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Real Estate Terms Crossword


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This is a self-study guide designed to help real estate professionals study for the real estate licensing test.

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Real Estate Terms Crossword

  1. 1. Western Region New Professional Training Real Estate Terminology 1 Directions: 1 2 Complete the crossword puzzle. Use the list on the next page to 3 help you answer the crossword puzzle. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
  2. 2. Western Region New Professional Training Real Estate Terminology 1 BASEYEAR GROSSLEASE ENCUMBRANCE RENT MARKETRENT UNENCUMBERED NETLEASE PLAT WORKLETTER BASERENT EASEMENT FEESIMPLE EFFECTIVERENT BUILDTOSUIT ESTOPPEL CLASSB LEASE Across Down 1 A claim, lien, charge or liability 2 The year upon which a direct 14 A set amount used as a minimum 7 Describes title to property that is attached to and binding real expense escalation of rent is based. rent in a lease which also employs free of liens. property. (2 words) a percentage or other allocation for 8 A contract granting use or additional rent. (2 words) 3 A lease that provides that the 4 The rental rate after deducting the occupation of property during a landlord shall pay all expenses of value of concessions from the base 15 The rental income that a property specified time for a specified the leased property, such as taxes, rental rate paid by a tenant. (2 would most probably command. (2 payment. insurance, maintenance, utilities, words) words) 9 The right to cross point A to get to etc. (2 words) 5 A statement by a tenant identifying 16 The standard building items that the point B. 11 A lease which the tenant pays, in that the ease is in effect and landlord contributes as part of the 10 A map dividing a parcel of land into addition to rent, property taxes, certifying that no rent has been tenant improvements. lots, as in a subdivision. insurance premiums, repairs, prepaid or that there are no 17 A method of leasing property utilities, and maintenance. (2 words) outstanding defaults by the whereby the landlord builds a new landlord. 12 Commonly used as a synonym for building in accordance with a ownership. (2 words) 6 A general term covering any tenant’s specifications. (3 words) consideration (not only money). 13 Property with good location, management, construction land tenancy. (2 words)