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Idea idea the app

  1. 1. IDEAIDEAA simple app for Real-Time gathering ideas andbuilding Innovation Networks.
  2. 2. This slideshare presents a unique app forgathering & sharing ideas and creatinginnovation networks.Would you like to help CoCreate IDEA IDEA?View this slideshareWould you like to learn more or get in contactwith us, please click here.
  3. 3. Collaboration and especially Real-TimeCollaboration, have recently become big words.
  4. 4. Just look at what McKinsey Institute Analysis wrote:
  5. 5. “Improved communication andcollaboration through social technologiescould raise the productivity of interactionworkers by 20 to 25 percent.”Source: International Data Corporation (IDC); McKinsey Institute analysis. July 2012
  6. 6. The reason is that “improvedcommunication and collaboration” removesthe distance between us.A better communication flow andinteraction simply results in heightenedcreativity, productivity and innovation.
  7. 7. This means faster knowledge transaction and ata lower cost, better networks and moreeffective international reach.
  8. 8. Of course an idea gathering, sharing andcollaborative system must follow the main trendsof today’s users.What are the trends?
  9. 9. Overall it is incredibly hard to argue the case for the laptopwhen it comes to competing against the smartphone.[...] they are far more convenient to use when it comes tosocial media and even the most innovative laptops will neveroffer the level of interactivity that smartphones do.Holly Powell.
  10. 10. Paradigm shift in collaborative behaviors of companiesRainer Mewaldt
  11. 11. TrendsforIdeaIdeaAccessibility is key.90% of everyone, 90% of thetime, needs a simple and easy-to-use solution, that has greatimpact.But the right solution must beright at hand.
  12. 12. TrendsforIdeaIdea The overall trend is thatsmartphones and tablets at anaccelerate rate are more andmore used as the centralcommunication tool for a widevariety of use.Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker, December 10, 2012.
  13. 13. TrendsforIdeaIdeaThis basically says that users wantto be able to work “on the fly”,anywhere at anytime and theywant to connect.
  14. 14. Whydo weneedIdea IdeaAs a Start-up, we recognizethese trends and needs.We continuously findourselves in need of asimple and powerful app tohelp us gather data andinsights from partners,friends and fans.
  15. 15. Whydo weneedIdea IdeaAnd our customers andpartners, like us, need agreat tool but can’t findanything that satisfies theirneed.What’s the need?
  16. 16. WhataretheneedsA need we all recognize.It’s the situations where we needto ask for everyones good ideas.
  17. 17. WhataretheneedsBut what happens then?We invite people to contribute viaemail, a meeting or workshopand then we pray for winnermaterial.
  18. 18. WhataretheneedsAll too often, we end up shelvingknowledge, ideas and importantprojects.
  19. 19. WhataretheneedsOur experience is that getting theinformation we need to build anddesign new ideas is toocumbersome and too difficult.
  20. 20. WhataretheneedsWe loose business, important(global) problems remain unsolvedand instead of implementinginnovative improvements, thingsremain the same.
  21. 21. WhataretheneedsWe need to be able to accessand utilize the 90% of creativity thatoccurs in between meeting up. Andwe need to do so the right way!
  22. 22. HowIdeaIdeaworksThe user posts a #vision*and themes. A real-timecrowd can add text andmultimedia to themes.*Open visions are Twitterable and can be shared via social media
  23. 23. HowIdeaIdeaworksAs fast as the crowdcontributes, the appstructures the contributions,forming an idea-map.
  24. 24. DesignIdeas -CreateNetworksWith this tool, we’ll beable to act fast and “onthe fly” - just like whenwe Tweet.
  25. 25. DesignIdeas -CreateNetworksand build innovationnetworks as we go.
  26. 26. What makesIdeaIdeaso uniqueYou can invite a closed network or involve awhole crowd with closed or open #visionsIdeas are in play at once and stay alive
  27. 27. What makesIdeaIdeaso uniqueYou can follow ideas and #visionsView details, stats or the idea-map as it’screated.Work on the fly, at any time and anywhere
  28. 28. What makesIdeaIdeaso uniqueContribute using text and multimediaReal-time collaboration and notificationExport material for further useGet badges, earn points and releasestunning new functions
  29. 29. Here are a few of the mock-ups made as part of the pre-visualization for the designer.The designer uses the mock-ups as inspiration to designthe prototype graphics.
  30. 30. Signing in
  31. 31. Idea for layoutPinterest and the brand new google+ layout is really showing the way
  32. 32. Viewing VisionsStart a vision and view visions from here
  33. 33. Vision “front screen”Click on a vision and what do you see?
  34. 34. Starting a vision
  35. 35. ContributionsThis is one of the idea maps. Scroll to see all the contributions or exportthem to see or work with on a computer.
  36. 36. Your “controller”The MyBase - from here, you can control everything. Your personal profile,view visions and then there’s a real-time news feed. Notice how gainingpoints releases new levels & skills.
  37. 37. Examples of ourdesigner’s graphics
  38. 38. Technology forIdeaIdeaWe will be using html5. Maturationlevels are sufficient at this point.The next level of development willinclude data visualization andaugmented reality (QR code and GPS)advancing into 3D graphics.
  39. 39. Co-developingIdeaIdeaWe will have a closed collaborationsite where co-testers and co-developers + investors & donators canfollow “behind the scenes material”including Blogs, new graphicscomments, dialog, trials and cases.
  40. 40. Social mediaIdeaIdeaIn collaboration with one of ourpartners, we will have weekly eventson Twitter also using Google+ andFacebook to gather weekly questions.Material suitable for other sites suchas Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube,Slideshare etc will be postedfrequently.
  41. 41. MarketingIdeaIdeaIn collaboration with nordicADmedia,there will be comprehensive internetmarketing, targeting multiple types ofusers and needs.We also have partnerships with otherspecialists to ensure sales.
  42. 42. Advanced use ofIdeaIdeaAt this point it will be possible fordisplay a 3D augmented realityprototype in a board meeting.Or a possible new building could bedisplayed and people can real-timecomment and see it.It will be visible using smartphones,tablets and the coming smart glasses.
  43. 43. “This would solve our communicationflow problems when working on newprojects in one stroke”- a senior level project manager“We would like to beta-test it for anew virtual education program”- official from Bali“Could you please include a businesscanvas template?Then I can make abusiness ecosystem with Co-workersfrom around the world”- A consultant in Boston“[..] and basically design new productswith our customers with Idea Idea”- an executive from a Copenhagen based company“Can I invite attendees from ourconference for them to help us makea better conference next year?”- an event manager from a british marketing agencyThese are just a few of the responses we’ve recieved...