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Altla workshop

  1. 1. ALTA!Achieving Learning Through Technology and Access Michele Dawson
  2. 2. Two Day Agenda• Welcome and Overview • Versatility of Google Docs• Marzano’s Nine Strategies • Enhancing Learning with• Technology Tools that enhance learning-Note taking Webspiration • Planning using Multiple Strategies• Quickie Wiki • Create Multimedia Project• Ipod Touch: Literacy at your • Sharing Project fingertips • Posting to Authentic Audience• Connecting Strategies and Technology with Graphic • Reflection Wiki Organizers• Reflection Wiki Full Agenda
  3. 3. Outcomes• Identify technologies that support research based strategies• Knowledge and use of a variety of digital tools to enhance instruction• Create resources and best practices to share with colleagues
  4. 4. Introduction In Your PocketFind something in your pocket or purse which represents your use of technology in classroom instruction
  5. 5. Marzano’s Nine Research Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement• Identifying Similarities and Differences• Nonlinguistic Representations• Summarizing and Note Taking• Cues, Questions, and Advanced Organizers• Cooperative Learning• Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback• Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition• Generating and Testing• Hypotheses• Homework and Practice
  6. 6. Why Technology Collaboration21st Century Learning Authentic Personalization Relevance
  7. 7. Why Technology• Real life learning that promotes inquiry and create authentic learning experiences• Providing scaffolding and tools to enhance learning and additional opportunities for feedback• Building global and local Communities• Individualize and differentiate instruction to meet student learning styles• Access to Culturally Relevant Curriculum and Literature• Promote 21st century skills, including critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills
  8. 8. Technology is just ONE ToolforLearning
  9. 9. curriculum drives technology
  10. 10. Web 2.0 ToolsPodcasts ScratchWikis ScrapblogBlogs Google DocumentsSocial Networks Ipods, Cellphones Voicethread-
  11. 11. Online Literacy ResourcesReadwritethinkMany Tools to Create on lineMultimedia ProjectsQuizzes and on-line activities See wiki for additional Websites
  12. 12. Assistive TechnologyTalking Text• Helps students who struggle with reading or composing or speaking grammatically correct academic English• Kidpix and InspirationSummarizing Text• Highlight text can focus on key words, themes,• readability of text and grade level for any document.• Graphic CuesGraphic Organizers• incorporating both images and text for analysis; ex. Compare/contrast• Resources : Inspiration , FREE CMAP, :
  13. 13. Student Centered Learning Examples
  14. 14. American Revolution Project• eslconfPresentationsRevolutionVocab_O CR_Gr5_U4.isf
  15. 15. American Revolution ProjectTechnology to use– Imovie– Garageband– Photostory 3– MovieMaker 2– Audacity
  16. 16. Integrated Science and ELA
  17. 17. Integrated Science and ELA• Technology Used• Scratch• Ipod/Itunes• Inspiration
  18. 18. Hand Held Devices• Give the ability to access tools and data at anytime, anywhere.• Communicate• create essays -create spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations• -read an eBook -take pictures and videos -beam projects and assignments to peers or teachers• Handhelds can also help students organize: – allowing students to self-correct their work. – Using alarms to remind students to attend special classes or finish task. – Using calendars to help students organize and recall assignment instructions and due dates.
  19. 19. Classroom Use
  20. 20. Anytime Anywhere Learning
  21. 21. Anytime Anywhere Learning
  22. 22. Assessment• Quia Pre-assessment• E-Portfolios• Rubrics••
  23. 23. ALTA! Wiki