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Conscious Evolution Coaching (CEC) is a transformative body/mind practice facilitating graceful and harmonious transition for people who ...

Conscious Evolution Coaching (CEC) is a transformative body/mind practice facilitating graceful and harmonious transition for people who

• want help dealing with change and the emotions this triggers
• seek to expand their sense of meaning, purpose and empowerment, and their experience of love and joy
• wish to bring these same benefits to others as part of their service to our evolving world.

Participants contribute to the development of a new world by changing themselves and assisting others who wish to do the same. In this way, all parties achieve an accelerated growth in consciousness.

In contrast to other consciousness acceleration programs, Conscious Evolution Coaching provides deep support for both personal transformation and business development. Participants are helped to discover their own authentic purpose and to earn a fulfilling and sustainable income.



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My sacral power My sacral power Document Transcript

  • Are you waking up and remembering who you are as a spiritual being? Do you want help dealing with the change we see all around us? Are you struggling to make sense of the emotional reactions this triggers?Are you seeking to re-discover your sense of meaning, purpose and empowerment? Are you looking to expand your experience of Love and Joy? Do you wish to bring these same benefits to others as part of your service to our evolving world?What if you could be part of a small like-minded group that provided you the deep support and guidance you need to BE the Shift? What if you can BE the Shift and earn your living doing what you love?
  • Experience how it feels to  step fully into your own authentic power by aligning your life with your values and your core beliefs  accelerate your own and others’ transformation by shifting from a state of separation, isolation and egoism to an expansive, embodied and unifying evolution of consciousness  acknowledge, accept and embrace what is, whatever it is  transform your deepest fears and pain into Love and Joy  coach others to find their power by coaching others to come into theirs  fulfill your deeper Life Purpose through serving the world in its time of need  give and receive deep mutual coaching and healing support by joining one of our Shift Incubators, a small group of like-minded individuals dedicated to raising their own and the vibrations of the planet.Learn how to  embody the Shift by engaging your Sacral Power to fully align with the energetic flow of the universe  apply our Shift Essentials, an integrated suite of embodied healing modalities and spiritual practices, enabling you to accelerate the healing of all aspects of your life through deeply fulfilling and powerful relationship and practice  be the Shift, making a graceful transition from a world in crisis to one in renewal and re-birth  be a Shift Leader, helping others to navigate this change  attract abundance and prosperity for yourself and others.Do you sometimes say to yourself?  I’m still not sure what I have been called to do in this life  Some my thoughts and actions are driven by fear rather than by love  I’d like to be more connected to my intuitive guidance and the energetic flow of the universe
  •  I feel overwhelmed by the changes that I think are necessary in the world  I’m not up to the task of making the changes.IMAGINE for a moment that you could learn how to  be totally centred and grounded in your own power  be connected energetically with the world as it is  transform your fear and other negative emotions into the higher vibrations of Love, Joy and Peace  understand, neutralize and evolve the deep unconscious habits and patterns that drive you to keep re- creating painful experiences in your life  use the above to help others and make a profound difference to the world  be fully aligned with your purpose and able to support yourself and others in the process.The Emergence of New Structures for Sacral PowerWe live in an increasingly uncertain world and there is a growing sense that the organizations and institutionsthat have supported our lives are no longer working. They are starting to break down. This gradual collapse isevident throughout the world and across all sectors – including government, finance, commerce, health,education, defense and transport.The survival of these structures depends on the ability to sustaincontinuous growth.This is putting an intolerable strain on the natural resources of theplanet.There are growing doubts that we can solve this problem without theinevitable collapse of the old and the emergence of new structures.Driven by fear, these structures were created out of the need to control by exercising power over nature (andover each other). Today’s structures were shaped out of the consciousness of those that created them and are now expressed by the people who live and work within them. When loss of control in this consciousness is threatened, it gives rise to fear and anger. In the consciousness of “power over” there are no other means of resolving the conflicts that could arise other than through force.
  • We now have massively powerful weapons of mass destruction. If we wish to avoid the danger of destroyingourselves and life on this planet, clearly we need a different way of harmonizing our relationships with eachother and the world. A primary requirement for change therefore is to shift collectively to another level ofconsciousness from which we can create new structures.This tension can be resolved when we discover a new form of power, namely the ability to exercise power withnature and each other rather than power over. This entails shifting from a consciousness of separation to one ofOneness. In Oneness, we recognize that everything in the universe is energetically interconnected, and that theprimary driver is Love. From this consciousness of Love, new structures can be created.What we are witnessing is the evolutionary emergence of SacralPower.This is the manifestation of Power With and the basis for relationshipwithin a level of consciousness which is expressed through Love, Joyand Peace.It is “Sacral” because it entails the embodiment of universal energeticinterconnectedness and the conscious alignment with the co-creativeevolutionary impulse of Source.This power is also “Sacred” in so far as it enables us to align ourselveswith Divine Will.Conscious Evolution Coaching – A Transformative Body/Mind PracticeConscious Evolution Coaching (CEC) is a new organizational structure arising out of the consciousness ofOneness and Love. Its purpose is to develop leaders for the New Era. For these new leaders, CEC is atransformative body/mind practice facilitating the graceful and harmonious transition from the Old to the NewEra.Participants contribute to the development of a new world by changing themselves and assisting others whowish to do the same. In this way, all parties achieve an accelerated growth in consciousness, shifting fromseparation to Oneness, from fear to Love.Conscious Evolution Coaching - The Embodiment of Sacral PowerMichael Wolff, Ellen Kratka, Mike Bell, Morag Paterson and the other co-founders of Conscious Evolution Coaching are world leaders in thedevelopment of new organizational structures emerging out of SacralPower.They have made it their Life Purpose to pioneer new ways of workingtogether by reclaiming our Sacral Power and re-discovering how throughour connection with Source, the planet and each other, we can mutuallyfulfil our collective evolutionary Purpose.Through the power of Love, we can restore harmony, abundance andwellbeing into our lives.
  • Based on deeply supported mutual coaching and healing, Conscious Evolution Coaching is for those who areready to step into their Sacral Power. CEC is for new leaders, whose intention is to grow in consciousness inorder to shift from a state of separation, limitation and egoism to an expansive, embodied and unifyingevolution of consciousness. This is in order to  discover your own authentic voice, purpose and path  heal your past wounds and dysfunctional relationships  be grounded, centered and powerful  evolve old limiting beliefs and patterns  transform your own and another’s negative emotions into Love, Joy and Peace  be guided through increasing intuition and awareness to achieve a positive future for yourself and others.In addition to providing a mutual support structure for personal transformation, CEC provides the support forparticipants to earn a sustainable income through fulfilling and rewarding work.Conscious Evolution Coaching - A Collaborative EnterpriseConscious Evolution Coaching is a Collaborative Enterprise for Conscious Evolution Coaches. The enterprise is anot-for-profit umbrella organization that supports the development of an interconnected global network ofsmall groups (Shift Incubators), each led by a Program Leader. The Program Leader facilitates the mutuallearning, coaching, healing and practice of the participants in the group. This includes the provision of support,acknowledgement, encouragement, inspiration and focus.Participants learn how to coach and heal each other by using five healing modalities (Shift Essentials). Drawnfrom traditional and modern energy healing, these include Spiritual Attunement, Conscious Embodiment,Embracing Emotions, Energetic Intuition, and Evolving Belief.In summary, Conscious Evolution Coaching uniquely provides you with an integrated structure for supportingyour daily practice, and enables you to set up, market and lead your own Shift Incubators. Through this, you can  experience profound transformation through mutual coaching and healing  find fulfilment through aligning your life with your values and core beliefs  make a difference by serving others for a common higher purpose; and  experience abundance and prosperity, for yourself and others.Your role as a Shift Leader is to help raise the level of collective consciousness in order to facilitate a graceful andharmonious transition from the Old to the New Era. It is also to help create the new forms and structures thatwill be needed to support our lives and which will emerge from Sacral Power and the consciousness of Love.Sacral Power and the New Paradigm of EnergismWhat does it mean to shift from a consciousness of separation to Oneness? It entails a whole new way oflooking at the world. We are shifting from seeing ourselves as observing the world as separate entities to onewhere we are the world, in sacred energetic connection.
  • In the new paradigm, separateness is an illusion. There is no objectivereality. And we cannot fully understand the world by dissecting it intoever smaller bits. Rather than observing ourselves, we experienceourselves as energy. We are what we experience.This energy is universal. So we can say: I am the universe and theuniverse is me. Or, I am you and you are me. There is no separation.As we learn to experience ourselves as energetic beings, weexperience our energy fields as auras, as chakras and as meridians.We understand how we can clear our energy fields, how we canextend and embrace other and larger energy fields, using our SacralPower to connect. We understand the dynamics of Darkness andLight.We begin to understand the sacred geometry of energetic flows, howthese can heal us and how they can empower us. In the West we callthis energy Love. In the East we call it Chi, or Ki.The Primary Energy TransformerSo, how do we engage our Sacral Power? We start by engaging what we call the Primary Energy Transformer.There are four distinct stages in connecting. The first stage is breathing into the lower belly.This has a powerful centering and grounding affect, enabling you to be in the moment and to accept what iswithout judgment.There is no past or future. You just experience what is. The second stage is when the energy center at the lower belly, also known as the Sacral Chakra, is further activated through the visualization of energy spiraling horizontally through the center from the back to the front and then folding back on itself in a continuous spiraling loop. This is known as the Torus Flow and is considered as the basic energetic structure of the universe and life itself. We call it a Transformational Dynamo. The third stage is when all seven energy centers (Chakras) are activated in the same way by visualizing the horizontal Torus Flow through the middle of each center.The third stage is when all seven energy centers (Chakras) are activated in the same way by visualizing thehorizontal Torus Flow through the middle of each center.
  • Finally, the fourth stage is when all seven energy are activated vertically. This is a more powerful form in whichto engage your Sacral Power. At this point you are truly the universe and the universe is you. You are in fullenergetic alignment.The Shift IncubatorFrom learning to engage our Sacral Power as an individual, we then learn how to exponentially increase ourSacral Power by participating in a small group called the Shift Incubator. This is where each individual within thegroup shares the intention to develop their Sacral Power both as an individual and as the group.The Sacral Power is developed through the mutual coaching process and the application of the five healingmodalities (the Shift Essentials), which are described in more detail below.Within the Shift Incubator, there are four levels of healing: self-healing, one-to-one healing, group healing, andextended group healing.The Micro Energy TransformerUsing the concept of the Transformational Dynamo, the objective is to raise the level of consciousness of theindividuals in the group to the point where the group becomes a single energetic entity.Although still individuals, there is an increasing experience ofsurrendering one’s individual identity as one merges as onewithin the group.This creates the possibility for the group, the Shift Incubator,to be transformed into a Micro Energy Transformer. This isnot only transformational for the individuals within the group,but also has a more powerful healing effect on the totalcollective consciousness than if the individual members wereon their own.The longer term goal is for the collaborative enterprise to create a worldwide grid of Micro Energy Transformers,capable of making a significant contribution to the required collective shift.In the Energism paradigm, where everything is connected, one person at a very high level of consciousness canbalance a very large number of people at a lower level of consciousness. An intentional group whose membersare at a very high level of consciousness is exponentially more effective than the sum of the individuals in thegroup.If there are high levels of stress as we navigate the transition from the Old to the New Era, low frequencyemotions such as fear and anger will be increasingly activated. These need to be balanced by the higher levelfrequencies of Love, Joy and Peace in order for us to be able to raise the level of collective consciousnesssufficiently in order to build the new structures necessary to support life in the New Era.
  • A Personal Message from Michael Wolff Dear Conscious Evolutionaries, I would love to welcome you into one of our Shift Incubators and support you to connect your Sacral Power with your authentic purpose in life. I started learning how to connect with Sacral Power 30 years ago when I joined the transformative practice of Aikido, a Japanese martial art.It was through Aikido that I first learnt about the power of being grounded, centered and connected throughharmonising the universal energy of Ki. I also discovered the power of mutually supported practice and thebenefits and purpose of being totally in the moment.Three years ago I had an epiphany when I realised that while practising Aikido I was totally in my Sacral Power.But the moment I stepped off the mat, I reverted back to my state of separation. I realised that this was becauseI was re-connecting with the default mode of everyone else.In martial arts, the primary reason for connecting with Sacral Power is to be totally present in the heat of battle -to be calm, totally in the moment, and able to do the right thing without thinking.We are now faced with the prospect of the demise of our current structures, a transitional period of uncertaintyand chaos, and the emergence of new structures. We are moving into totally uncharted territory. So the skillsthat are taught in martial arts will be essential in this new world. I don’t mean for fighting, but for beinggrounded and centered, connecting powerfully with what is, and with a highly attuned intuitive sense of what isright in any situation.From this realisation I asked myself the question: how can I make the transformational teaching of Aikido moreuniversally applicable? How can we increase our resilience in times of stress, not just physically, but alsoemotionally, mentally and spiritually?The question was partly answered when I discovered that anybody could connect with their Sacral Power simplyby breathing into their lower belly. This has been the basis of meditative spiritual practice for thousands ofyears. But is barely understood or appreciated in our modern world. It is actually the natural default mode ofhuman consciousness.The next question was: how can I get the benefits of meditation without having to commit to years of practice?This question was answered, thanks to Bruce Lipton and others, when I discovered that our mental andemotional conditioning can easily be changed through the application of the techniques and protocols ofmodern Energy Healing.I then asked: how can we measure a shift in consciousness? The answer came when I discovered Dr DavidHawkins’ Map of Consciousness. This has provided a valuable framework for measuring where we are bothpersonally and collectively on our transformational path and also where we need to be if we are to gracefullyand consciously co-create our next stage of evolution. From the above, I have been guided by three principlesenabled through Sacral Power:  I accelerate my own shift when I help others to accelerate theirs  I discover my own Joy and Peace when I help others to discover theirs  I create my own abundance when I help others to create theirs.
  • Regarding the last, I have had 45 years of business experience, of which the last 20 were in developing theconcept of collaborative enterprise. This is a structure for connecting solo practitioners in a single organizationalstructure that provides the individual members the benefits of a larger organization, especially when it comes tomarketing.I have been greatly supported by our Founders’ team, and together we have experienced one epiphany afteranother. This is the most exciting and fulfilling venture of my life and I invite you to join us as part of our team. Ilook forward to sharing with you our truly powerful transformational practice.With thanks and love, MichaelThe Transformative PracticeThe Shift EssentialsWhen you join one of our Shift Incubators, you receive one-to-one coaching from the Program Leader helpingyou to identify and clear one or more of your core issues. These are the mostly unconscious emotions, beliefsand patterns and sabotage your life. This is the start of an ongoing process to help you to clear your energy field,to fully awaken to whom you are. What stops us from clearing our energy field, or fully awakening, is resistance.To resolve our resistance, we use a combination of five basic healing modalities known as the Shift Essentials(SCENE).Spiritual AttunementDo you feel that there are some areas in your life where you still have unfinished business? Perhaps in arelationship with family members, or friends, or from work? Perhaps a feeling of abandonment at the deepestlevel? Or some anger and resentment towards a political party or different faith? Or some traumatic event inyour life where you were harmed, or were the perpetrator of harm?These issues all create resistance and resonate at lower level vibrational frequencies such as such as shame,guilt, and fear. Spiritual tools have been used by all the major faiths. They are proven and highly effective. Theyneutralize these lower vibrational frequencies and activate higher vibrational frequencies such as Love, Joy andPeace.We work especially with Acceptance, Remorse, Forgiveness, Love and Gratitude, promoting inner Joy, Peace,Harmony and Bliss. The process involves shifting from our Lower to our Higher Selves, releasing attachments topast and future, discovering and fulfilling our Life Purpose, and making the transition from self-interest toservice.Conscious EmbodimentDo you sometimes feel ungrounded, uncentered, wobbly, or weak?Conscious Embodiment is the foundation of our Sacral Power. Through connecting our breathing with our lowerbelly (our Sacral Chakra) and activating the energetic flows of this vital center, we are connected energeticallyand consciously as One. We experience the energy as Love (Chi, Ki, Prana). We interconnect powerfully with allthings and beings. The main focus includes lower belly breathing and the activation and interconnection of allthe energy centers in our bodies through visualization. This is supported by the practices of meditation,transformational body/mind arts such as Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Aikido, etc., and mindfulness in daily life.
  • Through being grounded, centered and connected through our Sacral Power, we are laying the foundationsupon which to build the other four Shift Essentials. Being centered, we have created the space to hold andconnect. Being in the moment, we experience direction sensation through our bodies and intuition. We acceptand acknowledge what is, without judging. We feel safe to be open, allowing, vulnerable and without fear.Embracing EmotionsHow do you deal with feelings that make you feel uncomfortable or in pain? Feelings such as anger, irritation,depression, despair, shame, or guilt? When you are feeling any of these, do you resist and try to push themaway, or do you engage with them and really feel them in your body?Embracing Emotions is the name for the modality where we deal with negative emotions that are eitherpresenting in the moment, or are suppressed or repressed. We see these trapped emotions as low vibrationalenergy frequencies which are active in our energy field as a form of cellular memory. They are harmful insofar asthey attract other low vibrational energy frequencies, i.e. fear attracts more fear. They are also unnecessarybaggage as they represent a drain on our available energy.These emotions condition negative outcomes in our beliefs and outlook on life, and affect our relationships,work, health, and finances. They manifest as resistance, pain, distress, disharmony, imbalance, and disease. Theytake the form of attachments that are difficult to release, and often prevent the activation of higher frequenciessuch as Love.The process for releasing these emotions is amazingly simple and powerful. Starting with spiritual attunementand being centered, the practice is to experience the emotions directly in our body, to feel the feelings.Releasing the mental trigger for these emotions, we visualize the feelings, which may be felt like rivers of moltenlava, dissolving or draining into our center.Having released the power of these emotions over us, we are free from recurring resistance, pain, disease anddiscomfort. It is easier for us to be centered, grounded and in balance. We feel a deep sense of liberation,security and harmony. We have a greater ability to connect and empathize with others.We are able to relieve any stress and anxiety and feel calmer and better about ourselves. We are also able torelease cravings, attachments and dependencies, and have more energy to do what we really want to do. Weare able to raise our vibrational energy frequencies, feel safe and embrace life with joy.ENergetic IntuionHow connected are you to your intuition? Do you trust your intuition? Do you have an Inner Guide? Can youintuitively experience not only what is right for yourself, but also for others?When we are connected energetically, Energetic Intuition is how we experience and are aware of the energy,which we have described above as Love (Chi, Ki, Prana). Through this connection we are able to awaken to ourdeepest dreams and desires.Through the conscious harmonization of energy flows, we are able to increase our sensitivity to others, to helpus better understand or relate to a person; to know how to best support or comfort a person; and how toreceive valuable intuitive information that helps another.
  • Energetic Intuition is a means for reducing stress, resistance, and increasing overall health. It provides a spark toour creativity and the inspiration for us to fulfil our purpose. It also warns us of impending danger and guides usto safety.When we activate our Energetic Intuition, we engage our whole consciousness, not just our rational mind. Thisability is core, not only to assist us in our healing, but also to provide valuable guidance in situations where wehave to act in the moment without the luxury of a map.Through Energetic Intuition we are able to access the deeper wisdom of the ages. We can access differentsources of guidance by connecting with our deepest intention. We can detect incongruence. We can aligndifferent levels of our Being, including our Lower and Higher Selves and with the co-creative evolutionaryimpulse of Source.Through Energetic Intuition, we are fully present to, and aligned with, the emergence of the new. This enablesus to easily navigate uncertainty and the un-known.Evolving BeliefsAn underlying principle of Conscious Evolution Coaching is that we cannot change others and the world, but wecan change ourselves. In changing ourselves, the world changes.What most prevent us from changing ourselves are our beliefs about ourselves. We hold perceptions aboutourselves which are no longer true. Or if true, we believe that there is nothing we can do. We then attractsituations in our lives that reinforce these beliefs. We then feel that our choices are limited and that we havevery little free will. Believing this makes us feel safe, but the price we pay for feeling safe is disempowermentand open to manipulation and victimhood.We have become prisoners of the past. The past is now sabotaging the present. We have become prisoners ofbeliefs that are self-defeating, self-limiting, and self-harming. They are true at our deepest level ofconsciousness. They are the result of past conditioning when we needed to find ways to be safe and to managein difficult situation.But now these beliefs have become the cause of behaviors that we cannot control. They are active energeticfrequencies that continue to attract similar situations in our lives.Our limiting beliefs prevent us more than anything from raising our level of consciousness. They are mostlyunconscious and control some of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They affect the quality of our lives andcan seriously diminish our life potential.But in the Energism Paradigm, there is no past. These beliefs are only energetic imprints in our energy fieldhaving power over us now. As energetic imprints, they can easily be neutralized, re-framed and evolved. We dothis through the creation of Truth Focus Statements. These are variants of affirmations that always test Strongand congruent with our unconscious beliefs.
  • Here’s What You Will ReceiveDeep Support for One-to-One and Group CoachingTo achieve an accelerated shift in consciousness, there are three iterative processes: weekly online group coaching sessions in which we coach and are coached by the participants in our program; from these sessions, we integrate customised practices into our daily spiritual practice; and from this, we practice being the Shift in our daily lives.These are combined with five healing modalities, the Shift Essentials, which we have described above.The basic process is through the use of a diagnostic tool such as Applied Kinesiology to get to the root of coreissues (and to test outcomes), conscious embodiment of feelings that arise, and the practice of working withTruth Focus Statements. Variants of these are used in the coaching, daily and life practices.The practices combine intentionality with visualization, commitment, perseverance, and endurance. Varioustraditional and modern energy systems, such as Chi, Meridians and Chakras are also used. All the techniques areeasy to teach, easy to learn, and easy to practice. Despite the simplicity, results can be rapid and surprising.Each lead coach, the Program Leader, can customise these according to the needs of particular participants. Thefollowing is an example of an outline protocol of a four step energy-based process with a coach which includes aset-up, the coaching, closure, and the focus of the next practice. Intention 1. Clarity of intention and the addressable issue (defined and measurable) 2. Centring and congruence of body, heart and mind (conscious embodiment) 3. Unconditional surrender to the Source, the healing power of Love 4. Prayer Coaching 5. Addressing a core issue and determining its deepest roots 6. Resolving the resistance and pain of separation a. Acceptance, acknowledgement without judgement of the feelings b. Embodying the feelings and releasing thoughts about the causes of the feelings c. Allowing new feelings to arise without judgement d. Continuing until full resolution of resistance (full acceptance) 7. Compassion (to self and others) 8. Forgiveness (to self and others) 9. Unconditional Love (to self and others) 10. Continuing until permanent and sustainable release Outcome 11. Gratitude to and oneness with the Source 12. Measurable and acknowledged resolution of resistance 13. Shift from lower level negative vibrations, now neutralised energetically and ceasing to attract similar energies 14. Focus on higher level positive vibrations, now charged energetically as the new attractor field, thereby raising the level of consciousness.
  • Outcomes can be measured using Applied Kinesiology or Subjective Units of Distress (SUDS), where the subjectestimates the start and end points on a range of 0 – 10.Follow-upFollowing a coaching session, the participant may use a customized Truth Focus Statement to work with on theirown during the week in order to further progress shifting consciousness. Practice is an essential element of theprogram.The Shift IncubatorThe purpose of the program is to help participants to fully engage their Sacral Power to accelerate a shift inconsciousness through supported practice. Led by a coach, each Shift Incubator consists of a maximum of 10participants and is designed to continue indefinitely (but for a minimum of six months).The principle is similar to joining a MasterMind class. The process starts with a series of four one-to-onecoaching sessions. These are to determine the participants’ core issues and then to introduce the ShiftEssentials. These sessions are for 60 minutes, once per week, over four weeks. The participant then joins agroup.The group coaching sessions are conducted once a week using a teleseminar format for a minimum of 60minutes per session. The format for the sessions is mostly interactive healing, not content.The Program TimelineYou can join a group that has available space at any time, subject to agreement with the Program Leader. Youwill then receive the following support:Month 1 Four one-to-one sessions with Program Leader, one per week: 4 hoursMonths 2 and onwards Each month, four one-to-one sessions with a group participant 4 hours Each month, four weekly group sessions, 60 minutes each 4 hoursOnce a quarter you will receive a one-to-one session with the Program Leader to review your progress. Inpractice, you can discuss this at any time, should you require special attention.The initial commitment to the program is 4 hours in the first month, growing to 8 hours from month two. Over asix month period the total commitment is for 54 hours.The programs, once set up, are designed to run indefinitely, although after the initial six month commitment,participants are free to leave at any time.Deep Support for Business Development and MarketingOur primary goal is to commit to becoming effective Shift Leaders. However in making this commitment, wealso need to be able to support ourselves financially. We also need to be able to focus our efforts on runningprograms without having to spend huge amounts of our time recruiting new participants and managing businessadministration.
  • Our model therefore is to operate a not-for-profit social enterprise which supports the marketing,administration and operational development on behalf of its coaching members. The revenue generated fromparticipants is shared on a 60:40 basis, where 60% goes to the coach, and 40% is applied to marketing andorganisational costs.Most of the marketing is expected to be over the Web and mostly through Joint Venturing with affiliates.Costs of ParticipationThe cost to participate is a monthly subscription of $147, payable monthly in advance over six months. After sixmonths, the subscription can be renewed at the reduced cost of $97.Because the process is front-end loaded in terms of one-to-one sessions and the payment model is a flatmonthly rate in order to make it more affordable for participants, there is a minimum commitment of 6 months.Without this commitment, the coach would be bearing an unacceptably high risk.Join a Shift Incubator with One of our Experienced Program LeadersWe are inviting you to join one of your Shift Incubators led by one of the Program Leaders below. The next stepis to have a free online meeting with one or more of the Leaders as a process of attunement. Let me remind youthat what you are contemplating joining is a deeply supported spiritual practice. This is where the primaryintention is for you to accelerate your own transformation through supporting others to accelerate theirs. Yourintention is service. So you need to consider whether you are able to make the following statements resonate astrue: I am committed to • 8 hours of one-to-one and group coaching per month • daily practice • dealing with my deepest core issues • embracing the Dark to find the Light • being the Shift • co-creating Conscious Evolution Coaching? • leading my own Shift Incubators? • being visible on the Web? • using the appropriate Web tools? While this is also about earning a living, the primary goal has to be becoming a Leader in the New Era. Thatrequires not only vision, but deep commitment, courage, perseverance and determination.About Our Program Leaders Ellen Kratka Program Leader Since 1996 I have worked as a Spirit-based life and business success coach and mind-body energy healer, but my real “business” is Unconditional Love. I show people what’s possible in their lives, their creations and their service when they live from their true Divine nature. Those who work with me learn how to shift the parts of themselves that aren’t ready to receive love away from fear and into full connectedness and identification with Spirit. Join My Shift Incubator
  • Morag Paterson Program Leader I consciously began my spiritual practice in 1989, and now integrate the essence of many teachings and much experience into my holistic spirit-energy coaching. I find the more I GIVE of what I myself am seeking to experience, the more I am living a harmonious and joyful life. Simply, I remind people – wherever they are, whatever their circumstances – of their true essence, their authentic beauty, their naturalness, their Higher Self – so that they can shine in the moment – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Join My Shift Incubator Mike Bell Program Leader I have come to know how we are all spiritual beings having a human experience; that part of the human experience is learning how to remove the blockages that keep us from Spirit. My work as a healer, teacher and guide is helping others identify and resolve what gets in the way of their authentic Self, and how to pass this gift, we are all given, to others. Join My Shift Incubator You.