Irelands Inspiration For Tomorrow


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This is a collection of innovative positive ideas for the Ireland of tomorrow

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Irelands Inspiration For Tomorrow

  1. 1. Inspiration HandbookMichael Browne
  2. 2. From Gloom to Bloom:Inspiring Initiatives for the Ireland of tomorrow.Since the collapse of the global economy in 2007 our country has taken an I. BUSINESS & INNOVATIONeconomic battering. The demise of our construction and banking system hasmeant that our short lived and newfound wealth has all but vanished into thin air. II. ART, CRAFT & CULTUREWhen material excesses have been stripped away we have to pose the question,what values define us as a nation. What are our standout qualities? What makes III. YOUTH & EDUCATIONus unique, individual and so endearing to the world at large? IV. CHARITABLE GIVINGThis inspiration handbook is a compilation of the traits, qualities and resourcesthat we have at our disposal which makes being Irish a badge of honor to beworn proudly. It is a vision of the future and portrays some ideas that will projectour country prosperously forward without loosing sight of our core values. Theideas have been divided into the following sections. page: 2 of 37
  3. 3. From Gloom to Bloom:Inspiring Initiatives for the Ireland of tomorrow.I. Business & Innovation
  4. 4. I. Business & Innovation1. Medibook - A Medical FacebookDuring the past year I have unfortunately had a close family member as anin-patient in a number of different hospitals for an extended period. Havingwitnessed firsthand, the much-maligned Irish health service I began to think ofways that might improve its efficiency. I found that one of the more frustratingaspects of the service is the flow of information from one hospital to another.Information and patient history appears to be drip fed in an inefficient way mostlythrough an inadequate email technology. As well as this patients can onlyreceive their own personal medical history by posting a hand written letter to thehospitals admissions department, paying an administration fee and waiting up tosix weeks for the records to arrive. Surely access to ones own records, in thisday and age is a right and not a paid-for luxury. My idea is to create a website that allows a patient to create a profile to document their social history, family history, symptoms, medications, procedures and diseases by having their own personalized profile.It would feature a function where they can add family members to link profilesso that a complete genetic history may be recorded. This medical socialnetwork would also have an area for healthcare professionals such as doctors,consultants, physiotherapists etc to input data for easy access and future review.The idea is to make this concept the medical equivalent to Facebook, a socialmedia medical chronological recorder. page: 4 of 37
  5. 5. I. Business & Innovation2. Start-Up RenaissanceSince the 2009 financial meltdown media punditry in this country almost takespleasure in raving about the extended great global depression. The timehas come to discard the self-pity mentality and begin our national economicrenaissance by helping Ireland’s highest impact; highest potential start-upslaunch and succeed immediately. This idea takes inspiration form RTE’s Dragons Den series but has a more longitudinal focus with the state ultimately acting as venture capitalist for start up endeavors.It involves creating a startup accelerator using an online/offline competitionformat that would vet start-ups for impact and potential. The top 10 start-ups inthe annual competition would receive twelve months of free office space, statefunded training and entrepreneurial mentorship with the top few dozen splittinga cash prizes and an in-kind benefits package including office equipment orassistance with overheads etc. The idea is that as startups navigate their waythrough the choppy waters of their nascent beginnings they will in time accelerateand gain future more substantial investment thereby stimulating wider jobcreation. We need to foster a more inspired and prosperous can-do Irish societyin which everyone is empowered to define their future and maximize their impact. page: 5 of 37
  6. 6. I. Business & Innovation3. Adding Value to Green BrandingIreland has long been known for its clean unspoiled natural environment.This concept rewards organizations that uphold that ideal. Inspired byenvironmentally conscious brands such as ‘The Body Shop” and RTE’srenewable energy show “Eco Eye” the aim is to increase visibility, profitability and customer loyalty for brands that are positively changing our planet.Caring for our planet, our community and building a sustainable environmentallyinspired culture is not an option, it’s the only possible solution in our time. Theidea is to collaborate the resources of multiple advertising, marketing and digitalagencies and choose five outstanding environmentally conscious Irish companiesthat are creating extraordinary change. The combined agencies will work withthe environmentally conscious businesses at no cost on sustainable branding,revamping their website and creating a future digital strategy. page: 6 of 37
  7. 7. I. Business & Innovation4. The Seniors ApprenticeGive a man a chance he’s heard for a day, teach him how to take that chanceand he potentially changes the world. A problem of inequality in this world meansthat not all voices are treated equally. Great ideas are often generated fromunexpected people and places but are never brought to life because of a lack ofresources and being heard. I’m sure there are many retired entrepreneurs outthere that are only willing to “give back to society” by sharing their knowledge andexpertise with budding businessmen and women. Who better to ask for advice inchallenging economic times than a generation that have witnessed, survived andtriumphed through several cycles of recession. Taking inspiration from Irish entrepreneur Fergal Quinn’s successful RTE television show “Retail Therapy” the idea is to summon retired experts from different professions and use them as mentors for the next generation.They will go around listening, inspiring and advising young people on their ideasto help them turn their ideas into reality. The ultimate aim of the program is tocreate the future business leaders of Ireland that will be molded by the ethicalcode of their predecessors, which together with exciting fresh ideas will make thiscountry a better place to live. Who knows maybe somewhere in this country thereis someone with ideas for better way of recycling, more efficient way to run ourstate institutions or a more efficient means of utilizing our natural resources? page: 7 of 37
  8. 8. I. Business & Innovation5. Grow-planting the Seeds of Fresh FoodOne of the strongest natural resources we posses is our clean largely unspoilednatural environment. It allows our farmers produce the highest quality fruit andvegetables. Yet why does so much of our fruit and veg consumption originate inforeign countries. I believe it is time to take our food consumption out of the hands of international supermarket retailers and back into the hands of our local producers.The idea is to create a philanthropic foundation, called Grow, to help sustain andultimately expand local farm markets across Ireland. Through Facebook farmmarkets would apply for micro-grants of five thousand euro that would requirea local matching fund. The grants would assist farmer markets in thriving andbeing sustainable. Once the winners is chosen the organization would travelacross Ireland awarding winning grants by hosting promotional farm to fork eventparty’s, cooking up Irish inspired recipes with locally grown ingredients. Thisprocess would help the Irish farmer, help Irish produce and Irish jobs by creatingawareness of the high quality food that exists in our own back yards. page: 8 of 37
  9. 9. I. Business & Innovation6. The Digital Farmers MarketFollowing on from the previous inspiration, what if the local farmers markets were to incorporate technology to propel their products forward.It is true to say that in many cases the public does not support local markets notbecause of undervaluing the fresh products but simply out of inconvenience. Itis understandable why most of the general public prefers to shop on a one-stopbasis where parking is easily accessible. To counter act this, the farmers marketneeds to mobilize and modernize by offering points of contact through socialmedia, where the public can log on to a Facebook page, view and purchaseproduce online. It would aid market business and reputation by having customerrecommendations visible on the page. It would also make sense if producersin farmers markets pooled their resources by offering home delivery service tocustomers. By stressing the advantage of locally grown fresh produce and bymaking the shopping experience easier and more convenient for the customer,the life of the farmers market should endure and prosper well into the future. page: 9 of 37
  10. 10. I. Business & Innovation7. Entrepreneurial In a similar fashion as pairs individuals with similar tastes, hobbies and preferences, I would like to create a website that matches entrepreneurs with the people who have the skills to make their vision a reality.Just as online dating the site would use skills/personality/education profiles tohelp form a start-up team of individuals with complementary skills, e.g. projectmanager, idea man, engineer, marketer etc. Anyone who has been unfortunateenough to be entangled in the web of a below par recruitment agency or process,knows how frustrating being matched to the right job can be. In this instancecompanies would either pay an up front fee or choose to pay the site back for theservice with a percentage of future revenue. Its time Ireland used its undoubtedingenuity and started to create some standout indigenous businesses. page: 10 of 37
  11. 11. I. Business & Innovation8. The Digital Restaurant While on a recent holiday in Reykjavik, Iceland I visited a restaurant where all of the wait staff were taking customer orders equipped with I-pads.I thought it was a pretty novel idea and a good example of how technology canimprove business efficiency and reduce waste. It also brought me to thinkingabout the limitless possibilities the tablet computer places, quite literally, in thehands of the customer.Consider the situation where you enter an internationally themed restaurantwhere the entire menu is written in a foreign language, which is unintelligible toyou. With the aid of the tablet, a menu could switch to whatever language youwish to speak and then back to the language the waiter or waitress speaks afteryou select your item. It would be beneficial to the visually impaired allowing themto adjust the menus font size to suit their needs. This is just one of a varietyof applications that could be employed. If the restaurant used fresh organicingredients there could be interesting facts of how and where the raw materialsare sourced. If there was a particular renowned chef that makes the restaurantgreat then there could be a montage of his/her best work and the particularmethods they employ. The restaurant could allow patrons to individuallycustomize their menu selection, creating combinations to suit their taste. Tabletsare becoming less expensive and smaller in size making them a cost efficientsolution for even the smallest sized restaurant. page: 11 of 37
  12. 12. I. Business & Innovation9. Safe-Home Phone ApplicationIf you are going out tonight, it is likely you have already decided, who you’regoing to meet, what clothes you’re going to wear and which restaurant or baryou’ll visit, but have you given any thought as to how you might get homeafterwards? Safe-Home is a 365/24 hr. day designated driver themed phone application.Once downloaded the app allows a person to choose reliable friends from theirFacebook contact list. The friend then either accepts or rejects the pledge to bea designated driver. If he/she accepts the request the sender will reciprocateby becoming their designate so as to return the favor at a future date. Theapplication starts working as soon as the first friend accepts the pledge, up untilthat point the app would offer a taxi contact numbers relative to the persons GPSlocation. Once the ‘Safeways’ app is activated, it sends an alert to the contactlist such as “Michael is on a night out tonight, turn on your ring tone and be readyto pick him up, if he’s unable to drive home”. When the individual has reachedtheir fill they press the “ready to go home” tab, whereupon an SMS is sent tothe designated drivers list alerting them that the person is ready to go home andthat they need to call to make sure they’re ok to drive or if stranded they need tocome pick you up. page: 12 of 37
  13. 13. I. Business & Innovation10. Facebook Family TreeThe recently launched Facebook timeline has allowed users to display their lifeevents in chronological order. This idea takes the power of the social network by allowing it to create a personalized family tree.By harnessing the power of Facebook friends list, users can input their familydetails, find and highlight family members already using the network. Facebookwill then display this information in a family tree style diagram, which the user canchoose to show to others or add to the tree if they wish. I believe this would be auseful tool for people from other countries who are interested in researching andfinding their Irish roots. page: 13 of 37
  14. 14. I. Business & Innovation11. Digitally Aware PoliticiansThis idea places the power of politics firmly back in the hands of the people andnot the ideologies to which Irish party politics attach themselves. After witnessing the Arab spring uprising of 2011, there is little doubt that political institutions of the western world are soon to be transformed by the Internet and social media.Instead of being fearful and intimidated by the potential power of social media onpolitics why not embrace it. Social media outlets such as Twitter have shown thatpeople have a strong desire to have their voice heard. My suggestion takes inspiration from the Irish council of state, which is a representative body that advises the president on certain political and constitutional issues. It is made up of representatives from various, not necessarily political, walks oflife. Due to the proliferation of the Internet into the everyday lives of the public,it is necessary to politically facilitate its use in line with public opinion. Theidea would be to create a social media cabinet seat which would be an officemade up of technology experts from various IT fields. This a-political draft ofrepresentatives would act as a service to the country like the military or jury duty,involving a lengthy selection process. Its role would be to communicate policiesand legislation with the public in a clear and direct manner as well as listeningto the voice of the people on various issues. Public commentary would then beaggregated in order to gauge opinion on various issues. page: 14 of 37
  15. 15. I. Business & Innovation12. Thinking to Buy IrishThis idea places the power of politics firmly back in the hands of the people andnot the ideologies to which Irish party politics attach themselves. In April 2012 as part of a television campaign to support Irish jobs RTE’s ‘The Consumer Show’ launched ‘Think Irish’. The initiative was to highlight the number of Irish goods available to consumers, and also the power that their spending can harness. The idea behind THINK IRISH was a very simple- ‘a sign post that makes it easier for consumers to find and buy Irish made products’ in retail outlets.While the idea behind this concept is a very simple, potentially high impactone, I believe its impact would have greater resonance with the adoption of afew simple digitally inspired strategies. As well as the ‘think Irish’ signposts inretail supermarkets, what if every Irish product was individually labeled on acustomers bill receipt. By constructing a ‘Think Irish’ phone application everytime a customer swipes the receipt, similar to a QR code, the Irish products areaggregated whereupon the customer receives a number of value points. Bycollecting a prescribed number of value points the customer is then entitled to apercentage discount on Irish products or is entered into some form of promotionaloffer, which could be redeemed at any retail outlet.There is little doubt that the potential impact, of this campaign in terms of revenueand job creation is huge but it requires a sustained momentum and innovativeideas to make it appealing for the everyday customer. We need to stress thatevery consumer has the power to make shopping choices that can impact boththeir own budgets and the Irish economy at large. page: 15 of 37
  16. 16. I. Business & Innovation12. Thinking to Buy IrishFood has become big business. We in this country are in a fortunate position tohave access to an almost unlimited amount of fresh fruit and veg. It is a nationalnatural resource, which is too often unfertilized. However most of the fruit andvegetables that supply retail chains and restaurants are imported. If we areto reward farmers and suppliers for the quality of their produce, this needs tochange. This idea takes inspiration from the ‘Truly Irish’ range of pork based products, which is manufactured and produced by a collective of farmers in the Munster region.What if there was a national association of fresh fruit and vegetable supplierswhere each member had to pass an intensive and rigorous series of qualitystandards before gaining entry. Having passed the standards, the supplier isentitled to trade under the associations members badge, ‘the Green Leaf badge’,similar to that awarded to a blue flag beach. Each producer will be enteredinto a website of suppliers, detailing their history and background, productionstandards and methods. Every restaurant that uses a green leaf supplier willbe promoted on the website and will be rewarded for loyalty. Green leaf badgeswill be displayed on participating restaurants as a symbol of their quality andcommitment to high standards. page: 16 of 37
  17. 17. I. Business & Innovation14. POP Up RestaurantsIf we are to promote the quality of Irish food produce as a marketable resourcethen it requires collective input not only from suppliers and producers but alsofrom everyone involved in the selling of Irish food produce. The idea is to make the quality of our food a marketable tourist attraction.An example would be to create a series of pop up restaurants, during thesummer tourist season, worked by Irish chefs using solely Irish suppliesand produce. It would be a traveling road show of Irish food popping up atunexpected locations throughout the country. page: 17 of 37
  18. 18. From Gloom to Bloom:Inspiring Initiatives for the Ireland of tomorrow.II. Art, Craft & Culture
  19. 19. II. Art, Craft & Culture15. Tell Us Your Story ChildrenWe Irish are a nation of storytellers. The storytellers website and app will enablechildren to develop their creative thinking and writing abilities. The process ofconstructing a fully developed original story with accompanying illustrations willgive kids an appreciation of the skills necessary to develop solid story structuresand create engaging characters for literature comic books and movies. Taking inspiration from Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia and other such spectacular adventures,kids will be walked through the process of developing a detailed fantasy worldpopulated by an original cast of characters. The end result will be an originalshort fantasy story along with accompanying illustrations, maps and characterdrawings that will be published to a storytellers website where the author canenjoy the benefit of social media and broader public recognition. page: 19 of 37
  20. 20. II. Art, Craft & Culture16. Helping to Put Pen to PaperOriginal authors voices are a commodity that can’t be manufactured oroutsourced. The years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice that novelistsdevote to their craft should be justly rewarded. In the current publishing world thisdoesn’t happen, most novelist live below the poverty level, its time to change thismodel. The development of e-books has meant that the publishing industry has become democratized like never before.We are witnessing the balance of power swinging away from the large publishinghouses in favor of the individual creative writer. The plan is to create a literacyagency that would place heavy emphasis on screenplay adaptation, rightsacquisition along with print and e-book publication. Books would be digitallypromoted before they are sold to big publishing houses via social media includingshort film previews of upcoming books content. The audience’s responsewould be used as a leveraging tool to ensure authors receive contracts andcompensation packages favorable to them. The company will scout for talentquickly and aggressively hopefully bringing Ireland’s undiscovered artists to thelargest global audience possible. page: 20 of 37
  21. 21. II. Art, Craft & Culture17. Customizable Artwork Who says that art is simply the preserve of the elite. The modern day proliferation of urban and graffiti art has meant that art has become more accessible to the public than ever before.Developing the notion that art is for everyone, the goal of this idea is that morepeople have art in their lives. Curate contemporary and emerging art fromaround the world and allow customers to customize it to their own individual tasteusing a specialized software technology. Like an “Instagram” for art with just asimple few clicks, a work would be resized, repositioned, rotated, re-colored andthe one of a kind creation would then be printed on canvas and delivered straightto the customers door. By making it easy for anyone to customize, co-createand share derivative art creations, passive consumers are transformed intoactive creative customers. For the emerging and mid career artist it would offereasy access to large market and opportunity to profit from past works as well asvisibility and promotion. page: 21 of 37
  22. 22. II. Art, Craft & Culture18. Transforming Dublin’s Trash to TreasureThis concept turns one mans art into treasure by transforming junk and castaway material into an educational resource. In the midst of our economicrecession Art programs continue to suffer. Now more than ever, creative thinkingand the arts are essential to tap into the freedom that is experienced throughself-expression. Many people who are in difficult life situations find relief and apleasure outlet in art. This idea is inspired by the fact that all cities provide a supply of cast off material, which is worthless to most people and costs money to bring to landfill sites.The idea is to turn junk into art, decorative furnishings and fashion accessoriesfrom which the proceeds can support art education for kids. It would utilizeunoccupied office/warehouse space, provide employment for artists andteachers, reduce some of our cities landfill waste as well as planting the seeds ofcreativity and sustainability, through art education in the minds of our youth. page: 22 of 37
  23. 23. II. Art, Craft & Culture19. Free Roaming TheatreIt has been a disappointing fact of our recessionary times that one of the areas tosuffer most in terms of funding is that of arts and culture. Just at a time when we need to foster a culture of creativity and innovation the government appears to believe that cultural investment is, at present, surplus to requirements.This idea is to create a free live traveling theatre made up from the best theatrecompanies in the country. The traveling road show will visit many smallerprovincial towns providing a winter season of free live theatre for the community.This will allow people of all socio and economic backgrounds the opportunityto experience the art of live performance. Productions could be a mixture ofclassic plays as well as original works from previously undiscovered artists. Theultimate goal is to raise awareness of the arts in local communities as well as toinspire others to pursue their interests in the theatrical arts. It will also help toinspire young people to realize that in spite of their rural location a career in theperformance arts is not unattainable with some of Ireland’s more notable culturalambassadors having grown up in remote areas. page: 23 of 37
  24. 24. II. Art, Craft & Culture20. Urban CanvasIt has been a disappointing fact of our recessionary times that one of the areas tosuffer most in terms of funding is that of arts and culture. While a recent holiday to Reykjavik, Iceland I became fascinated by the aesthetic quality of the city. It is comprised of numerous brightly colored dwellings, some art deco styledbuildings as well as the latest in cutting edge modern design, all of which seemedto blend seamlessly to form a unique structural collage that doesn’t follow anyprescribed plan. What was particularly interesting was the amount of streetartwork that adorned the urban landscape. This artwork, although bold andimposing, was not tacky or garish, showing a youth and vibrancy to the city. This idea was inspired by the Dulux ‘Lets Colour’ paint project (http:// whose motto is ‘adding colour to peoples lives’.The company donates liters of paint to worthy urban renewal projects all overthe world. In a similar fashion my idea is to regenerate derelict or decrepit urbanbuildings by allowing local street artists use the abandoned buildings as a canvasfrom which to project their work. Members of the public could be brought onboard by creating a social media competition allowing them to submit their ideas,which could then be recreated by the street artists.This idea would turn a grey decaying wasteland into a colorful urban galleryallowing local artist hone their skills and display their talents. page: 24 of 37
  25. 25. From Gloom to Bloom:Inspiring Initiatives for the Ireland of tomorrow.III. Youth & Education
  26. 26. III. Youth & Education21. Audio Education My inspiration for this idea is my nephew who is fifteen years old and this year sat his junior certificate.He is dyslexic and so obviously has considerable difficulty when it comes tolanguages and complex academic material. I volunteered to assist him in hisrevision work for the impending exams. Although much has improved in today’seducation system, which provides remedial and special needs assistance tothose with learning difficulties, little or no progress has been made towardsimproving the tools by which these students are educated. Despite being adyslexic with obvious reading difficulties, my nephew was nonetheless expectedto read, learn by rote and reproduce material come exam day. I began to thinkthat in the technology age of there must be a better way of allowing students withlearning difficulties compete on a level playing field with others.It is a proven fact that the more of our senses that are stimulated, the easier wefind it to learn. My idea is to have a leaving and junior cert application that helpsstudents to revise academic material aurally. To demonstrate this I recordedall of my nephew’s exam notes into a Dictaphone, which helped his revision byallowing him to follow and match the words on the page to the sounds in hisears. I believe audio-based learning would assist every student not simply thosewith learning difficulties to retain a large amount of academic data. Although theresults of the junior cert are not officially available yet, I hope by attaining goodgrades that my nephew will be a example of the merits of introducing an audiobased student learning system. page: 26 of 37
  27. 27. III. Youth & Education22. Life Choices Youth EducationThis is a training program for young boys and girls 12-18 years old that wouldfocus on how young people make positive and negative choices that mayimpact their future life course. The program would help to instill the tools andskills required for them to negotiate a positive outcome. We are all aware of theimportance of attaining a strong education towards fulfilling ones potential. Butbecause of the systematic nature of the modern day system, one has to ask whatlessons for life does education pass on to our kids? Taking inspiration from Australia’s Reach Foundation (http://www. established by Irishman Jim Stynes) this program aims not only to teach but also to listen to kids and help navigate them through an often difficult and bewildering time of life.Just as those who have undergone drink driving rehab programs my idea is tohave adults who have fallen into the pitfalls of addictions of various kind (alcohol,drugs, smoking, gambling) speak to young people about how the choices theymade have negatively impacted their lives and what they undertook to turntheir lives around. In developing and implementing this program the idea is notsimply to give back but to encourage a real outcome in the lives of our youthhelping them to look at not only how they make decisions but to be aware of theconsequences of their actions. page: 27 of 37
  28. 28. III. Youth & Education23. The Digital Imaginarium This idea takes inspiration from Coder dojo (, which is an Irish non-for-profit movement that promotes free IT coding clubs for young people.UCD’s Innovation Academy recently held the own “Dojo” which was attended bychildren as young as five and six, who came with their parents to start to learnhow to code, develop websites, apps, programs, games and more.The idea is to create an after school studio for kids to develop skills infilmmaking, video game development, animation and app development. Itwould bring in professionals through TED talk style presentations and hands onclasses. Kids would be given the opportunity to take the technology they alreadyhave at their fingertips and provide them with additional technology, softwareand education to bring their ideas to the next level of development. Imaginariumfestivals could be held at the end of each school term where kids could displaytheir ideas, animations, games or apps. A website could be established toallow them to promote their creations online. Scholarships could be providedfor low-income youths so that all children have access to the program. A studycurriculum could be established, which could be duplicated so that immagniriumscould spread throughout the country. This idea would give kids the tools andknowledge so they could express their amazing creativity digitally. page: 28 of 37
  29. 29. III. Youth & Education24. The Bigger Man Alcohol CampaignWe are all aware of the problems this country has with alcohol. It is stereotypicalbut nonetheless embarrassing to view our nations youth being depicted asdrunken imbeciles particularly on an international stage. Inspiration for this idea comes at a time when the government is seeking to reform Irish drinking practices.Proposed measures include setting minimum alcohol prices and educating ouryouth on the pitfalls of over consumption. I propose an advertising campaigntargeted at young males designed to make them think twice before becomingembroiled in alcohol-fuelled violence.When a person is out on the town they want to have a good time, share a fewdrinks, meet a few people and have a good few stories to tell the next day.Unfortunately some people have an uncanny ability to turn a good night bad.To these confrontational people we introduce “the bigger man”- a new socialconcept that promotes the modern gentleman’s higher qualities of understanding,confidence and compassion. The bigger man will inspire men and women tochoose the modern gentleman’s way of class instead of confrontation in the midstof volatile social situations. The idea is to diffuse tense situations before theyaccelerate, no matter how big the argument may seem it takes guts to step awayand be the bigger man. page: 29 of 37
  30. 30. III. Youth & Education25. Keep Kids In-Tune!“If music be the food of love-play on”. Shakespeare believed that music was ajourney on the road to beauty and truth. ‘Keep Kids In-Tune’ is an idea for a non-profit summer school youth academy that would serve to amplify the voices ofyoung inner city males (10-18) through music. This project seeks to thwart negative influences particularly in cities where youth violence and crime is most problematic.It would encourage young men to find their voice and create their own positivedestiny. The project would groom young men into gentleman of tomorrow byproviding musical education, celebrity master class experiences, academiceducation resources internship opportunities team building excursions andperiodical trips to musical events. Music can provide many opportunities in aperson’s life. It is time to share those opportunities with our disadvantaged youth. page: 30 of 37
  31. 31. III. Youth & Education26. Digital Career GuidanceDeciding which career to pursue is one of the most daunting prospects foranyone much less a seventeen year old. For many students the Irish CAO system is a minefield, a game of “cover your eyes and point” at a college program that sounds promising and rolls off the tongue nicely.In many cases the main point of concern is ‘where to go to college’ not ‘whatto do in college’. As well as this because of the recession many young peopleare being forced into areas where future job prospects appear good, in spiteof having no little insight or knowledge of these careers. If young people wereaware of the huge variety of careers out there, then they would be most likely topursue something they were genuinely interested in versus picking somethingthat’s convenient or available? This idea is to create a robust website that willhelp secondary level kids and even those in college decide what careers theywould like to pursue. This website would comprise of a number of differentfeatures including, job descriptions, common prerequisites, testimonials fromprofessionals in these jobs as well as opportunities to contact these professionalsvia Q&A section. A career calculator would help people align the points structureand their natural curiosities with a shortlist of preferred careers. If there is littlepossibility of gaining direct entry into a chosen program the site would providealternative approaches such as perhaps using an I.T diploma course as astarting ground. I believe that if created properly this website could help an entiregeneration of kids to choose careers that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.Lets get people into jobs they were meant to have and dream to obtain. page: 31 of 37
  32. 32. From Gloom to Bloom:Inspiring Initiatives for the Ireland of tomorrow.IV. Charitable Giving
  33. 33. IV. Charitable Giving27. Don’t Forget Your ShovelsThis is a non-profit charitable organization that will help senior citizens livingalone or disabled people living alone keep their properties, lawns and drivewayscleaned and maintained during the year. Inspiration from this idea came from RTE’s television show “Dirty Old Towns” which is a show hosted by Dermot Gavin based on charitable acts aimed at improving the quality of life in local communities.There would be no direct employment in the scheme although people may wishto make donations at their own discretion. All work would be voluntarily donatedthrough local community service group and second level students. page: 33 of 37
  34. 34. IV. Charitable Giving28. The Do-Gooders! Inspiration from this idea came from this years inaugural “Clonakilty Random Acts of Kindness Festival” ( ClonakiltyRandomActsOfKindnessFestival. This festival is based on the premise that random acts of kindness can make all the difference in peoples lives.The Do-Gooders project exists because sometimes a surprise collectiveeffort is needed to right a wrong help someone through a hard time or makea neighborhood more attractive or safer for everyone to enjoy. Based on theconcept of ‘strength in numbers’ the Do-Gooders operate like a flash mob ofkindness, turn up, do the good deed and leave, never expecting or acceptinga payment. The Do-Gooders will rely on the time effort skills and generosity ofvolunteers. It doesn’t matter what skills or resources individuals would bringto the team the beneficiaries or the community at large would appreciate everyounce of effort and support members would give them. The key to the successof the project would be public participation; a pro-active Do-Gooder is an involvedDo-Gooder! page: 34 of 37
  35. 35. IV. Charitable Giving29. Charitable SocializingThere is little doubt that in this country, rightly or wrongly, the pub is one of themain centers of our social sphere. Whether we are celebrating the success ofa sporting event, enjoying family occasions or perhaps collectively drowning oursorrows, the local pub facilitates all our needs. What if the local pub did more than merely facilitate but rewarded us for socializing? Taking inspiration from national charitable events such as RTE Telethon, where many fund-raising events take place in public houses,I introduce to you the concept of charitable socializing-a charity owned pub where100% of the profits go to charitable causes. Charitable socializing would changethe way we look at charitable donations. Simply by having dinner and drinks youwill help make your community a better place. One hundred percent of the profitswould be taken and donated to charities that desperately need the funds.If this notion seems alien consider the numerous black tie events that takeplace where individuals pay top dollar for a table or auction bid for meaninglessmerchandise. These people are essentially socializing in the name of charity, myidea is a more stripped down localized version of the same concept. Bringingcharitable giving into day-to-day living would make it more convenient and fun foreveryone and would allow more people to be involved. page: 35 of 37
  36. 36. IV. Charitable Giving30. The Charitable Flash Mob This idea takes inspiration form the speed of light concept (www. which was a night time run to commemorate the London 2012 Olympic games.Runners were clad in a specially designed light suits, which when activated byhundreds or runners resulted in an astonishing illuminating night time display.How about using this as an innovative charitable fund raising idea? For examplea charitable nighttime “Light Run” from Dublin to Cork in aid of cancer research.The visually impressive spectacle would be sure to gain attention and supportalong the route as well as creating a positive symbol of hope for those afflictedwith the condition. page: 36 of 37
  37. 37. From Gloom to Bloom:Inspiring Initiatives for the Ireland of tomorrow.Thank you.