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What we offer.

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Troika Soft Skills

  1. 1. What we offerTroika Learning Solutions is leading provider of end-to-end, fully customized training andmanagement solutions.We pride ourselves in a highly practical, interactive and fun approach to learning, and this ismade possible by the vast amount of knowledge and experience our trainers bring withthem from the BPO, KPO, Software Development and Education sectors, both in India andabroad.One of our main strengths is in the Business Communications and Soft Skills training arena.For your convenience, we have listed a few of our training programmes below, however wewould like to stress that all our programmes are fully customizable based on yourrequirements.We also provide a number of other training and consultancy solutions in both the Soft Skillsand Technical domains, details of which can be provided on request.We would love the opportunity to help you to enhance your business. If you would like tohave a chat and explore the possibility of a business partnership with us, please send us adirect telephone number on which we can reach you.Please see overleaf for further information; 1 Troika Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Tel: 080-41638993,, E-mail: #333,4th Cross, OMBR Layout, Banaswadi, Bangalore – 560043
  2. 2. An Introduction to Effective Communication (IEC)This lead-in topic will help the participants understand the importance of effectivecommunication in a highly interactive and fun way, whilst making them aware of their owncommunication styles and the barriers that prevent a successful 2-way interaction.Effective Communication across Cultures (ECC)The key to effective global communication is in understanding fundamental differences inthe values and culture of people from different countries, and as such, this is the overridingtheme to the programme. We then take a practical look at how we can adapt our ownbehaviour and communication style so as to be understood and respected in a multi-national setting.(We can tailor this program based on the countries or regions with which the client’sbusiness interacts, and depending on client need we can additionally look at lifestyle,geography and history of specific countries)An Introduction to Business Etiquette (IBE)In this module, we look at how we should behave in a way that is acceptable, respectful andappropriate in a business context, regardless of country or culture. We cover variousaspects of etiquette, including common courtesy, time and space-related etiquette, bodylanguage, grooming and (if required) dining etiquette. We also give tips on how to behavewithin different modes of communication (face to face, phone and email).Accent Neutralization (AN)Following a baseline assessment of each participant where we record and playback theirvoice, we practice those sounds that need the most correction and to help the participantsspeak with a more neutral accent. Apart from pronunciation, we teach the art of voicemodulation which is an essential component of making ourselves better understood byothers.( This is a highly practical training, so the longer the time allocated, the better the results).Language Enhancement (LE)Whilst most of us are fluent in English, we don’t always realize how ‘Indianized’ our Englishhas become, both in spoken and written forms of the language, and as a result there can benumerous misunderstandings when dealing with colleagues or customers in othercountries. In this program, we go back to basics with regards to the correct use of tenses,prepositions and the subject verb agreement, correcting any ‘Indianisms’ along the way andmaking our Business English more professional.(We can go into as much detail as the client requires, depending on the current and requiredskill level of the delegates). 2 Troika Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Tel: 080-41638993,, E-mail: #333,4th Cross, OMBR Layout, Banaswadi, Bangalore – 560043
  3. 3. Email Etiquette (EE)The aim of this topic is to help the participants to write effective emails which are are well-structured, use good sentence formation and are concise and easy to understand. Werecommend plenty of ‘Dos and Donts’ of Email Etiquette, and highlight the use of anyinappropriate sentences which may be out of context or misinterpreted by the reader.Telephone Etiquette (TE)Starting with the importance of setting the right tone at the beginning of a phone call, wegive a step by step training on the basic rules which should be followed for a successful two-way phone interaction. This is a highly interactive session with lots of role plays and anopportunity to practice newly learned techniques in listening, questioning and rapportbuilding.Customer Loyalty (CL)The long-term success of any business relies upon establishing long-term clientrelationships. Whilst achieving customer loyalty take a lot of time and effort, it only takesone second to lose a customer. In this programme we will look at how create the best firstimpression with a customer and how to translate this to customer delight, not just once,but again and again.Personality Development (PD)Understanding ourselves, our abilities and behaviour, and developing our personality is thekey for a successful professional career, and we will facilitate this by focusing on all threeaspects of personality development -namely behaviour, emotions and cognition.Time Management (TM)The aim of this topic is to help participants develop effective time management techniquesthat help them to be more productive and efficient. The topics that we cover in this moduleare Decision Making, Problem Solving and Multi-tasking.Stress Management (SM)Stress plays very important role in our professional lives. In this programme we will identifythe traits within us that make us prone to high stress and we will learn how to apply someof the different techniques for effectively countering stress.Effective Teamwork (ETW)This is a highly interactive session in which participants will learn, mainly by themselves,what makes a successful team and why a well-harnessed team will always be more effectivethan a group of individual performers. We will also look at how to manage any conflict thatmay arise. 3 Troika Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Tel: 080-41638993,, E-mail: #333,4th Cross, OMBR Layout, Banaswadi, Bangalore – 560043
  4. 4. Testimonials “Troika is our long-term Soft Skills training partner for the TCS project. It is always a pleasure to work with them, as not only is their training highly effective but they are highly knowledgeable and professional in everything they do”. Santosh R. Deshpande Chief Executive Officer Network Labs (India) Pvt. Ltd. (TCS training partner) “The ability of Troika, as an organization, to exhibit partnership behaviour in aligning its delivery to reinforce the organization’s initiative, is the highlight of their service. Response to feedback, course customization and tailoring requests has impressed me along with their commitment to quality of delivery”. Vipin Clement Talent Development Manager – India Region Cable&Wireless Worldwide 4 Troika Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Tel: 080-41638993,, E-mail: #333,4th Cross, OMBR Layout, Banaswadi, Bangalore – 560043