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Technology instructions for using maestro and skype for cec
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Technology instructions for using maestro and skype for cec


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Technology instructions for using Maestro, Skype and Google Docs for participants in Conscious Evolution Coaching groups. …

Technology instructions for using Maestro, Skype and Google Docs for participants in Conscious Evolution Coaching groups.

Proposed business model for Conscious Evolution Coaching for discussion in

Conscious Evolution Coaching (CEC) is for coaches, therapists and healers who wish to become more fully and consciously open to the emergence of the New Era and whose life purpose is to serve the Highest Good through the healing power of Love.

CEC is a connected network of small groups meeting once a week using a proven combination of traditional and modern spiritual tools and practices. The organisation is structured as a collaborative social enterprise operated on behalf of its lead coaching members.

Working in small groups we accelerate our own and the collective shift in consciousness by releasing our attachments and raising our vibrations. This is through coaching others to accelerate their own shift in consciousness by coaching others.

In Conscious Evolution Coaching, I accelerate my own shift in consciousness through accelerating another’s shift in consciousness with love.

Join the group in the Shift Movement Community:

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  • 1. Instructions for Using Maestro and Skype for Conscious Evolution Coaching (CEC)and a bit about using Google Docs.Maestro works purely in audio mode (so no integrated presentation or video facilities).However it has a good breakout facility for when we coach each other.The call-in to Maestro is over the phone. For international users (like those in the USA), acost-effective way to call is to use SkypeOut. It costs about $3 for a 90-minute call. Ifyou need SkypeOut and don’t have it, please go to Skype and learn about it under theFeatures tab - select Phones & Mobiles. (Skype may not label it SkypeOut but it’s the$2.3cents/min calling feature.) You put in money (credit) to cover calls as needed. Irecommend starting with $10. Or you can subscribe by the month. Take time now tolearn about it and subscribe so you are ready for our meeting.Here’s how we connect via the Maestro technology…1. Michael Wolff will send an email with an invitation for our meeting. The email willinclude information like this:The link to connect with the call on Thursday 14th June at 2.30pm BST, 9.30am EST,8.30am CST, 7.30am MT and 6.30am PST is Click on that link WHEN you get the email - don’t postpone. The resulting screenwill look like this:Complete your name and email address and submit. This registers you AND generates anew email to you titled Registration Confirmation for Conscious Evolution Coaching.
  • 2. 3. In the email titled Registration Confirmation for Conscious Evolution Coaching, willbe the call-in number and pin #, and a link to the Maestro Participant Dashboard. Savethis email. You will need it to participate in our meeting. Also write the call-in and pinon paper so it’s handy for you.4. About 3-5 minutes before our meeting, if you are NOT using Skype, skip to Step 5. Ifyou are using Skype to call in, do this step before Step 5. Open Skype and log on. Youwill then see a symbol like this near the upper right of your screen.Click that phone with 9 buttons to show your dial pad. Dial into the meeting by enteringthe phone number from the Registration Confirmation for Conscious Evolution Coachingemail, and then use the dial pad again to enter the pin and # when promoted. Listenclosely as you are entering numbers so you will hear the automated voice prompting youand confirming you are connected on the call. This is important since you may hear onlysilence after that, or there may be music playing.Tip: On Skype, if you need to get to your home page or contact page during our call, butyou don’t know how, here’s how. On the left margin is a menu. It looks like this:If you can’t see it on your screen, look for a symbol, probably near the left side. Holdyour curser over the symbol to see the word that pops up. You’re looking for menu ormenu bar or something like that. Click it and your side menu will appear. Then you cannavigate between Home, Contacts and the Current Call you’re on if you need to.5. Once you are connected by phone (having dialed in via Skype or through your ownphone), you must ALSO connect to the visual portion of our meeting by using Maestro.To connect on Maestro:
  • 3. - Open the email titled Registration Confirmation for Conscious Evolution Coaching.- Click on the link for the Participant Dashboard. You will then see this:Click Connect. You will be taken to the next screen.6. You will now be on the Participant Dashboard for Maestro, which looks like this:Keep this Participation Dashboard open throughout our meeting.
  • 4. When Michael puts a new link on this dashboard, it will replace the one (in the pictureabove) under URL from Conference Host. When you click that link, it takes you to thepresentation he is sharing with us.If your link does not change, then refresh your page and it will. To refresh yourwebpage, you click on the symbol in the box of your browser where you type a websiteaddress (URL). Your symbol may look like this:Or it may look different. If you don’t know how to refresh your webpage, ask any kid inyour neighborhood to show you. 7. While we’re on the call, you use your dial pad (the phone/9 button symbol on Skype)for certain actions. - To mute yourself, press 6. - To un-mute yourself, press 6 again. You might not be able to un-mute yourself if Michael has muted us. - To raise your hand, hit any number between 1 and 5. - To send a link to Michael, copy it and then paste into the feedback box on Maestro and click submit, or paste it into the box near the bottom of your screen in Skype and hit enter (click).8. Getting the link for your Google Docs presentation.- Go to In the menu along the top, click Documents.- Log in using your normal gmail log-in name and password.- Click on the name of your presentation, which opens it.- In the upper right corner is a blue Share button – click that. It opens a window like this:The URL to send to Michael is in the Link to Share box. Copy that and then paste it intothe Maestro Feedback box or the Skype comment box.