Michael Radivoy Portfolio Presentation Ppt


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Michael Radivoy Portfolio Presentation Ppt

  1. 1. Introducing… Providing Enlightening Concepts Since 1980
  2. 2. Michael Radivoy has been providing award-winning communications for businesses of all types and many Fortune 500 companies since 1980. He started out owning his own ad agency in the Los Angeles area where he specialized in the entertainment industry designing motion picture, television and radio campaigns. Some of his clients included Telepictures, Westwood One, Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., American International Pictures and TeleVentures. He also served as Director of Creative Services for Lionheart Television, the BBC in America, where he designed and implemented promotional materials, ad campaigns and video presentations used to market all of the BBC programming in America.
  3. 3. In 1976 he designed the still-being-used, award-winning identity for the Los Angeles-based radio station, K-EARTH FM, a record length for a radio station logo in this highly competitive SouthernCalifornia market.
  4. 4. He has also served as Creative Director for several ad agencies: AdCom, Huntington Beach; the William Robinson Company, Irvine; and The Direct Marketing Agency, Irvine; and he was Director of Operations and eventually Vice President of Marketing for Circles of Life, a national company that manufactured and sold energy-related products.
  5. 5. In addition to his marketing and advertising experience, Michael Radivoy was also Editor of two publications in Orange County, CA: the Business Reporter, a business-to-business monthly magazine and OC Metro, a bi-weekly business/lifestyle magazine.
  6. 6. A Small Sample of Corporate Identities
  7. 7. Personal and Organizational Development
  8. 8. Personal Improvement Coaching
  9. 9. Family Dental
  10. 10. Mining & Investment Company
  11. 11. Fitness Club
  12. 12. Television Distribution
  13. 13. Family Therapy
  14. 14. ALLCARE - Corporate Identity Health Care and Related Services
  15. 15. ALLCARE - Division In Home Health Care
  16. 16. ALLCARE - Division Directory of Living Services
  17. 17. ALLCARE - Division Assisted Living and Hospice
  18. 18. ALLCARE - Special Event Health Expo
  19. 19. Restaurant
  20. 20. Restaurant
  21. 21. Moving Company
  22. 22. Chiropractor
  23. 23. Tour & Travel
  24. 24. Real Estate Developer
  25. 25. Holistic Medicine
  26. 26. Car Wash Number one in customer satisfaction
  27. 27. Massage Therapist
  28. 28. Clothing Boutique
  29. 29. Real Estate
  30. 30. Annual Reports Clients: Hal Roach Studios 20 th Century Fox Pacific Scientific
  31. 31. IBM Customer Executive Conference Hand delivered invitation to top 100 clients – companies that did a minimum of $100 million of business per year with IBM .
  32. 32. Collateral Materials Client: Moore Stephens Frazer & Torbet part of international accounting firm of Moore Stephens corporate presentation brochure and lead generating brochure
  33. 33. Collateral Materials Client: Stuart Anderson Black Angus Restaurants national chain of restaurants promotional menu Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors national Chain of ice cream stores direct marketing coupon flyer
  34. 34. Collateral Materials Client: Lionheart Television Television Syndication brochures
  35. 35. Collateral Materials Client: Lionheart Television Television Syndication brochures
  36. 36. Collateral Materials Client: Lionheart Television Television Syndication KingWorld Television Television Syndication brochures
  37. 37. Collateral Materials Client: Advanced Physicians Management presentation folders and sales brochures
  38. 38. Collateral Materials Client: West-Star Physical Therapy chain of physical therapy centers presentation folders and sales brochures
  39. 39. Print Ad Campaign Client: Commercial Bank of California – double truck ad, Los Angeles Magazine
  40. 40. Print Ad Campaign Client: MetroTape West - (now FOX Channel 11, Los Angeles) Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety ad
  41. 41. Print Ad Campaign Client: MetroTape West Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety ad
  42. 42. Client: Columbia Pictures The Electric Horseman Motion Picture Ad Campaign
  43. 43. Motion Picture Ad Campaign Client: Warner Bros. Wolfen
  44. 44. Motion Picture Ad Campaign Client: Warner Bros. Going in Style
  45. 45. Outdoor Campaign Client: KIQQ FM 100 radio station Kent H. Landsberg Packaging Company billboards
  46. 46. Client: Big Train coffee and tea products national in-store poster Promotional Poster
  47. 47. Print Ad Campaign Client: Metro AutoPlex Mercedes and Honda dealerships magazine ad
  48. 48. Collaterals Client: Deltronic Corporation manufacturer of precision measuring equipment product and sales brochures
  49. 49. Marketing Campaign Client: Eye Styles for Lifestyles chain of optometry centers brochures, ad, newsletters to market Lasik
  50. 50. Collaterals and Magazines Client: Kent H. Landsberg packaging company brochures and magazines
  51. 51. Collaterals Client: MTI Corporation distributor of aerospace fittings presentation folder, lead generating brochure and catalog sheet
  52. 52. Collateral Materials Client: Shape-Up Fitness Center high-end health club in Corona de Mar (the most Exclusive community in Orange County) newsletter
  53. 53. Print Ad Campaign Client: Shape-Up Fitness Center newspaper ad campaign
  54. 54. Collaterals Client: Best Buys in Baja ad banner brochure
  55. 55. Collaterals Client: Baja’s Best Real Estate Services brochures
  56. 56. Collaterals Client: Henry Suri brochure Client: International Moving Company brochure
  57. 57. Collaterals Client: Home Improvement Professionals brochure Client: Baja 123 brochure
  58. 58. Print Ad Campaigns Client: Baja’s Best Real Estate Services
  59. 59. Print Ad Campaigns Client: Baja’s Best Real Estate Services
  60. 60. CD Covers Client: Circles of Life manufacturer and distributor of energy-related products cd cover designs
  61. 61. To survive in this economy businesses have to get the most bang for their buck. I can provide you with the expertise and creativity of a large advertising agency without all the costs. In addition to tremendous savings I offer you the quality, dependability and integrity of over twenty-five years of valued experience. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.
  62. 62. Call or write: Michael Radivoy 503.821.75 08 [email_address] com Thank you. Providing Enlightening Concepts Since 1980