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  1. 1. RigaLatvia
  2. 2. Welcome cozy flat http://www.wimdu.com/offers/2EH7MQSY?checkin_date=08%2F08%2F2013&checkout_date=08%2F09%2F2013&city=Riga%2C+Latvia&distance=17.407527722592743&last_city=Riga%2C+Latvia&lat=56.9496487&lng=24.10518639999998&min_bedrooms=1&path=%2Fsearch&sort_by=score Jurmalas gatve, LV 1029 Riga, Latvia $55 a day Cozy, newly renovated, fully furnished apartment. Just 10 minutes from theairport and 15 minutes drive from the old town of Riga. 
Well-equippedrooms: King-size bed, a large sofa in the living room, LCD TV, washingmachine, refrigerator. Wi-Fi, Dining table n kitchen. 
Towels, linens, hairdryer, liquid soap provided.
  3. 3. A brand new, exclusiveapartment http://www.wimdu.com/offers/AMOSQO16?checkin_date=08%2F08%2F2013&checkout_date=08%2F09%2F2013&city=Riga%2C+Latvia&distance=17.407527722592743&last_city=Riga%2C+Latvia&lat=56.9496487&lng=24.10518639999998&min_bedrooms=1&path=%2Fsearch&sort_by=score Krišjāņa Valdemāra street, LV-1013 Riga, Latvia $128 per day Parking: Free parking 
Communications: cable TV, Internet 
Safety:locking lock, alarm, security door, video cameras 
WC, air conditioning,bath, shower, washing machine 
Additional information: furniture,refrigerator, separate entrance
  4. 4. Old City Riga (Vecriga) around Maza Pils iela, Riga, Latvia “I believe its Europes best kept secret. Beautifully clean, easyto walk around, great food, great beer, amazing museums andgalleries and around every corner, another quaint, delightfulvista.” “people trying to sell you drugs”
  5. 5. Latvian National Opera Aspazijas bulv. 3, Riga LV-1050, Latvia http://www.opera.lv/en/what-s-new/ “Best seats in the house for 22 lats to see the LatvianNational Ballet perform La Bayadere. The opera house isvery impressive and well worth a visit”
  6. 6. Riga Motormuseum Sergeja Eizensteina iela 6, Riga 1079, Latvia http://www.motormuzejs.lv “While most of the cars were serial models in the othersimilar museums I had been to, this one featured manyexclusive ones - made for the Romanian king, for Stalin orgiven as a gift to Gorky. In addition, it features a lot ofSoviet vehicles which were nice to remember.”
  7. 7. View of Riga from StPeters Church Tower Skarnu 19, Riga, Latvia If you would like a great view of Old Town Riga and thesurrounds then this is a must. Take your camera and beprepared for a stunning view of this magnificent City.
  8. 8. The Museum of theOccupation of Latvia Strelnieku laukums 1, Riga LV-1050, Latvia http://okupacijasmuzejs.lv/en “A wonderfully presented history of Latvias dreadfuloccupation by the Soviet Union and an absolute testament tothe strength and courage of the Latvian people. I was a bitconcerned that it would be overly depressing and heartwrenching, but overall, I found it uplifting to read how peoplesurvived and now thrive.”
  9. 9. Freedom Monument(Brivibas Piemineklis) 1 Brivivas iela / Pilsetas kanals, Riga, Latvia The Freedom Monument holds in her hands three stars,symbolising the three reigions of Latvia: Courland(Kurzeme), Livland (Vidzeme), Lettgallen (Latgale).
  10. 10. House of Blackheads 1 Kalku iela, Riga LV-1035 , Latvia “One of the most magnificent buildings in Town HallSquare is the House of Blackheads (circa 1334 and rebuiltin 1995-99), which once hosted a brotherhood of foreignmerchants and now serves as both a museum and concerthall.”
  11. 11. St. Peters Church Skarnu 19, Riga, Latvia Church itself was destroyed during the WW2 and rebuiltin the 60s. The bell tower gives great views across the oldtown and really helps with getting your bearings over thesmall city centre. Main church is pretty much the usualofferings with a small art/ jewellery exhibition.
  12. 12. Cat House Meistaru 19, Riga 1050, Latvia The story behind this unique architecture tells of itsLatvian owner who was denied membership in thepowerful Great Guild; to show his displeasure, he builttwo cat sculptures on his roof with their backsides facingthe Guild and their tails straight up to finish the insult.
  13. 13. Latvian War Museum(Latvijas Kara muzejs) Smilsu iela 20, Riga 1868, Latvia http://www.karamuzejs.lv/en/index.php Free entrance
  14. 14. Riga Ghetto and LatvianHolocaust Museum Maskavas 14a, Riga, Latvia http://www.rgm.lv/?lang=en “It takes some effort to find the museum. Yes, its in one of the warehousebuildings on your way from the open-closed giant marketplace. Thephotographs and the panels with names offer some information about whathow Latvias Jews lived before the war and what happened to them during theHolocaust. The museum is located in the former ghetto, and it is worth to take awalk in that area (most buildings exist till today).”
  15. 15. Swedish Gate (ZviedruVarti) 11 Tornu iela,, Riga, Latvia This is the only surviving city gate of Riga, which wasbuilt into the city wall in 1698 during Swedish rule.
  16. 16. Zorbing in Riga withZorb.lv Dzeguzkalns | Dzeguzu 30, Riga LV-1007, Latvia http://zorb.lv “The "Zorb" is an inflatable human hamster ball. First you hike up ahill, pull of your shoes, strap yourself into a harness, grab hold of thehandles and then you roll down a hillside guaranteed to leave you dizzy,breathless and laughing at the end of the ride”
  17. 17. Riga Boats Andrejostas Iela 4, Riga Lv-1045, Latvia http://luzumpunkts.lv/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=216Argas-laivas-laivas-pilst&catid=39Araksti&Itemid=292&lang=lv
  18. 18. Skyline Bar Elizabetes 55 | Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija, Riga, Latvia http://www.skylinebar.lv “Great bar with great drinks. The selection is very good, butnot over the top. The perfect place in Riga to lounge, socializeand party! They charge an entrance fee Thurs-Saturday of like 2lat, so no big deal”
  19. 19. Black Magic Bar Kalku Iela no 10, Riga, Latvia http://www.since1752.lv “Absolutely incredible place, Id highly recommend to go downstairsand enjoy the atmosphere of middle ages alchemy laboratory. You willbe guided by nice ladies into the secrets of balzams receipt, which, bythe grapevine, was invente there. Tasty coffee, lots of cocktails andsmall surprises. Must see!:)”
  20. 20. Studio 69 Terbatas str. 73, Riga 1001, Latvia http://info.studio69.lv/en/index.html “Well designed club with good sound and nice atmosphere. Itsalso possible to book a table there. This place is a part of hugeentertainment complex with SPA, hotel, fitness and otherclubs.”
  21. 21. Salve Ratslaukums 5, Riga LV-1050, Latvia http://www.salve.lv Price range: $7 - $20
  22. 22. Stock Pot Gertrudes iela 6, Riga, Latvia http://www.stockpot.lv Price range: $3 - $8
  23. 23. PIEJURA Kalku iela 2, Riga 1050, Latvia http://www.piejura.eu Price range: $5 - $17
  24. 24. Sweetday Cafe Tirgonu 9, Riga, Latvia http://sweetdaycafe.com Price range: $3 - $8
  25. 25. Pelmeni XL 7 Kalku, Riga, Latvia Price range: $5 - $10 “Pelmeni are a kind of ravioli filled with meat, often thought of asRussian cuisine. Pelmeni XXL is an interesting Gaudi-styled self-service restaurant in train station. Its self service, so grab a bowl, fill itwith the Pelmeni of your choice, and the lady at the cashier weighs thebowl and charges you accordingly. Toppings of Smetana, onions, etc.available. Cost works out to be 1-2 LVL.”
  26. 26. Scandal Club Kalķu 12/14 Riga www.scandal.lv
  27. 27. Moon Safari Krāmu iela 2, Riga, LV. https://www.facebook.com/moonsafari2010 http://www.moonsafari.lv