Business Led Organizational Development


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Building a great team via a development and organizational plan - a plan that every sales leader should have. Do not wait for another team to build it for you - this shows you how to build a great team and drive success.


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Business Led Organizational Development

  1. 1. 1 A long term approach to Organizational Development Michael Weening Bell Canada, Vice PresidentWireless Business Markets, Consumer Direct, Radio & Paging Sales Leadership Conference, Philadelphia - September 21, 2010 -
  2. 2. 2 Who We Are• Direct sales, professional services and engineering organization – Voice, smartphones, modems/sticks, solutions, services consulting.• 4 regions/6 times zones/ 2 languages covering Canada – B2B Enterprise/Medium (Direct) – Small Business (Call Center) – Consumer Sales (Call Center) – Private Radio & Paging Sales Leadership Conference, Philadelphia - September 21, 2010 -
  3. 3. 3 Traditional Training Paradigm• Most training is product centric • It is easy to focus on products and services • Ignores impact that training can have on culture• Not linked to hiring, career stage or experience • How do you assess who needs what training? • „We think this is what they need‟ versus „Quantitatively – we need this‟• Difficult to measure • Some training conducts product tests after a course • Very little skills testing• Difficult to make part of the culture • Lacking long term reinforcement in development plans or manager • Very few (if any) people have a development plan • Regular development 1:1s or even operational 1:1s are infrequent• Challenge of central control versus regionalization • „We have a favourite trainer‟ „Doesn‟t know our market‟ Sales Leadership Conference, Philadelphia - September 21, 2010 -
  4. 4. 4 What about the Manager? “Sales management training is the category of sales training addressed with the least frequency – less than annually, if at all.” - American Society for Training and Development State of Sales Training, Research Study 2009Sales Leadership Conference, Philadelphia - September 21, 2010 -
  5. 5. 5 Our Change in Approach • It isn‟t just about training it is about DEVELOPMENT • Must balance formal versus employee initiatedSales Leadership Conference, Philadelphia - September 21, 2010 -
  6. 6. 6 Our Change in Approach• Evolve formal training • Determine what we need quantitatively • Vector training to needs • Standardize • Reinforce training with Managers • Measure results • Start again• Encourage a range of ‘self initiated’ training • Choose to be GREAT – accountability for their own career success• Use the development plan as an anchor • Encourage 1:1s that are development centric • Coach the manager as part of the process Sales Leadership Conference, Philadelphia - September 21, 2010 -
  7. 7. 7 A Holistic Approach to Development • PI, SSAT • PI PRO • 360 Assessment • Harvard BR • Learning Library Self • Associations Experience Empowered Learning • Elite Program• Development Plansmoved from 0% to 85% Development Plan • CDC Mentoring Guided • Other Training • Internal • External • VP Learning Sessions Formal Coaching Training • Quarterly UBM • Standardized Methodology • Meeting in a Box • Coach the Manager • Development 1:1 • On the road Sales Leadership Conference, Philadelphia - September 21, 2010 -
  8. 8. 8 Key Best Practices• Predictive Index: Personality survey to facilitate quality hiring (profile to role) and deep development conversations• Elite Program: Top 3% of sales reps given an annual training budget for personal development, quarterly calls with VP and focused development management• Management coaching: 1:1 monthly coaching of managers around leadership, coaching skills. Each manager subscribed to Harvard BR.• Strategy Council: 15 high performing team members do a 6 month assignment meeting 2X a month to provide field perspective on marketing, product and operational programs prior to launch.• Learning Library: Regional “libraries” filled with the best sales and business books and relevant periodicals (Selling Power, Wired, Business Week) to facilitate ongoing learning. Sales Leadership Conference, Philadelphia - September 21, 2010 -
  9. 9. 9 Thank You and Questions?Sales Leadership Conference, Philadelphia - September 21, 2010 -