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Net-Results Differentiators
Net-Results Differentiators
Net-Results Differentiators
Net-Results Differentiators
Net-Results Differentiators
Net-Results Differentiators
Net-Results Differentiators
Net-Results Differentiators
Net-Results Differentiators
Net-Results Differentiators
Net-Results Differentiators
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Net-Results Differentiators


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Net-Results' Segment-Driven approach to Marketing Automation offers multiple advantages to the revenue-focused marketer: …

Net-Results' Segment-Driven approach to Marketing Automation offers multiple advantages to the revenue-focused marketer:

One Tool to control all automation functionality. Compare this to other products that require your team to learn different interfaces for every part of their systems.

That One Tool provides you with the ability to segment your prospects based on any and all behaviors they undertake, demographics, geography - anything you want in any combination you choose.

The Net-Result: shorter time to value at implementation & a more efficient team day in and day out.

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  • Net-Results is actively selling SaaS subscriptions on an annual or month-to-month basis both direct and via a growing network of resellers on four continents. While we target companies with revenues ranging from $10M to $250M, Net-Results has sold subscriptions to multiple customers both above and below this range, on several occasions in direct competition with Eloqua, Marketo, and other up-market competitors. Notable recent wins include: - Shred-it ( World’s largest secure document shredding company. ~$600mm annual revenue - Advantech ( ~$800mm annual revenue, Taiwan-based - P90X: “Extreme Home Fitness” consumer brand with >1mm customers - Smith College ( Oldest women’s college in the U.S.
  • With well under 10,000 companies currently using a marketing automation system, the market is in the early adopter stage with mass adoption yet to commence.Forrester recently estimated that 95 to 98 % of B2B companies have yet to implement Marketing Automation technology (September, 2009)Sirius Decisions estimates that B2B Marketing Automation penetration will surpass 50% by 2015 (April, 2010)
  • The traditional challenge with channel distribution is getting resellers to actually sell your product. Net-Results sees the model that led to the success of Google AdWords as a guide in succeeding with our channel. The factors that led resellers to introduce AdWords are being replicated in order to add scale to Net-Results’ distribution channel (which already includes reseller partners on five continents). For resellers, Net-Results must be: - Easy to sell with simple talking points that are easy to absorb and relay to customers - Easy to implement (Sites with >2,000 pages have implemented Net-Results in literally less than 5 minutes) - Easy to service multiple accounts (Net-Results’ “partner portal” offers resellers single sign-on management of all customer accounts, automated billing and commissions, training, marketing materials and more)
  • This screen shot shows a Net-Results segment that selects for all leads who… - Did click through on a particular marketing email - Did view at least 6 pages on the target website - Spent at least 3 minutes visiting the site - Began an example conversion process (white paper download, purchase, whatever) - Failed to complete that conversion process (a conversion abandonment) - Are located in California - And are not currently members of the List titled “Active Customers”This is completely impossible with our competitors’ products, not even close. This is easy in Net-Results and literally takes about 2 minutes to set up.Furthermore, Net-Results drives *all* product function using these segments. Once this segment is created a marketer can, in minutes, set up an instant alert based on this segment, a pre-scheduled report based on this segment, launch an email to all leads who qualify for this segment, view a dashboard of analytic info based on leads who qualify for this segment, create a list of all leads who qualify for this segment… and more. It’s incredibly powerful *and* incredibly easy. A must see. That’s why we are raising capital.
  • Net-Results emulates, across all the leads in a company’s pipeline, the processes employed by a great salesperson when dealing with a hot prospect: listening and responding with relevance in order to identify leads whose timing is changing and ensure an excellent chance of winning the business when their timing does change.
  • Here’s a quick look at our drag and drop campaign interface. The conditions at each branch of the campaign leverage the full power of Net-Results Segments. This means that marketers can get our system to do back flips for them. It’s amazing to marketers that this much choice and flexibility can be so easy to use.Compare this to our competitor’s campaign systems which handcuff marketers from the get go. Even those from some well-known and well-funded sources.
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    • 1. Key Differentiators July, 2011 (303) 771-2552 691 Corporate Circle Golden, CO 80401 Copyright © 2011 Net-Results
    • 2. Advanced Segmentation Capabilities Net-Results offers the most powerful prospect segmentation tools in the industry. Segment your prospects in just minutes based on any combination of… • Standard and/or custom fields from your CRM • Any and all available behavioral data No coding or technical knowledge is required. 2 Copyright © 2010, NEF. All Rights Reserved.2 | Copyright © 2011 Net-Results
    • 3. Advanced Segmentation Capabilities 3 Copyright © 2010, NEF. All Rights Reserved.3 | Copyright © 2011 Net-Results
    • 4. Superior Segmentation: Example 4 Copyright © 2010, NEF. All Rights Reserved.4 | Copyright © 2011 Net-Results
    • 5. Superior Segmentation: Example 5 Copyright © 2010, NEF. All Rights Reserved.5 | Copyright © 2011 Net-Results
    • 6. Why so much effort? Other systems require you to learn… • One system for configuring Alerts • Another for Lead Scoring • Another for List Management • Yet another to control Campaign participation • And still others for Reports and Dashboards 6 Copyright © 2010, NEF. All Rights Reserved.6 | Copyright © 2011 Net-Results
    • 7. Net-Results: Easier and More Powerful → Build a Segment : Prospects assigned to Mary associated with an Opportunity > $10,000 that viewed your pricing page for at least 10 seconds. When a prospect qualifies for that Segment, what do you want Net-Results to do? • Alert Mary Instantly? • Send the Prospect an Email? • Include in Daily Summary Report? • Adjust List Membership? • Adjust the Prospect’s Lead Score? • Schedule Task/Call in CRM? → This one Segment, that took moments to build, drives every one of these actions – and others – automatically! 7 Copyright © 2010, NEF. All Rights Reserved.7 | Copyright © 2011 Net-Results
    • 8. All Features Driven By Segments 8 Copyright © 2010, NEF. All Rights Reserved.8 | Copyright © 2011 Net-Results
    • 9. All Features Driven By Segments Unlike other products that require you to learn different tools for each feature, Net-Results drives every feature with one tool – Segments – that is more powerful than any of the tools available in other systems. One Tool Means Efficiency. One Tool Means Power. In Net-Results you can Segment on Anything. So you can… • Much Shorter Learning Curve • Alert on Anything • Campaign on Anything • Easier Knowledge Transfer • Report on Anything • Adjust List Membership • Re-use Your Work: Apply the Same based on Anything Segment to Multiple Tasks • Score on Anything 9 Copyright © 2010, NEF. All Rights Reserved.9 | Copyright © 2011 Net-Results
    • 10. Drag & Drop Campaign Interface 10 Copyright © 2010, NEF. All Rights Reserved.10 | Copyright © 2011 Net-Results
    • 11. 771-2552www.Net-Results.com691 Corporate CircleGolden, CO USA 80401 Copyright © 2011 Net-Results