Where's the Beef? Defining your brand's Big Idea.


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Presented 2/27/14 to Boston American Marketing Association sold out crowd. See how to define your brand's Big Idea. Hint: It's starts with asking WHY.

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Where's the Beef? Defining your brand's Big Idea.

  1. 1. Michelle A. Heath Founder & CEO Growth Street Marketing @michelleheath @growthstreet #amab www.growthstreetmarketing.com www.michelleaheath.com Where’s the beef? Defining your brand’s big idea.
  2. 2. Where’s the beef? www.growthstreetmarketing.com
  3. 3. Is your brand bun or beef? Bun Fluffy Squishy Gets soggy fast No nutritional value Stale Unmemorable www.growthstreetmarketing.com Beef Juicy Addictive Memorable Emotional Friend-worthy Loveable
  4. 4. The beef: Your brand’s Big Idea What is the Big Idea? • Defines your company at its heart and sole • Clearly and simply differentiates your brand • Sets you apart from the competition • Connects you with your customers • Delivers value and conveys emotion • Is the core of your brand position www.growthstreetmarketing.com
  5. 5. How to define your brand’s big idea It starts with WHY… 1. Why would a customer buy your product? 2. What value does your product deliver to your customer? 3. Why is your product different than other similar products on the market? 4. Why is your product valuable in your market? 5. Why do your customers love your product?(What else do they want it to do?) www.growthstreetmarketing.com
  6. 6. AND NOW…A FEW EXAMPLES OF THE GOOD. THE MEH. THE NEEDS HELP. www.growthstreetmarketing.com
  7. 7. Yesware “Improve sales performance.” Clear, simple, easy to understand. Focused on delivering value. Love it. www.growthstreetmarketing.com
  8. 8. Wayfair www.growthstreetmarketing.com Wayfair clearly articulates their value to customers: To make Wayfair your favorite place online to buy anything for your home. Love how they use human speak and create an emotional connection. Homepage could leverage this value and position more.
  9. 9. Ovuline Ovuline uses data to help couples conceive faster and have healthy pregnancies.” Love the simplicity but data sounds sterile and non-human. Focus on the customer value first…even if it’s your core IP. Avoid buzzwords. www.growthstreetmarketing.com
  10. 10. Cloudera “Ask Bigger Questions. The Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub has arrived.” What value is there in me asking bigger questions or having an enterprise data hub? Buzzwords might be key to funding but don’t translate to customers. Differentiation is key to your Big Idea, big data. www.growthstreetmarketing.com
  11. 11. The How How do you put your Big Idea into action? • Messaging – Consistency is key – Messaging consistency across channels makes your Big Idea even bigger – Use every opportunity in your marketing to reinforce your Big Idea – Programs and campaigns roll-up to the Big Idea messaging – Create messaging hierarchy/brand bible for company, agencies, vendors • Reinforce your Big Idea across channels – Social Media – Email – Website – App/Mobile – Call Center – In-store – Print www.growthstreetmarketing.com
  12. 12. Bring on the beef • Focus on defining your brand’s Big Idea – Start by asking WHY – Articulate your differentiation – Communicate your brand’s value to the customer – Make an emotional connection – Avoid buzzwords and talk to humans like humans – Keep it simple www.growthstreetmarketing.com
  13. 13. Need help with your Big Idea? Michelle A. Heath Founder & CEO Growth Street Marketing www.growthstreetmarketing.com www.michelleaheath.com Connect with me: michelle@growthstreetmarketing.com @michelleheath @growthstreet linkedin.com/in/michelleheath www.growthstreetmarketing.com