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Collaborative enterprising
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Collaborative enterprising


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Ki Work's innovative solution for long term unemployed professionals and executives in the UK. Proposal for collaboration with Prime contractors for bidding for the DWP's new Work Programme.

Ki Work's innovative solution for long term unemployed professionals and executives in the UK. Proposal for collaboration with Prime contractors for bidding for the DWP's new Work Programme.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Michael Wolff | CEO | Ki Work Limited | 01667 452123 | | Collaborative Enterprising for Long Term Unemployed Professionals and Executives The challenge There are currently 30,000 long-term unemployed (LTU) claimants classified as professionals and executives in the UK. Over the last 8 months the percentage of LTU claimants in this category has grown from 11% to 15%. This trend is expected to continue, indicating the growing difficulty for the LTU claimants to find work. This will be compounded by the growing gap between the number of LTU claimants and vacancies. LTU claimants are currently invisible to each other and to the wider marketplace. As a group, they are viewed as a cost to the taxpayer rather than a resource. There is little scope to tap into their potential productivity and creativity. Since conventional employment may not be available for most claimants, an innovative approach is required. Hence collaborative enterprising. Proposal Our starting point is the recognition that conventional employment for white collar workers is on the decline, and that new growth opportunities are in the areas of part-time or on-demand work. With current and evolving enabling technology, we also recognise that virtual enterprise and virtual organisational structures are potentially more competitive than current bricks-and-mortar models. For professionals and executives that have been unemployed for over 12 months, we propose the creation of collaborative networks using the Web as the primary infrastructure. Through the mediation of coaches, mentors and trainers, the purpose of these networked enterprises is for the members to be able to organise themselves into a managed and sustainable contingency workforce. The shared enterprise will act as a marketplace for its members. Members will contribute to the sales, operations and admin functions of the enterprise providing up to 10 hours per week of their time in return for a guaranteed payment. Operating as a virtual social enterprise, revenue will be generated through outcomes-based contributions under the Work Programme and from commissions for job placement and contingency work. This networked organisational model can be deployed UK-wide and eventually to other client groups. It could also be effective for people that have been unemployed for less than 12 months, in particular those that wish to set up their own businesses. The customer journey The customer will receive an initial skills and wellbeing review from a professional coach. This will be conducted face-to-face by a local coach. The customer will be instructed how to create their profile and service offers on the Ki Work system and will then be allocated a permanent coach/mentor and assigned to a virtual job club, consisting of 10 members. The job club will meet weekly, either face-to-face or online, for a period of 90 minutes to create plans, report performance and to discuss opportunities. This group will be visible as an online team, and mentored by a coach. The coach will also provide personal one-to-one sessions with each member once a month. The members will be encouraged to seek partnerships with other members to create their own teams and to position themselves as potential providers of work either in the local marketplace, or through the Web. They will be shown how to use all the facilities on the Web to develop and market their own personal and team brands. They will also be organised into virtual teams to market and manage the resources of the network. The enterprise will incubate new businesses. Ki Work Ki Work has invested £1m into the development of the appropriate web-based infrastructure and currently operates a virtual network of over 50 highly experienced and qualified career and life coaches, providing job search support for newly unemployed professionals in partnership with Jobcentreplus. Ki Work is unique in bringing a progressive development approach together with cutting-edge technology. The company has attracted exceptional coaches with personal hands-on/first-hand experience of similar challenges. Operating as solopreneurs, the coaches work collaboratively and remotely within ever-changing and updated processes and systems, constantly adapting to meet individual, market and environment needs. Ki Work is therefore ideally placed to offer meaningful support and to lead LTU claimants to new avenues of sustainable employment.