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Navigating the Waters of Social Media by Dr. Nikita Joshi
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Navigating the Waters of Social Media by Dr. Nikita Joshi






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Navigating the Waters of Social Media by Dr. Nikita Joshi Navigating the Waters of Social Media by Dr. Nikita Joshi Presentation Transcript

  • Navigating the Waters of MedicalEducation & Social MediaNikita Joshi, MD
  • Social MediaProfessionalism
  • Would you ever…Tweet Amal Mattu?Send friend request tonurse colleague?Date a coworker?Date a pt?Give a pt your phone number?Send a friend request to themedical director?Post a status update about your shift from hell?Call a pt to make sure they are “stillalive” after an ED visit.Vent about a shift from hell at the bar?Tell your mother about the time youheroically saved someone’s life?Take a photo of interestingphysical exam finding?
  • YouTwitter accountFacebook accountPatientWritten communicationPhotosVideosMediumEmailBlog postingFacebook statusTweetsTraditional publications
  • Blurring of PersonaPersonal ProfessionalBut where do I post about my biking adventures???
  • “Publically posting a status update about aspecific patient to release frustrations or toentertain others with a humorous anecdoteplaces a physician’s self interest above thepatient’s and may not be ethically justifiabledespite a lack of identifying details, even if therewas no intent to harm the patient.”Chretien 2013
  • Recommendations forBlogs or Practice Websites• Avoid writing about specific pts• Obtain permission and state explicitly• De-identify or fictionalize encounters• Respectful tone• Disclose any financial compensation received• Beware of making false/misleading medicalclaims• Avoid anonymity• State credentials• State who you are representing
  • Recommendations forSocial Networking• Avoid writing about specific pts• Opts for highest privacy settings• All content is discoverable• Avoid friend requests to pts• Avoid anonymity• State credentials• State who you represent• Avoid giving medical advice
  • Table 1. Recommendations if DirectlyCommunicating WithPatients Using Social Media• Use secure closed systems with data encryption• Avoid third-party open systems (eg, Facebook and Twitter)• Inform patients of privacy protections in place• Establish expectations of message response time, how• emergencies should be handled, and issues that should behandled online vs in-person• Have patients agree to terms before use
  • ACEP believes that the use of recording devices,including cell phone cameras, in the emergencydepartment for the purpose of capturingphotographic, video, or audio media poses significantrisks to the privacy and confidentiality of patients andstaff. April 2011ACEP opposes the filming for public viewing ofemergency department patients or staff membersexcept when they can give fully informed consentprior to their participation.February 2009
  • References• http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/effective-communication-tactics-for-designers/• Chretien KC, Kind T. Social media as a tool inmedicine. Circulation. 2013; 127:1413-1421.• Recording devices in the emergencydepartment. ACEP Clinical and PracticeManagement. 2011.