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Being interviewed by media is a completely different experience than speaking and presenting. The illusion that it is as easy as answering questions, is the first way you can be tripped.

Your media interviews are very important. You have spent a lot of time and money crafting your story, your brand and gaining the attention of the media. Now is not the time to drop the ball and lose out on making your big media moment a reality.

I tested this theory last year as I asked a very smart colleague to come on air with me after a fantastic guest had been on my radio show. This featured guest had talked about a topic that lined up the next conversation I wanted to bring listeners with them beautifully. I connected with my colleague LIVE during show and they learned with their feet to the fire, what they were brilliant before going on-air, was not the same as being LIVE on radio in a media interview.

What happened? Simple.

Knowing your topic is not sufficient to communicate your expertise in an interview.

It is like comparing a two step dance with the Salsa. They are both dances, but require totally different step, rhythm, and skill needed to execute well.

The same with media interviews.

How do you want to be seen, heard and trusted with your media interviews?

I dissect your performance, then help you perfect your pitch and nail every question.

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Media Interview Training

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