comes along, here's something that doesn't smoke. Here's something that doesn't burn any oxygen. It doesn't seem to burn out. It doesn't have any of the characteristics that we associate with fire. And for those people who saw it, they said, "This violates the natural order. This is not the way light is supposed to be." After Edison, light and fire are always going to be separate, and that's a major shift in the way people see things. In 1880 in New York City, Edison set about installing the first commercial electric utility. It was in a cheap waterfront building near Wall Street. This first central station would provide power to a square-mile area which included some very wealthy and influential customers –J.P. Morgan, the Stock Exc
  • Content and technology has changed.
  • predominately Hispanic, low-income neighborhood on the South Side, where 75 percent of the population lacks Internet access.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Michelle Kraft MLS, AHIP Midwest Chapter MLA October 6, 2013 Peoria, IL
    • 2.  Spread of electricity  Power plants  Houses  Sleep patterns changed  24 hour work  Decoration
    • 3.  Wireless  Available outside of home/office  Smartphones  Mini computer  24 hour access  Maps  Less talking  Data doubled in one year  Voice increased by 1%
    • 4. 2000  2 Million payphones  110,000 cell phone subscribers 2012  500,000 payphones.  321 Million mobile subscribers  US population 313.9 Million
    • 5.  As technology emerges it changes society  Society evolves with the technology  The library evolves with society
    • 6. Lightsaber Holo / Arca Jeth Do or Do Not Lightsaber Techniques / Yoda Midi-chlorians: Physiology, Physics & the Force / Qui-Gon Jin Unauthorized lightsaber use… Master Nu, Librarian contacted
    • 7. Bexar County Texas All digital library 10,000 Titles 600 e-readers 200 pre-loaded enhanced e-readers 48 computer stations 10 laptops 40 on site tablets
    • 8. Opportunistic
    • 9.  "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.“ -Thomas Edison