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Presented at the Florida Festival & Events Association on 8/1/13. Live Social Media Integration at events explores best practices on content strategy, case studies and event technology / decor solutions on how to handle your social media successfully as your event is happening.

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  • A Pin to Win contest relies on a clever content strategy that is both fun and well aligned with your brand’s mission. The way it works is that you ask people to create boards surrounding a question or a prediction or a hypothetical scenario. AMC Theatres, for example, asked people to create a board titled ‘My Oscar Picks’ and pin their winner predictions in each category. If your target demographic is entrepreneurs, you could as people to create an ‘Entrepreneur Power Team’ and pin a fictional power team including CEO, CFO, CTO & CMO from both present day and historical figures.
  • Facebook: Get Ugly & Problem SolveSince the launch of Facebook’s Edgerank and the weight it assigns photos, ranking them higher than text based posts, Facebook is skewing towards becoming a much more photo centric platform. Use this to your advantage by launching a photo contest and asking fans to post a photo on your page. There are 100s of different types of photos you can ask for, here are 32 contest ideas to browse. Consider framing the contest to showcase how your brand relieves your customer’s pain points. If you sell patio furniture, for example, ask fans to post a photo of their ugly patio, or if you’re an online based service company such as a design studio, ask fans to post a screen shot of the website page they think needs the biggest makeover. These types of ask let you connect with customers and take a peek into their personal lives. Each entry, by the very nature of the contest is a potential customer – who came to you! Reward the winners but make sure to develop a follow up strategy to follow up and nurture relationships with everyone that entered. BEWARE: Facebook has a very specific contest rules and regulations – make sure you understand these rules to ensure a kosher contest!
  • Take a page from KFC’s social media handbook. Back in 2012 they launched a very simple ‘creative answer’ twitter contest and received over 2,800 tweets from people explaining in 140 characters or less, why they deserved a 20,000 scholarship. The entry had to include the hashtag #KFCScholar. Think carefully about who you’re trying to target with your contest, obviously KFC was looking to reach college students, and what kind of question and prize would be the most attractive to that audience. Are you trying to reach moms of newborns? Think about where that target demographics’ biggest pain point is and what you could do to help ease it – the power lies in the pain.
  • With an easy swipe at one of the stations users can share their experience with their friends online on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or any other supported social network, check-in at your venue, like content, get connected with new friends or receive information in their email inbox.
  • With an easy swipe at one of the stations users can share their experience with their friends online on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or any other supported social network, check-in at your venue, like content, get connected with new friends or receive information in their email inbox.
  • Live Social Media Integration at Events -

    1. 1. Live Social Media
    2. 2. Integration at Events
    3. 3. + Live Social Media SteroidsIntegration at Events Your strategic partner for marketing and social media solutions specially designed for the event industry
    4. 4. Got Social Media Questions? Tweet me! @EventMktgMaven With your host… The Marketing Maven Michelle Bergstein
    5. 5. Events
    6. 6. + Update and Check-in Here! • Live Social Media Integration at Events at #FFEA2013 WELCOME CHECK-IN Social Media & Event Marketing @EventMktgMaven #FFEA2013 *Foursquare has 25 million users & 1 million businesses
    7. 7. + #FFEA2013 #LiveSM@Events SAMPLE BEST PRACTICES CHECK IN UPDATES Getting my social media fix w/ @EventMktgMaven #FFEA2013 #LiveSM@Events Social Media at Events w/ @EventMktgMaven #FFEA2013 #LiveSM@Events #SM knowledge is power! Discovering new tactics with @EventMktgMaven #FFEA2013 #LiveSM@Events #Eventprofs Social Media & Event Marketing @EventMktgMaven #FFEA2013
    8. 8. Strategy Starts with your Hashtag# #FFEA2013
    9. 9. Let’s Talk Hashtags
    10. 10. *Tracking *Tagging Contests *Instant Feedback
    11. 11. + What’s Your Social Media Goal? Engagement & Attendance What’s In-Store? Best Social Tools to use at your event? Décor & Technology Integration What’s your Content Strategy? Engagement & Social Media Contests Social Media & Event Marketing @EventMktgMaven #FFE2013
    12. 12. Now What?
    13. 13. What’s the plan? Are you using it right?
    14. 14. Content Strategy
    15. 15. Mix Content: Scheduled posts Live posts Live Engagement
    16. 16. Content Ideas Scheduled Activities & Entertainment Check-in specials Sponsors Weather Transportation App Promotions
    17. 17. Cultivating Content Ask for Content: Entertainment & Sponsors Social Media Contests Attendee Engagement Hashtags Daily Event Recaps Sponsors | Entertainment | Engagement
    18. 18. Don’t forget video!
    19. 19. What’s the daily plan? How do I start?
    20. 20. + Start with a daily calendar Social Media Live at Events
    21. 21. Why? On the Go Updates
    22. 22. Why? On the Go Updates Instant Coverage More Spreadable Photos = Engagement
    23. 23. On Site:
    24. 24. On Site:
    25. 25. On Site: FB Pages App
    26. 26. On Site:
    27. 27. #BizBashF L
    28. 28. Social Media Contests Pin to win Excellent Examples
    29. 29. Social Media Contests Photo submission contests
    30. 30. Social Media Contests Creative Hashtag Submissions
    31. 31. Social Media Contests Strategy - Which social medium? - What is the purpose & goals? - Who do you want to reach? - Will your contest span multiple channels? - What’s your promotional strategy? - Tap Industry partners or influencers
    32. 32. Festival Case Study:
    33. 33. Technology Décor & Accents
    34. 34. Photo via Table tops & Decor provided by:
    35. 35. Photo via
    36. 36. Charging lounges & tabletop stations by
    37. 37. Photo via Planning & Strategy by Narrative PR & Bensimon Byrne
    38. 38. Check ins & Activations!
    39. 39. Check ins & More!
    40. 40. Check ins & More!
    41. 41. Check ins & More!
    42. 42. Check ins & More!
    43. 43. Check ins & More!
    44. 44. RFID
    45. 45. All in One!
    46. 46. A Maven Fave
    47. 47. A Maven Fave
    48. 48. Recap *Strategy *Content Curation *Solutions *Enhancements *Engagement
    49. 49. Questions
    50. 50. Did you Like What you Learned?
    51. 51. Follow me, RT & connect! On Twitter: @EventMktgMaven Don’t Forget to Share your feedback!
    52. 52. + Social Media Live at Events It’s Our Passion & Specialty! Social Media…