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Moving Towards a Channel Shift Approach


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Moving towards a ‘channel shift’ approach Michele Ide-Smith, Web Strategy Manager Cambridgeshire County Council June 2011
  • 2. What is channel shift to us?
    • Understanding our customers better and improving customer service
    • Delivering services more efficiently and effectively through the right channels
  • 3. What does that really mean?
    • Understanding who our customers are, the services and channels they use
    • Moving services online when it makes sense to
    • Improving user experience (get it right first time)
    • Measuring contacts through all channels
    • Establishing local interaction costs
    • Analysing metrics and tracking trends and measuring the benefits of channel shift
    • Developing a strategy, improving current channels and developing new channels
  • 4. Some background
    • We are a two-tier county and aim to work in partnership with Districts where possible
    • Cambridgeshire has been providing web self-service to customers since 2004
    • Lacking a strategy which ensures we consistently deliver the right services, through the right channels to the right customers
  • 5. Structure of the teams Service Transformation Web Strategy Information Management Information Technology Contact Centre Portfolio and Project Management Enablers Analysis and Review
  • 6. Some struggles
    • Getting hold of the right data
    • Having the right culture and governance
    • Investing to improving channels
  • 7. Getting hold of the right data
    • We have web and Contact Centre data
    • But no face-to-face data and no phone/email data from services
    • Resistance from services to collect data
    • Difficulties matching web top tasks to Contact Centre codes – and are calls being coded correctly?
  • 8. Culture and governance
    • “We know our customers best” - services make assumptions about their customers and the channels they prefer
    • Need buy-in from senior managers to use customer data, to shape how we deliver services through contact channels
  • 9. Improving channels
    • ‘Digital by default’ – get services online
    • Culture of budget cuts
    • Solid business case needed to secure investment in channel development, improvement and back office integration
      • e.g. integration of payments with back office finance system, integration of web transactions and CRM
  • 10. Some successes
    • Website top tasks – analysis of data, evolution of templates to focus on tasks, improved user experience
    • Highways Reporting and wider Highways review – driving down service delivery costs and improving customer service
    • Customer Insight work – segments and personas
    • Customer Service Strategy - programme in development to gather data consistently and identify opportunities for channel shift
    • Improved, collaborative working with the Contact Centre and Partners
  • 11. Top Tasks
  • 12. Top tasks
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15. The website evolves based on user testing, analytics and customer feedback
  • 16.  
  • 17. Back office integration
    • High volume customer transactions should have seamless back office integration
      • Reduces customer contact
      • Improves customer service – contacts managed more quickly
  • 18.  
  • 19. Web front-end talks to CRM and works management system
  • 20. Track channel usage
  • 21. Measure channel shift trends
  • 22. “ Customer insight is one of the key tools available to enable councils to redesign services in ways that save money and improve customer satisfaction”. Local Government, Improvement & Development
  • 23. Customer Segmentation
  • 24. Add transactional data 100% 26% 2250 582 Totals 38% 18% 875 159 Typical Traits 39% 25% 875 220 Prospering Suburbs 17% 34% 375 127 Countryside 6% 23% 125 29 Blue Collar Communities - - 0 47 Other % in Bar Hill % Attending Library Bar Hill Households Customers  
  • 25. Create personas…
  • 26. … to help understand customers
  • 27. Customer Service Strategy Marketing comms strategy Customer Insight Channel Shift strategy Data collation/ analysis/ personas Behaviour change Performance indicators Current situation Service specific channel strategy Future ESD toolkit / service audit Benefits management Contact Management Strategy (Infrastructure) Set up channels Develop processes/standards/ policy Define protocols for customer information management Data driven Customer intelligence Customer Engagement (Localism link)
  • 28. Our next steps
    • Audit of services - develop a list of transactional services and collect data to identify quick wins and opportunities for channel shift and channel improvements
    • Gain buy-in from Senior Managers to using customer insight data and personas
    • Programme of work for channel development and channel shift projects
  • 29. Opportunities
    • Partnerships - utilising one stop shops, information kiosks at libraries / leisure centres and shared web infrastructure
    • Mobile information / apps – 31% of internet users access the web via mobile devices (4.23% of our total site traffic)
    • Learning from best practise elsewhere – Tameside, Surrey, Liverpool and others
  • 30. For more information
    • Michele Ide-Smith, Web Strategy Manager
    • Cambridgeshire County Council
    • Phone: 01223 699710
    • Twitter: @micheleidesmith
    • Blog:
    • Email: [email_address]