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Project Vemma Training Slides

Project Vemma Training Slides

Published in Business
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  • 1. Dream Team Training“Success is nothing more than a fewsimple disciplines, practiced every day.”–Jim Rohn
  • 2. Dream Team TrainingContent:Phase 1 – Quick Start • Getting StartedPhase 2 – Training • Compensation Plan • Goal Setting • Enrolling • DuplicationNew Market PlanResources
  • 3. Dream Team TrainingPhase 1 – Quick Start
  • 4. Dream Team Training Getting StartedUtilize UplineMake A List • PHYSICALLY write out a list of 100+ people who would be interested in either healthy products or a business opportunity • DO NOT PREJUDGE – never know who someone might lead you to
  • 5. Dream Team Training Getting StartedInvite Properly • Most important concept when first starting – only one chance to make a first impression •Make it personal (don’t mass text or spam) •Fill a need (if someone complains about their job present this as an opportunity to do something else)
  • 6. Dream Team Training Getting StartedInvite Properly • In college market lead with opportunity (don’t mention Vemma/Verve) •Clear Schedule, Excited, Product, Leverage 3rd Party Success •EX. “Hey, what are you doing tonight at ___? I’m really excited, I just got involved with this opportunity. We are working with a healthy energy drink, it’s the official energy drink of the Phoenix Suns. My friend Josh got it started at ASU back in August and is making $3,000 a month residually. We are trying to get it going here. You should come hear what this guy has to say, this is going to be HUGE!”
  • 7. Dream Team TrainingPhase 2 – Training
  • 8. Dream Team Training Compensation PlanOverview •binary structure (two teams) •One team is built by you and your upline •Other team is built by yourself •13 rank periods that are 4 weeks long (work week is Friday – Thursday) •Must be on auto-delivery of 120QV (2 cases) to be in the business
  • 9. Dream Team Training Compensation PlanOverview •Your rank in the company is based on how many times you cycle (explained later) in a 4 week period •9 different bonuses (5 that are essential to understand at first •Fast Start (Immediate) •Cycle Bonus (Long-Term) •Momentum Bonus (Long-Term) •Frenzy Bonus (Immediate) •Platinum Club (Long-Term)
  • 10. Dream Team Training Compensation PlanFast Start Bonus •One-time bonus when you personally enroll someone through your own website, called a PEQ (personally enrolled qualifier) •Paid based on amount of product ordered their first month •$10 per Case •$100 for a Silver Builder Pack •$200 for a Gold Builder Pack
  • 11. Dream Team Training Compensation PlanCycle Bonus •Based on team sales volume (anyone below you in the system) on your left and right teams •1 Case = 60 QV (Qualifying Volume) •Sales volume accumulates and any unused sales volume carries over to the next month
  • 12. Dream Team Training Compensation PlanCycle Bonus •A cycle is when you accumulate 180QV (3 Cases) on one team and 360QV (6 Cases) on the other, and it pays $20-$25
  • 13. Dream Team Training Compensation PlanMomentum Bonus •Based on PERSONAL ENROLLER TREE volume accumulated over a rank period •Personal enroller tree is anyone you have enrolled, who they’ve enrolled and so on •Goal is to reach this bonus as soon as possible to have no more investment
  • 14. Dream Team Training Compensation PlanMomentum Bonus •When you have accumulated 500QV (9 Cases) on each team through your personal enroller tree it pays $100
  • 15. Dream Team Training Compensation PlanFrenzy Bonus •Based on 2-pack personal enrollment in a week (Fri-Thurs) •Must have previously purchased a silver builder pack •Pays… •3 People in a Week = $200 •6 People in a Week = $400
  • 16. Dream Team Training
  • 17. Dream Team Training Compensation PlanPlatinum Club •Qualifications •Platinum Rank •Platinum Momentum •Purchase Silver Builder in first 60 days •Vemma pays… •$400 a month towards lease/payment on a BMW or Mercedes
  • 18. Dream Team Training Goal Setting•Need to know where you are going to achieve yourdesired level of successImmediate •2 PEQs first week in company •8 PEQs will cover initial investmentLong-Term •Month 1- Bronze •Month 2- Silver with Momentum Bonus •Month 3- Gold or Diamond
  • 19. Dream Team Training Goal SettingBRONZE RANK •AT LEAST 1 CYCLE •PEQ ON EACH SIDE •BREAKDOWN •360 QV (6 CASES) ON ONE TEAM •180 QV (3 CASES) ON OTHER •PAYOUT = $20-150 *cycle bonus income only
  • 20. Dream Team Training Goal SettingSilver RANK •AT LEAST 5 CYCLES •PEQ ON EACH SIDE •BREAKDOWN •1800 QV (30 CASES) ON ONE TEAM •900 QV (15 CASES) ON OTHER •PAYOUT = $100-300 *cycle bonus income only
  • 21. Dream Team Training Goal SettingGOLD RANK •AT LEAST 10 CYCLES •PEQ ON EACH SIDE •BREAKDOWN •3600 QV (60 CASES) ON ONE TEAM •1800 QV (30 CASES) ON OTHER •PAYOUT = $200-600 *cycle bonus income only
  • 22. Dream Team Training Goal SettingDiamond RANK •AT LEAST 20 CYCLES •PEQ ON EACH SIDE •BREAKDOWN •7200 QV (120 CASES) ON ONE TEAM •3600 QV (60 CASES) ON OTHER •PAYOUT = $400-1500 *cycle bonus income only
  • 23. Dream Team Training Goal SettingSMART Goals •Specific •Who, What, When, Where, Why •Measurable •How much/many? How will I know its accomplished? •Attainable •How can the goal be accomplished? •Relevant •Is it worthwhile? Does it match efforts/needs? •Timely •When will it be accomplished (exact date)
  • 24. Dream Team Training EnrollingPlacement •Building 2 teams – Plan of Action •People on same team will benefit from each other (place people who will work with each other on same team)How to Enroll •Enroll through YOUR website • •Set placement strategy before people enroll to specific team •Located in backoffice when you click on MyAccount •Set to left leg or right leg, click submit
  • 25. Dream Team Training DuplicationTeach to Teach •In order to grow you need people to do what you do •When you personally enroll someone it is your responsibility to teach them Phase 1 (make a list and how to invite) •It is important that you have your PEQs start quickly and enroll 2 people their first week in the company
  • 26. Dream Team Training New Market PlanThe Right WayPre-Launch •Build a small core group of 5-15 people and get them trained and develop leaders •One chance to approach market correctlyLaunch •Begin running home events so brand partners can bring people to come hear about the opportunity
  • 27. Dream Team Training ResourcesAddressing Pyramid SchemesThe most common question in regards to skepticism with Vemma is: Is this apyramid scheme? Our answer: What is a pyramid scheme? •Pyramid Schemes are illegal in the United States •They don’t involve a tangible product or commodity •The NBA would not endorse an illegal company •Dr. Oz wouldn’t risk his credibility on an illegal company •Vemma has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau •Vemma is an equal opportunity company, meaning you can out earn the people above you
  • 28. Dream Team Training ResourcesLinksVideos • • • Tools/Tips • • • • • Contact Info: -VEMMA Corporate 1-800-577-0777 -Alex Morton 480-600-5734 -Josh Noble 503-778-0312