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This is the presentation that I made during the Illinois Department of Public Health conference on July 31, 2012

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQzsQkMFgHE
  • The most popular social networking service out there “ Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” Facebook has nearly 800 MILLION active users Users may create a personal profile, add other users as friends and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile Users may join common interest user groups Applications available for donations, e.g., “Donate” Great for warehousing a lot of content in one simple “package”
  • A real-time information network that connects users to the latest information about what they find interesting Find public streams, follow conversations Tweets 140 characters in length Think in headlines, not stories Embed information through links, videos, pictures Some people never tweet, they simply use Twitter as a way to get the latest information on their interests Public health alerts
  • An online journal or diary Make your ideas and opinions “human sounding” Archived by time An easy way to get introduced to social media The “my mother rule” of social media Ideal for generating discussions
  • The world’s largest professional network Over 130 million members, growing rapidly LinkedIn can be a means to connect to public health executives and decision makers LinkedIn is not for “crowds” http://learn.linkedin.com/non-profits/ Posting questions, providing answers LinkedIn’s power Allows for sharing ideas, resources Business affiliations Groups
  • YouTube is a video sharing Web site where users can upload and share videos Ideal for showcasing events, speeches, and professional presentations Great recruitment tool Multiple videos can be shared through the creation of a channel Ideal for segmentation YouTube is among the top four search engines Why shouldn’t you be there?
  • IPHA presentation 7.31.12

    1. 1. The confluenceof public health& social media July 31, 2012
    2. 2. overviewIntroductionWhat Is Social Media?Why Does Social Media Matter?What to Know Before Getting StartedSuggested Social Media PlatformsSuggested Implementation“Shark Tank” 2
    3. 3. dkc @shmaraksmpr #iphagetssocial 3
    4. 4. dkc has social media how changed our lives? check this out. 4
    5. 5. Is the public health community engaged in social media— or “wallflower media?” 5
    6. 6. many public health & non-profitinitiatives are wallflowers• They join networks, but wait for people to find them• They don’t engage with followers or constituents• They don’t seek out partnerships or alliances• They go back to their marketing comfort zone, but they don’t reap the results • Typically, they focus on awareness or sales messages • They don’t emphasize the right kind of education messages 6
    7. 7. Was this ad an early form of “social media?” 7
    8. 8. your goal:don’t just come to thedance……find others to dancewith. 8
    9. 9. what is social media?• A definition of marketing – The exchange of goods and services• A definition of social marketing – Engaging in communications to facilitate a desired exchange Traditional Marketing Social Media MarketingDominate the market Create a communityShout out loud Listen, then whisper“Me, me, me” “Us, us, us”Push the product, service Pull in people with your messageAdvertising Word of mouthControl AllowPursue ‘leads’ Nurture relationships 9
    10. 10. what is social media? 10
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. why does social media matter?• Your competition is there • Direct and indirect • They are using it more than “once a week” • They are integrating it into daily operations• Organizations are using it to leverage donations, commitment and participation• You don’t need to buy space to use it• You’re using it and you don’t even know it • e.g., Amazon.com reviews 12
    13. 13. what to know before getting started End product judged by other members based on previous steps. The network perceives high Evolves from trust members activity in the as influencers network, tone and quality of Trust engagement Profile deepens with connections, content, group Reputation associations Description, summary ofindividual, organization and/or business Identity Profile 13
    14. 14. what to know before getting startedAsk smart questions.•Who is on the receiving end of my messages? Patients? Doctors?Government officials? Do they need me now or do they need me later?•Where are these people online?•What are my organization’s goals? How can I influence conversations to meetthese goals?•Who will lead your social media marketing efforts?•Is the organization prepared for the time and commitment to building ourcommunity? 14
    15. 15. what to know before getting startedWhere does social media fit in your “marketing mix?”•Brand/Advertising • Look, feel and tone•Public relations • Message, education and reputation•Development communications•Web site • SEO, SMO 15
    16. 16. dkc media platforms social 16
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18. 18
    19. 19. 19
    20. 20. 20
    21. 21. 21
    22. 22. 22
    23. 23. dkc suggested implementation 23
    24. 24. suggested implementationCreate a social media policy—and have people sign off that theywill adhere to it.•Clarify what constitutes as social media content • Tone, frequency, grammar, etc.•Determine and communicate your organization’s attitude toward social mediato as many people as possible • Will everyone be welcomed to be a part of “the dance?” • What are the goals you seek to accomplish?•Determine who owns the strategy and execution • Suggestion—a three-pronged social media committee led by Executive Director, Marketing and “on the street” leadership 24
    25. 25. suggested implementation•Establish rules of engagement • Off-limit topics and professionalism•Make training available•Have a crisis plan • Public health emergencies (H1N1) • Adverse conversations about your organization • Government advocacy and intervention 25
    26. 26. suggested implementationDevelop a content schedule.•Mapping out information will help you determine several components of socialmedia • “Do we have a lot to say? Are we relevant?” • Level of frequency•Content can come in the form of other people thinking or saying what yourorganization believes in • Social media = Engage conversations • “Retweets”•Schedule can coincide with other parts of your operations • Health fairs • Events/health screenings • Speeches • Volunteer/staff recruitment 26
    27. 27. suggested implementationStart joining conversations.•Start with one or two platforms and/or channels•Listen to conversations for a short time•Create, optimize profiles•Identify, join and engage groups•Contribute regularly with value-added content • Avoid sales pitches as much as possible•Be helpful, professional, proactive and responsive 27
    28. 28. suggested implementationMonitor your performance.• Monitor what is being said • Free tools about your cause and – Google Analytics organization – SocialOomph.com –Listen to “buzz” to inform – CoTweet – Klout –Can also track related ailments • Premium tools – Sprout Social – Radian6 – Sysmos 28
    29. 29. suggested resources 29
    30. 30. dkc tank” “shark 30
    31. 31. thank youfor your time NEW YORK CHICAGO 261 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor 321 North Clark, Suite 2800 New York, NY 10016 Chicago, IL 60654 (312) 340-6990 (212) 685-4300 www.dkcnews.com www.dkcnews.com
    32. 32. dkc about us 32
    33. 33. why dkc?• DKC is a smart, aggressive and inventive team with a wide range of public relations and marketing talent and experience serving a diverse array of clients• DKC has broken the mold of traditional public relations to create a bold new hybrid of strategic, results-oriented public relations and integrated marketing• We create thorough, effective and all- encompassing communications programs that connect clients to audiences and enliven brands 33
    34. 34. dkc: the facts• A 20-year-old agency composed of 140 public relations and marketing professionals• Big enough to leverage large ideas and strategies, yet small enough to make things happen quickly, while interacting closely with the media and influencers on a day-to-day basis• From Wall Street to Main Street: we represent clients across a diverse range of industries, geographic regions and service offerings• Headquartered in New York with offices in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago and Albany 34
    35. 35. dkc: the facts• Unmatched relationships with national, regional, local, consumer, B-2-B and trade media across print, broadcast and digital platforms• Creative strategic thinking and results- oriented solutions, enhancing your core business while expanding the reach of your message to new audiences• Practice areas include: consumer products, digital, media properties, fashion, entertainment, hospitality, sports, health care, technology, gaming, government affairs, and crisis management 35
    37. 37. dkc capabilities 37
    38. 38. brand building• Experience with many of the nation’s most iconic brands• DKC understands that brand equals perception; we have vast brand-building expertise, from launching new brands to revitalizing existing ones, to new initiatives that position brands for long-term growth 38
    39. 39. multiplatform news media• A major strength of the agency, DKC knows how to make news and generate high-impact press coverage that builds brands• We maintain strong relationships with national, regional, local, consumer, B-2-B and trade media across print, broadcast and digital platforms• Our staff includes former journalists, writers, television producers and bloggers• We are known for an approach that looks to place brands in unexpected, non- traditional media outlets• DKC represents some of the nation’s most prominent news organizations and media outlets 39
    40. 40. integrated marketing• Create partnership opportunities and promotional initiatives within and outside of our client network that generate positive word-of-mouth and brand perception• National reputation for creating “experiential” marketing programs and have a strong track record creating high-impact events and marketing platforms for our clients 40
    41. 41. digital• DKC Connect specializes in creating online communications strategies unique to each client’s needs which integrate new technologies and complement offline efforts to create a seamless campaign.• Knowledge of the latest digital trends combined with a research-based approach enables us to craft measurable campaigns that resonate with your key audiences and further your brand’s objectives.• Capabilities include: social media auditing + influencer identification, strategic counsel, website development, social media marketing, applications, online reputation management, etc. 41
    42. 42. accelerate• A joint venture with Forum Strategies & Communications, Accelerate is a full-service public relations and experiential marketing group designed to handle the unique communications needs of the automotive industry• Accelerate/Forum has a 15 year relationship with the Chrysler Group LLC and has deep understanding of the companys products, business objectives and culture• Leveraging DKC and Forum’s joint expertise, Accelerate can develop, integrate and execute all elements of consumer engagement through traditional media relations, interactive social media, experiential marketing, events and content creation• The group also has experience engaging policy makers who are shaping the transportation industry and driving the future of automotive technology on the federal, state and local levels 42
    43. 43. government affairs• DKC Government Affairs offers its clients the benefit of decades of institutional legislative and political knowledge about the often arcane inner workings of state government, along with a keen understanding of the intersection of public policy and media relations• We work diligently to help meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented by public policy, legislative or regulatory action in Albany for clients both large and small, public and private• The DKC Government Affairs executive team has over 100 years of combined experience in local, city, state and federal government affairs experience• DKC Government Affairs provides government relations strategy and political counsel to Fortune 500 companies, real estate developers, not-for-profit organizations, health care providers, and the telecommunications industry among others 43
    44. 44. public affairs• We combine our consumer marketing and media relations expertise with our knowledge of government relations and news to create high-impact public affairs campaigns• Our media and political contacts are among the strongest in the nation, allowing us to create discussions and events that garner national attention• We specialize in issue-based campaigns that influence policy-makers in Washington, DC while impacting public opinion across the country 44
    45. 45. hispanic practice• Strategic consultation, publicity outreach and Spanish language services to assist in defining and implementing the best Hispanic marketing initiatives to accomplish our clients’ goals• Established, ongoing relationships with Spanish language media at regional, national and international levels allowing us to give a voice to issues that are particularly important to the Latino community, as well as help build a strong and relevant presence in the Hispanic market• Experience includes: o Yahoo! U.S. Hispanic o Kool-Aid’s ‘Pelikoola en el Parque’ program o Production company Shine Global and the documentary “The Harvest/La Cosecha” o Safe Horizon o SUNY Levin Institute o The Ford Foundation 45
    46. 46. events• Excellence in conceiving, organizing and managing large scale, strategic special events• Execute events that garner media attention and reach target audiences directly and virally• Extensive experience in product launches, concerts, premieres, fashion and trade shows, red carpets, junkets, conferences, political, marketing and community outreach events 46
    47. 47. executives & influencers David Granger Michael Eisner Linda Kaplan Thaler Paul Fireman Dr. Oz Robert SillermanBonnie Hammer Ken Burns Lyor Cohen Jann Wenner Howard Stern Craig KallmanArianna Huffington Tor Myhren Sean Combs Clive Davis Richard Kirshenbaum Janice Min 47
    48. 48. expert positioning• From Fortune 500 companies to start-up entrepreneurs, DKC places experts at the center of national conversations• Through smart ideas and discipline, we secure our clients in media appearances, conferences and byline articles 48
    49. 49. crisis communications• There is no way of knowing when a crisis will strike. How a client handles a crisis in the beginning hours has a critical impact on how they will come out in the end. Hiring an agency with crisis management capabilities is an invaluable asset• Among the most respected in the industry, DKC manages internal and external communications, business-to-business and business-to- consumer crises• Foremost experts in crisis management formulate and implement strategies that defuse negative publicity and stabilize a clients public persona, image and reputation• 360⁰ approach includes: real-time media monitoring, SEO, Wikipedia, and social media platform engagement 49