Aces buyback again, stocks find pillar of


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Aces buyback again, stocks find pillar of

  1. 1. ACES Buyback Again, Stocks Find Pillar of Rebound Elfa Adriana Ginting Eunike Yuliana Febriana Dialusi Hasianta Maria Felicia Micha Paramitha Raynova R Saphira Grace Syukur Gulo
  2. 2. ACES Buyback Again, Stocks Find Pillar of Rebound PT Ace Hardware Tbk (ACES) menyatakan telah melakukan pembelian kembali saham (buyback) sekitar Rp 2,49 miliar atau sekitar 3,351 juta saham. Menurut perseroan, transaksi buyback itu dilakukan pada tanggal 20-24 September 2013. Previously the company had buyback approximately 2.29 million shares of with fund of Rp1.67 billion transaction. The transaction was conducted on 16-18 September 2013. The Company plans to re-do the buyback with plans to spend around Rp34.30 billion or 20 per cent of the paid-up capital. In addition, the company also restrict buyback price at a price under $ 800 per share.
  3. 3. ACES Buyback Again, Stocks Find Pillar of Rebound The buyback steps are carried out in accordance with Financial Services Authority regulations (FSA) No. 2/POJK.04/2013 repurchase shares issued by publicly listed companies in the market conditions fluctuate significantly. For the stock price movements to trading this morning, ACES has gone up 10 points from the previous day's close of trading on Rp.730 position. But on a weekly basis this stock has dropped Rp10 per share since the beginning of this week.
  4. 4. Aces
  5. 5. ANALYSIS
  6. 6. Background Global political tensions linked to Syria war Reduction of U.S. Government Bond Purchases Indonesia Macroeconomic Conditions Foreign investors withdraw their funds from Indonesia
  7. 7. Background Foreign investors withdraw their funds from Indonesia Foreign investors sell their shares Stock index Fall
  8. 8. IHSG movement Sale of shares by foreign investors led to a jointstock index dropped drastically. Psychological condition causes poor investment and local investor panic that need systematic and immediate handling.
  9. 9. Solution Stock index Fall Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 2/POJK.04/2013 YEAR 2013 Date August 23, 2013 About Buy Back Shares Issued By Issuers or Public Companies In The Market Conditions Fluctuate Significantly
  10. 10. Buyback Definition: The repurchase of outstanding shares by a company in order to reduce the number of shares on the market. (Sumber : www. A corporation's repurchase of stock or bonds it has issued. (Sumber :
  11. 11. Purpose of Buyback 1. To reduce the number of shares on the market 2. To increase the value of shares (reducing supply) 3. To put unused cash to use; 4. To increase control of the company.
  12. 12. Conclusion 1. Global Economy Factor has an strong impact to investment domestic 2. The fall of IHSG Jakarta also have an impact with the fall of ACES stock price 3. When ACES do the buyback, it seems there has been a recovery in stock prices. However, fluctuations in stock prices ACES also heavily influenced by the financial company fundamentals TSB.