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  1. 1. Fenix communications agency Comunique Aztec chocolate
  2. 2. Strategic planning Mission & Vision Statement Being the best is not enough, you have to be perceived as the best Create and establish the ideal image Being creative with different communication tools Earn customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvement Providing outstanding quality, service and value Driven by integrity, teamwork and innovation Core values Research is the core of every campaign
  3. 3. Brand analysis Aztec chocolate The newest brand on the chocolate market Chocolate pralines, decadent and rich in flavor Wide range of high quality products Luxury and sophistication Creativity in the designs International character Glamorous gift giving
  4. 4. Brand analysis Product range Alpha-class: exclusive Beta-class: very high prices Gamma-class: high prices Delta-class: medium prices Quality & design rises together with the prices
  5. 5. Brand analysis Location G4 Personal approach 4 shops, one in each city Small, but notable shops Limited outlets to increase exclusivity Cities were selected based on their character
  6. 6. Market Research All facts and figures are published on or
  7. 7. Target group
  8. 8. Economic research State of trade High state of trade Recession Progression Low state of trade We step in here Temporarily consequences: Low consumption of luxury goods Hard to find investors Future consequences: High class will cut less and less in the budget for luxuries More and more entrepreneurs
  9. 9. Economic research Income classes Target group
  10. 10. Economic research Income classes evolution Influential facts Consumers who have more to spend, cut earlier in budget for luxuries Households lay more money aside because of the financial crisis Consumers are optimistic about the future again Entrepreneurs have the most financial power The middle class shrinks, upper class grows Now recession, tomorrow progression Purchasing power is rising again People spend less on food
  11. 11. Economic research Spending
  12. 12. Economic research Chocolate market
  13. 13. Economic research Chocolate market Pralines/bonbons are becoming more and more exclusive The production of luxury pralines has experienced a double growth in 2008 and continues to grow Compared with other European nations, the Netherlands is among the lowest in percentage of chocolate users.
  14. 14. The quest for luxury pralines increases rapidly within the chocolate market… So dare to be different
  15. 15. Leonidas Bonbons Neuhaus Bonbons Godiva Nederland Daskalidès Nederland Sweertvaegher Rudolf Vermeulen Bonbons Chocolaterie Cerisette Leonidas Bonbons Neuhaus Bonbons Godiva Nederland Daskalidès Nederland Sweertvaegher Rudolf Vermeulen Bonbons Chocolaterie Cerisette Economic research Direct competitors Droste Godiva Chocovic Neuhaus Daskalidès Leonidas Bonbons
  16. 16. Economic research Indirect competitors Mars Dove Milka Snickers Cote d’Or Toblerone
  17. 17. Media research The medium is the message Aztec chocolate focuses on taste, quality, image and design No use of magazines, newspapers, cinema or radio as they have limited possibilitiesor are not ideal for reaching our target group
  18. 18. One quarter of the Dutch people watch TV using the internet. Media research Television Conclusion: Nederland 1, RTL 4 and SBS 6 could be interesting Note: ¼ of the Dutch watch television using the internet
  19. 19. Media research Internet Facts: More and more people write and read blogs The Dutch love to buy by using webs hops The use of the internet keeps rising Most popular sites (2005 & 2009) Conclusion: Reach opinion leaders to get positive attention in blogs
  20. 20. Marketing communications plan Target audience Sophisticated 30-55 years Men and women Expensive taste Wealthy Luxurious lifestyle Highly educated Up to date
  21. 21. Marketing communications plan Goals Behavioral intention: gift giving 2. Increasing brand awareness: becoming a top of mind brand 3. Brand attitude: providing a connotation between Aztec chocolate & ‘the good life’ Aztec chocolate, too good to keep it for yourself
  22. 22. Marketing communications plan Atmosphere Marketing communications plan Goals
  23. 23. Marketing communications plan Mix &
  24. 24. Marketing communications plan Time schedule
  25. 25. Pre-event Teaser Coming soon… Wealth Perfection Sophistication Success Luxurious gift giving
  26. 26. Pre-event Announcement Reaching bloggers & online community Social media & blogs Reaching press & opinion leaders Invitations 3. Reaching future customers Advertising Commercialk
  27. 27. Event Enchantedcollection This collection will consist out of 20 handmade pralines, produced by using only the finest ingredients The Enchanted collection is a collaboration between Aztec chocolate and Swarovski The collection, rich and decadent in flavor, will breath artistic creativity
  28. 28. Event Enchantedcollection Limited edition Pralines can be bought Underneath message Launch a very expensive collection to: associate with luxury, sophistication & high quality increase brand awareness gain free press attention
  29. 29. Event Swarovski Objects of desire and beauty Stands for a luxurious lifestyle and glamorous gift giving Aztec chocolate carries out the exact same image
  30. 30. Event Vip & Press-opening & afterparty Friday 04-06-10 Tour & collection Gifts Short key-note Questions Exclusive lounge
  31. 31. Event Grand-opening Saturday 05-06-10 Tour & collection Special offers
  32. 32. Post-eventadvertising Storyboard
  33. 33. Aztec chocolate FemkeSchepersMichèleKog Thank you for your attention Koen Vanderhoydonck Fenix C.A.