Useful chrome extensions for seo


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This document helps to know the helpful chrome extensions which use for SEO purpose.

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  • i hope this slide is very helpful to you to know the chrome extensions which help to seo activities. I start webmaster blog to share more and recent details about SEO.
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Useful chrome extensions for seo

  1. 1. Useful Chrome Extensions for SEO Broken Links “Check my links” is a useful extension in chrome for checking broken links. Broken links impact site performance even the website is very quality. To get this extension just follow the URL and click add to chrome button. One popup window appears in front of you. Click add button. Chrome intimates you once the extension got ready to work
  2. 2. Page Speed “PageSpeed Insights” which is offered by google is a useful tool for all webmasters to find where the problem is? Load time is very important for each and every website. Surfers only love which sites work rapidly. So add this extension in your browser and improve the load time. Get this extension here 301 or 302 “Redirect Path” is a best extension to check HTTP header status. 301 and 302 redirections are very important in SEO. You did not get any results through 302 links. It is a temporary redirection. It is not alive for long time. So be careful when you choose the websites for link building. Go ahead if the websites redirect the links as 301 else leave it. To get this extension, visit
  3. 3. Page Rank “PageRank Status” helps to easily find the page rank. It does not need any click to view the page rank. You can also check out more information like alexa traffic rank, back link counts, index status, Site info, site speed, page information, cache status, etc by just one clicking. Get this extension here
  4. 4. SERP Trends “SERPTrends” SEO Extension is a nice extension. It helps to find keywords positions of your website in search engine result pages (SERP) and also track the position status. You cannot check the positions manually. It shows the position as numeric value at left side in SERP with arrow mark which denotes increase or decrease. Click the following link to get this extension Google Analytics “Client for google analytics” is the best extension. You can check more details of your website even you did not stay in google analytics page. Automatically it shows the daily visits for which profile you chose last in this extension. To get this extension just click here
  5. 5. Shared By Webmasters Spot Webmasters spot is a blog. It shares recent information about search engines, on page SEO and off page SEO strategies. Follow this blog to get recent updates.