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Equinox Portfolio Feb09

  1. 1. G R A P H I C • P R O D U C T • I N T E R I O R • PA C K A G I N G Welcome to the Equinox Partners showcase. It shows a small sample of the work we undertake as designers. We thrive on producing ideas and have opinions on everything! Equinox Partners is a multi-disciplined design resource established in 1988 on the equal balance of Clare Newton and Michael Taylor’s established backgrounds in graphic and product design. We pride ourselves in our long-term client relationships based on commitment, responsiveness and originality. Whilst covering our primary staples of graphic and product design, we also find that our clients need exhibitions designing, interiors organising, packaging produced and the application of common sense. Clare Newton won the accolade ‘Female Inventor of the Year’ with her ‘CupTake ® ’ patented drinks carrier and we have several practical packaging ideas in design registration. We would very much like to meet and discuss your individual requirements. Please call Michael Taylor on 020 7254 4555 or e-mail at mgt@equinoxpartners.co.uk CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS 150 Middleton Road London Fields London E8 4LP T: 020 7254 4555 F: 020 7249 6124 E: mgt@ equinoxpartners.co.uk Cater Allen Abbey National Allied Irish Bank GlaxoWellcome Musical Fidelity W: www.equinoxpartners.co.uk Private Bank Offshore Ark Life GlaxoSmithKline
  2. 2. GRAPHICS – FINANCIAL 2 Hibernian Aviva with FMCI Equinox Partners, along with their colleagues at FMC International, have been producing marketing materials for Allied Irish Bank and their subsidiary, Ark LIfe, for over 10 years, mainly working within the areas of Pensions, Life Assurance and Savings. We, therefore, welcomed the opportunity of working with AIB’s joint venture partner, Hibernian Aviva, on various new projects at the start of 2009. This guide to investment funds enables financial advisers to clearly and succinctly identify appropriate investment opportunities for their clients within Hibernian Aviva’s portfolio of funds. The launch of the new guide was supported by insightful materials explaining investor psychology and offering advice on how to negotiate the volatile terrain of the current ‘bear’, or declining, stockmarkets. T: 020 7254 4555 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  3. 3. GRAPHICS – FINANCIAL 3 Allied Irish Bank with FMCI With their tax advantages and support from employers, long-term pension funds are still the best way for people to save for their retirement. The suite of brochures, written by FMCI and designed by Equinox Partners, were aimed at both company employees (top left), employers and their pension fund trustees. The brochures describe in layman’s terms the benefits of receiving and providing company pensions, the statutory obligations that employers and trustees must undertake and the wide range of options and investment fund advice available from AIB. The two slightly different styles of brochure ensured that there would be no confusion within the target audiences. The colourful design reflected the most recent graphic identity seen within AIB Bank branches throughout Ireland. T: 020 7254 4555 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  4. 4. GRAPHICS – FINANCIAL 4 AIB Private Bank with FMCI AIB Bank is one of Ireland’s most established banking institutions. Having worked with their life assurance subsidiary for a considerable length of time, it was logical that we should be asked to prepare materials for marketing pension products to their High Net Worth customers. Clean and sober-suited brochures and technical documents were supported by clear, easy to T: 020 7254 4555 understand applications and instruction forms. CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  5. 5. GRAPHICS – FINANCIAL 5 Allied Irish Bank advertising with FMCI AIB is one of the largest banks in the Irish market. Equinox Partners, working with a financial marketing consultancy, have been producing materials for their subsidiary, Ark LIfe, for over 10 years, mainly working within the areas of Pensions, Life Assurance and Savings. A national pensions campaign was needed to position AIB as a significant presence in the pension market. Equinox Partners initial concepts were eyecatching, but were too scary – ‘as scary as not having a pension’. A sense of safety was introduced by the parachutist and carried through to the final campaign which featured newspaper and colour magazine placements and billboard posters. Concepts & art direction Copywriting Image manipulation Artwork generation and delivery Allied Irish Bank Ark Life Allied Irish Bank advertising with FMCI Pensions are about people – real people. The images of beautiful, aspirational models can turn off the cynical, younger target market – especially when it relates to the rather unattractive subject of pensions. As a development of our original ‘Big Drop’ parachuting campaign, the use of real warts-and-all characters added fascination – and reality. The recommended use in weekend colour magazine pages further differentiated AIB from their competitors. T: 020 7254 4555 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  6. 6. GRAPHICS – FINANCIAL 6 Cater Allen Private Bank with FMCI Cater Allen, subsequent to its takeover by Abbey National, was a revitalised by the introduction of a whole new corporate image generated by Equinox Partners. The existing company logo was rationalised and updated and an up lifting ‘graphic sweep’ was added to all marketing materials to give individuality and distinction. This range of booklets were aimed at reintroducing the Bank to their customers and raising awareness within their corporate, legal and accountancy clients. Concepts & art direction Copywriting Image manipulation National newspaper and magazine advertising Exhibition display Artwork generation and delivery T: 020 7254 4555 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  7. 7. GRAPHICS – FINANCIAL 7 Cater Allen Private Bank with FMCI The new corporate image with up lifting ‘graphic sweep’ was developed across the entire range of brochures, direct mail pieces and advertising. This made Cater Allen Bank widely recognised and one of the most successful of the country’s small financial organisations. A similar exercise targeted the all-important Independent Financial Adviser market with colour coding to differentiate the materials for the customer from those instructing the Financial Intermediary. “The first agency I have come across that I haven’t wanted to sack at the end of the first year...!” Paul Turtle – Managing Director, Cater Allen Bank and subsequently, Butterfield Private Bank (next page) Concepts & art direction Copywriting Image manipulation National newspaper and magazine advertising Artwork generation and delivery T: 020 7254 4555 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  8. 8. GRAPHICS – FINANCIAL 8 Butterfield Private Bank with FMCI Targeted at Financial Intermediaries, these advertisements and insert leaflets were on the theme of famous historical characters to illustrate the diverse nature of Butterfield’s banking activities – Brunel for pensions innovation, Henry VIII for divorce loans, Lewis Carroll for specialist charity banking. Also illustrated are advertisements for a series of specialist SIPP seminars held at the Royal Opera House to introduce financial advisers to Butterfield’s pension banking services. FMCI organised the venue, with the supporting materials and handout folders artworked and produced by Equinox Partners. Concepts & art direction Copywriting Image manipulation National newspaper and magazine advertising Exhibition display T: 020 7254 4555 Artwork generation and delivery CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  9. 9. GRAPHICS – FINANCIAL 9 RZB with FMCI Austrian Bank, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG or RZB, specialises in the Central Eastern European and Russian banking arena. RZB’s London office required an attractive presentation folder and fact sheets illustrating their services and to introduce a regular, large-format newsletter, circulated with copies of the Financial Times to the City’s banking districts. Initial concepts Copywriting Image manipulation Artwork generation and delivery T: 020 7254 4555 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  10. 10. GRAPHICS – FINANCIAL 10 Inscape Offshore with FMCI Equinox Partners and FMCI had previously been working with Abbey National Treasury International to set up the Abbey National Offshore’s brand and to generate their marketing materials. This offshore, tax-saving division of Abbey National Offshore, required folder and brochures to express the Abbey National Offshore heritage as well as presenting a fresh new face to the market. The launch of the new company was supported by additional branded materials, display panels, posters and promotional items. Initial concepts Copywriting Image manipulation Artwork generation and delivery T: 020 7254 4555 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  11. 11. GRAPHICS – TECHNICAL 11 GlaxoSmithKline The Diskus/Accuhaler device has become the one of the world’s most widely used dispensers of powdered drugs to relieve asthma and other bronchial conditions for which they received The Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement. The travelling educational exhibition and this supporting brochure on which it was based were created to celebrate this outstanding milestone. T: 020 7254 4555 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  12. 12. GRAPHICS – TECHNICAL 12 GlaxoSmithKline Confidential, professionally produced, technical documents are required for dissemination to internal staff and selected sub-contractors whenever product development has reached pilot production stage. This product overview of a dosecounter mechanism for a Metered Dose Inhaler, was used to educate and inform a wide variety of production executives, marketing and sales people. With their Product Design background, Equinox Partners are ideally suited to produce technical illustrations, copy writing, design layout and arrange short-run print production. T: 020 7254 4555 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  13. 13. PRODUCT – HI FI 13 F-15 Power Amplifier PRIMO Tube Preamplifier – concepts & detail of finished product F-22 Pre-amplifier X-PLORA digital tuner Musical Fidelity Hi-Fi Amplifiers Musical Fidelity TITAN – one of a range of stackable hi-fi components The F-15 power amplifier and its Monster amplifiers such X-Series stacking feature companion F-22 pre-amplifier as the TITAN have always represented a radical departure from featured in Musical Fidelity’s traditional machined enclosures into product range, delivering to the use of sculptural, interlocking aluminium extrusions. the true hi-fi enthusiast unbeatable value-for-money combined with sensational visuals and performance. The lozenge shape of the X-Series allowed for the economical use of a single aluminium casework extrusion, A5CR Pre- and Power Amplifier incorporating all the materials heat-dissipating properties as well as providing integral mountings for the circuit boards and other mechanical fixing points. The current range of amplifiers from Musical Fidelity, designed with Equinox Partners, feature chunky all-metal construction and tube hybrid circuitry to produce high quality sound that regularly top the ‘Best-Buy’ lists in the T: 020 7254 4555 audiophile magazines. CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  14. 14. PA C K A G I N G – E L E C T R O N I C S 14 Kinitron VOIPLEX Packaging Specifically targeted at SMEs, Kinitron developed their Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system in conjunction with Imperial College and needed an all-in-one packaging system to allow the product to be marketed and sold through retail outlets. Equinox Partners developed the graphic image for the ‘Voiplex’ packaging and an economical tray system for protecting the four phones and accompanying electronic equipment. The final package featured a full colour sleeve and integral carrying handle. Musical Fidelity V-Series On-going miniaturisation of electronics has meant that devices have become smaller over the years. In a departure from their normal cardboard packaging, MF asked Equinox Partners to generate concepts for these V-Series hanging blister packs, as well as attractive ‘line conditioner’ graphics and final artworks, for their latest retail pack – open range of seven hi-fi ‘line conditioners’. T: 020 7254 4555 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  15. 15. PA C K A G I N G – C O N S U M E R S 15 Brandsell CupTake® This Safety Hot Food & Drinks Carrier earned Clare Newton the accolade ‘Female Inventor of the Year’ from inventors’ champion & ‘Mr Wind-up Radio’, Trevor Baylis OBE. The fully patented device is easily branded for identification and marketing purposes and can be used for carrying any hot beverages, either as single or the new two cup version. The ‘CupTake®’ cup carrier can also be adapted to colourfully brand take-away hot The ‘CupTake®’ hot drinks carrier – available as Clare being presented with single and double cup versions snack foods, ready from the microwave – her award by her hero, with no burnt fingers! Trevor Baylis OBE. The Multi-cup carrier cleverly folds up from LL The ‘CupTake®’ hot drinks carrier was trialled flat. Available in 4 and 6 cup versions, it is at Benjy’s sandwich outlets. designed to take cups and packaged sandwiches in any combination. Please contact us for details. The ‘CupTake®’ as a take-away hot food concept. The ‘CupTake®’ name is a registered trade mark. The ‘CupTake®’ cup carrier is patented in the UK No 1274630. The Multi-cup and sandwich carrier is a registered design. 4 cup: Design Registration No: 3016275 T: 020 7254 4555 6 cup: Design Registration No: 3016274 CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS
  16. 16. EXPERIENCE Equinox Partners founded in 1988 – Apple Macs from 1989 EQUIPMENT Apple Macintosh ‘MacPro’ Dual-Core Intel Xenon – 30” Monitor Apple Macintosh ‘G4 Quicksilver’ – 23” Monitor Xerox Phaser 780 A3+ 4-colour laser printer, HP 2200 A4 B/W printer Apple ‘iMacs’, Apple Mac ‘G3s’, Canon SLR cameras GRAPHICS SOFTWARE Quark Xpress 7.1 & InDesign CS2 (plus interchange filters), Illustrator CS2, Photoshop CS2, Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional, ‘ There are plenty of designers around Powerpoint 11.3 – but very few who match real 8Mb broadband connection – Offsite, daily, online secure file backup creative flair with a commitment to delivering work on time and on STUDIO RATES £75 per hour – VAT registered budget. That’s why we have used Equinox Partners as our ‘virtual studio’ for more than 20 years.’ We hope you found our presentation of interest and would very much like to meet Jeremy Bond, Managing Director, FMC International you and discuss your individual requirements. Please contact me on 020 7254 4555 or e-mail mgt@equinoxpartners.co.uk to arrange an appointment for me to come along to see you, With best regards CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANTS 150 Middleton Road London Fields London E8 4LP T: 020 7254 4555 F: 020 7249 6124 Michael Taylor Partner, Equinox Partners E: mgt@ equinoxpartners.co.uk W: www.equinoxpartners.co.uk