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ki work - powering the online work revolution
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ki work - powering the online work revolution


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access and outsource online work. …

access and outsource online work.

- COLLABORATE with people you can trust
- COMPETE to win work globally
- CONTROL your online business

the future of work is online - the future of work is ki work.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. powering the online work revolution
    • collaborate with people you can trust
    • compete to win work globally
    • contro l your online business
  • 2. meet John
  • 3. John is unhappy - he’s paying £900 a day to
  • 4. a software design consultant in recommended by a friend.
  • 5. Ratna, Viktor and Maytee are unhappy .
  • 6. Ratna lives in India Viktor lives in Russia Maytee lives in China
  • 7. they could provide the same software design solution for John, the same quality , but a lot cheaper
  • 8. Sally understands the software solutions market
  • 9. Sally knows John and that there are lots of Johns in the world and she knows there are lots of Ratnas, Viktors and Maytees
  • 10. what none of them know yet is the web platform for online work that meets ALL their needs. has created
  • 11. Sally becomes a category leader in ki work and builds a trusted network of experts in software design
  • 12. Sally creates and manages a collaborative network and supercharges her online brand
  • 13. creates and manages scalable collaborative ventures
  • 14. earning a recurring income of $100,000 a year
  • 15. Sally accredits experts like Ratna
  • 16. Ratna can then certify professionals like Viktor and Maytee.
  • 17. and earn $30,000 per year by year three.
  • 18. as well as enhancing her brand and managing collaborative teams
  • 19. now, when Sally invites John to search the ki work marketplace
  • 20. John can easily pinpoint the trusted professionals he needs
  • 21. and he can contact them for free
  • 22. Sally, as a category leader , earns a fee from her accredited experts , like Ratna
  • 23. Ratna receives certification fees from the professionals she recruits.
  • 24. Ratna gets the opportunity to pitch for larger projects
  • 25. because she can now create project teams .
  • 26. because they are more visible and trusted in the ki work marketplace. Viktor and Maytee get more work
  • 27. for providing thanks to
  • 28. the technology , organisation and trust
  • 29. within 500 online work category marketplaces
  • 30. plus global marketing
  • 31. be a category leader a category expert a freelance professional a project buyer so,
  • 32. come join the online work revolution
  • 33. sign up now at