VEGA Park mission: development of enterprises


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Impact of global change to the socio-economic development of Venice

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VEGA Park mission: development of enterprises

  1. 1. Vega Park mission:development of enterprises Michele Vianello-General Director
  2. 2. VEGA shareholders: Comune di Venezia 37,3 Syndial 18,35Veneto Innovazione 16,9 Veritas SPA 5,59Provincia di Venezia 4,39 others and ENI ...............
  3. 3. What is VEGA?Which is VEGA’ s activity? 146 enterprises inside the Park 1800 employers in the Park 75% graduated people
  4. 4. We are in the middle of a change:before the PARK was an industrial decommissioned area, now we areworking to create anurban working lively area where people could create new business opportunities and share knowledge
  5. 5. infrastructure 300 mb optical fiberWIFI ICT ecosystem of innovation ICT companies cluster based not cloud settled in the Park ... on only computing applications VOIP VEGA Lab Cloud Computing
  6. 6. Nowaday the relationship betwen people (e.i. the conservations) create valueBit societyweb society Inside urban area we can find these kind of relations. The social networks are the strongest instruments that we use.
  7. 7. smart cities
  8. 8. The Pandora Building (Eywa)“A living organism in Marghera”
  9. 9. MEDIA BUILDINGInfrastractured whit optical fiber, wifi, is connected to cloud computing platforms. Cloud computing is conceid as a “collective memory” of “media building” activities. It is an Internet-oriented building.
  10. 10. PANDORA WAS DESIGNED WITH THE GOAL OF ENVIROMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY. PANDORA: “Green building machine” It is a living organism.It is equipped with sensors that make it possible virtuous behaviours.
  11. 11. ...unprecedented synergy betweengreen chemistry and nanotechnology
  12. 12. Green Oil Project The project is to create an industrial plant to test sostenability process of biorefinery.... our projects Green Site Project Supercritical fluid technologies for river and sea dredge sediment remediation
  13. 13. Project Life 2011: A pilot georeactor to test eficient ad safe nanoparticles to remediate POPs polluted soil and groundwater Project CIP Ecoinnovation 2011: Green water: nano-enhanced reactiveaerogel filters to support micropollutants removal
  14. 14. .... reuse solutions for areas of Porto Marghera.Our goal: to clean up the World!!!
  15. 15. PROGETTAZIONE VEGA IN ELABORAZIONE ED ISTRUTTORIASono in corso di elaborazione:In ambito ICT- SMART SOCIAL SYSTEM (7° Programma Quadro): Realizzazione di un sistema di rilevazione, interpretazione e gestione di dati per la sostenibilitàambientale, attraverso una piattaforma di dialogo georeferenziata da postare sui social network esistenti (API).- COWORKING ADRIATICO (IPA): Favorire la creazione di nuovi social business attraverso la realizzazione di un modello di coworking a supporto dellepolitiche sociali, del lavoro e della salute nell’area adriaticaIn ambito Green e Nano:- METALGEL (7° Programma Quadro): sviluppo di nuovi materiali polifunzionali a base di aerogels e nano particelle- GREEN FLASH (Life plus 2012): reattore pilota per la produzione di gas energetici mediante gassificazione di biomasse in acqua supercriticaSono in istruttoria:In ambito ICT:- VegaLab start (Por 4.1.1.): erogazione di servizi in cloud alle aziende venete- E.COM (Mse): tecnologie innovative per e-commerceIn ambito Green e Nano:- Biotag (L.R. 9/2007)- Green Lake (Life plus 2011) Tecnologie avanzate per il disinquinamento del SIN Laghi di Mantova e Polo Chimico.- Green Lake (eco-innovation 2011): simulatore per tecnologie dinamiche di bonifica
  16. 16. An italian bank would finance this merry band?1978
  17. 17. Start-up and incubator at VEGA: establishmentof a new opportunity for new business!!!
  18. 18. grazie per l’attenzione il mio blog http://www.michelecamp.itle mie mail: