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Learn how a WordPress Multisite Network can benefit your organization and how to install it.

Publishers frequently find themselves managing multiple WordPress-based website installations for structural reasons and sometimes for search engine optimization reasons.

For example, one might run an informational blog-style site, an information product sales site and a services sales and support site. Managing multiple WordPress sites can result in a lot of duplicate work, and time lost on website maintenance.

But that process can be streamlined and the administrative workflow optimized by installing a WordPress Multisite Network instead.

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WordPress Multisite

  1. 1. • Founded web design and hosting company in 2002 • Started using WordPress with version 1.0.2-Blakey in 2004 on personal sites – Previously used Greymatter and pMachine for blogging purposes • Began using WordPress commercially in 2006 on my business sites and client sites • Purchased Revolution themes in 2008, then StudioPress developer’s license • Began using Multisite in 2012 • Owner of TechGeekMinistries.com and DiscipleWebs.com
  2. 2. • Multisite allows you to setup a network of sites in one installationof WordPress • Sites share the same plugins and themes
  3. 3. • Started as a major WordPress plugin called WordPress Multi User, hence WPMU • It’s features were rolled into the WP core with version 3.0 in 2010 • Various sites catering to this functionality still refer to it as WPMU, though officially it is referenced as WordPress Network or WordPress Multisite.
  4. 4. • Manage all sites from a central location, thereby reducing your maintenance overhead • Quick access to all your blogs • Shared plugins and themes • Shared users and manageable permissions • Only one WordPress to upgrade. Need I say more?
  5. 5. • Install WordPress as usual. I use Softaculous inside cPanel – Follow security procedures, including changing the admin name, database name and database prefix – Softaculous does NOT put a fantversion.php file on your server like Fantastico. • Check box to enable multisite • Login to admin area and go to Network Setup – Choose subdomains or subdirectories • Edit Network Settings • More information can be found at http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network
  6. 6. • Edublogs.org – Network of sites for educators • SvilleBC.com – Network used to create multiple sections on one site that can be managed by several people
  7. 7. • WPMUdev.org – Provides themes and plugins that can be used to create very powerful Networks – Edublogs.org built on WPMU with the plugins created by their developers – MarketPress Plugin can be used to build an Etsy- like site • Changing the domain name on Multisite